120 new charging points: Zeiss has one of Germany’s largest charging parks

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120 new charging points: Zeiss has one of Germany's largest charging parks-charging

Already since the beginning of 2020 visitors can load at the technology company Zeiss in Oberkochen on twelve charging points electro- and hybrid vehicles. With another 120 loading possibilities taken into operation, this number was now more than tenfold. Thus, according to the company’s ZEISS charging park, according to the company, count one of the largest in Germany.

Zeiss, known for optical and optoelectronic products, works on a fast transformation for electromobility for corporate vehicles and vehicles of employees. “Our demanding goals for more sustainability, such as CO2 neutrality in all own activities by 2025, are implementable,” said Dr. Matthias Metz, board member of the Zeiss Group. “With numerous initiatives, we anchor sustainability throughout the company. Also suitable for electromobility everyday and attractive to make it is part of this.”

600 charging stations until 2025

EnBW Ostwurttemberg Donauries AG (ODR) took over the installation of the charging infrastructure, the supply of distribution cabinets and the implementation of load management. For the charging park, a separate approval procedure was carried out by the manufacturer for a model. Thus, according to the press release spiral cable instead of the usual smooth cable mounted on the wallboxes. Beyond the charging park, the ODR assisted “Business @ Home” wallboxes for ZEISS employees offered. The ODR will deliver the wallboxes home and calculate the charging processes with the employer, ie Zeiss,.

“We are innovation drivers for the Eastwolttemberg region and contribute with the expansion of the infrastructure for e-mobility to sustainable development of our homeland,” reaffirms ODR Management Board Sebastian Maier. The new charging points for employees are located on the factory premises in the tribe and Southwerk Oberkochen. In 2022, all other German Zeiss locations will follow. The company will continue to promote the further expansion of the charging infrastructure. Currently up to 600 charging stations are planned at company-owned locations by 2025. At the charging column itself, ZEISS green stream made of wind and solar energy ready, operator of the charging stations is ODR, it is called in the current message. The green power supply was expanded by a 700 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof of the new factory parking garage, which increased overall performance to 1350 kWp. “Already in 2022, the entire power requirement of the company is to be converted to green stream – and the world’s”, reaffirmed Zeiss.

Charging stations also for e-bikes

As part of a pilot project, twelve lockable charging spindles have been installed for e-bikes. Since 2020 conveyance Zeiss with attractive offers for the Jobrad also this form of mobility. The charging pins are another building block, which will be further developed in the future if necessary. “With projects for electromobility and job bike we go ahead with good example,” says Dr. Metz. And on: “The mobility of the future is only sustainable, attractive and promoting regional development, when all actors in politics, economics, science and society attract a strand. The Zeiss Electromobility Initiative has hopefully the potential to inspire other companies and institutions.”The expansion of the electromobility infrastructure should help to relax the traffic situation through sustainable and advanced mobility and reduce emissions.

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  1. That’s the next thrust:
    All conceivable corporate branches of corporations are equipped with charging stations. In many cases, not only own employees but also customers and contractors can load.
    BEV have a cost advantage over many companies because the tank hours and many service intervals are eliminated.


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