100. Fast charging station for electric cars opened at Kaufland

100. Fast charging station for electric cars opened at Kaufland-station

Charging an e-car makes sense when you can leave the car anyway. And what better way to do that than when you go shopping? Kaufland probably thought so too and has already put around 100 fast charging stations into operation. These were funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure with up to 40 percent. The 100 additional charging stations currently planned will be set up by Kaufland independently of any funding.

With the construction of the fast charging stations, Kaufland supports e-mobility as a forward-looking development and will continue to drive it forward in the future. A further 100 fast charging stations are planned nationwide by the end of 2020. The company is playing a pioneering role, especially with regard to a needs-based and user-friendly charging infrastructure. It makes a significant contribution to the nationwide availability of e-car charging stations.

“Our customers can charge their electric cars with green electricity free of charge. Quite simply and conveniently during your purchase. With this offer, we are showing how important it is to us to expand the charging infrastructure and are actively involved in shaping the energy transition.“ – Rico Gabler, Head of Real Estate Kaufland

The fast charging stations from Kaufland are equipped with the three common plug types (Type 2/AC 43 kilowatts; CCS/DC 50 kilowatts and CHAdeMO/DC 50 kilowatts) and offer two customers the opportunity to charge their cars for free at the same time. With a charging capacity of 50 kilowatts, consumers can charge their e-vehicles up to 80 percent in 45 minutes.

The green idea is also promoted by the fact that the stations are operated with green electricity, which bears the particularly environmentally friendly “green electricity” label. This label guarantees that the green electricity comes from 100 percent renewable energy sources and stands for the highest quality and transparency.

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3 thoughts on “100. Fast charging station for electric cars opened at Kaufland”

  1. Likewise, this is the right way ! In my opinion, this makes it possible for those who live in a block of flats without charging facilities to have an e_car : e.g.B. an e-car with a range of 300 km, and charge it once a week while shopping. A comprehensive network of fast chargers could then be intended more for ad-hoc needs. The “normal consumer” will probably try to avoid charging with the fast chargers, because the electricity price will probably be a lot higher there.

  2. Unfortunately, Kaufland is probably limited to metropolitan areas where there are already “enough” pillars. In the loading deserts like here in southern Brandenburg, nothing happens at a single branch, not even in the city of Cottbus. According to Kaufland, this is not planned either..

  3. I bought an e-bike last year and absolutely love it. Have a range of almost 100 kilometers, which has always been sufficient so far. It is then charged at night. (Garage or hotel room) It all works perfectly! However, when I imagine that most e-cars only have a slightly higher range than my bike, charge for a similar time and also cost considerably more than conventional cars, I can only shake my head at all this electric hype. I regularly drive daily stages of over 1000 km with my car. One fill-up is enough! With an e-car I could easily be on the road for 2 days, half the time standing in front of some charging station. This is supposed to be the future? for a 2. I don’t have the money or the insight that it should be environmentally friendly to drive a car exclusively for the city. Then I consider the e-bike to be a much more sensible alternative .


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