1.099 kilometers with a battery charge sets back E-truck from Futuricum

1.099 kilometers with a battery charge sets back E-truck from Futuricum-sets

In a common world record project, the three partners DPD Switzerland, Continental and Futuricum were able to capture the Guinness World Records ™ title Guinness World Records ™ title in the longest range of an electric truck. A total of 1.099 kilometers, the E-truck returned, but not necessarily under realistic everyday conditions.

The communication of the companies to understand that an e-truck was used for the record, which has been used in delivery for half a year. This could be demonstrated that sustainable energy and cost-effective electromobility in the transport industry is not a mobility concept of tomorrow, but already today reality on the streets of Europe.

We dive a little in the details. A Futuricum Truck was used, which is in use for DPD Switzerland in regional traffic. “For DPD Switzerland, we have converted a Volvo FH to an electric drive. Now the 19-Tonner has over 680 hp and with a capacity of 680 kilowatt hours the largest truck battery in Europe on board, “explains Adrian Melliger, Managing Director of Design Soccer Products AG, the company behind the brand Futuricum.

Furthermore, it has been set to tires of Continental, which have come with particularly low rolling resistance. These not only play a crucial role in the record, but also in everyday life, such as Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Tire Development Bus and Truck Tires at Continental, to understand: “Our truck tires offer high mileage and extremely low rolling resistance. These are the essential properties for the economic operation of electrically powered commercial vehicles. The EfficientPro is a proven model that was developed in particular for long-distance transports and in which the range and a low rolling resistance is in the foreground.”

The world record was the world record near Hanover on the high speed of the ContiDrome, the in-house test track of Continental. It is a 2.8-kilometer long, oval test track. In total, two drivers completed a total of 392 laps each with a average speed of 50 km / h, which corresponds to a realistic average value in everyday use. The weather conditions were at the beginning of 14 degrees outside temperature and only about 23 degrees floor temperature is not ideal. In addition, the wind blew with an average of 18 km / h and boes with up to 40 km / h. After 23 degrees drive, the electric truck was able to get the long-distance route – without interlude – with 1.099 Approached kilometers for themselves.

With the record, the partners have set a joint sign for a future with sustainable drives in delivery and demonstrated the everyday use of today’s technologies. Now the e-mobility in delivery is still in the delivery in everyday life.

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2 thoughts on “1.099 kilometers with a battery charge sets back E-truck from Futuricum”

  1. Of course, the range under real conditions would be significantly lower, but it was also used a converted combustion and current battery technology. However, there is still enough optimization potential, so that games such as hydrogen and overhead lines are now already foreseeable no chance.

    Interesting would now be information about the cost situation. In the freight forwarding industry, no one has to give away something. It’s not about emotions that are merchants. As soon as the TCO is of an electric vehicle under which a combustion is being turned, it is not swung out before (except for a few imagers). But as soon as the numbers are voting, it becomes eco. And without necessary bonuses, apelle or even prohibitions. Conclusion: It takes, but it comes. &# 128578;


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