144 Fast charging stations on the A8 – in the Sortimo Innovation Park Zusmarshausen

144 Fast charging stations on the A8 - in the Sortimo Innovation Park Zusmarshausen-stations

Now it is officially the starting signal for Germany in the future largest and innovative fast-loading location is done. At the A8 arise in Sortimo Innovation Park Zusmarshausen Not less than 144 fast charging stations. The start signal for construction was there from Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobindt. The park will be built on the southwest tangent between Munich and Stuttgart and at least on the basis of current information it will be available to the world’s largest electrolade park.

For the implementation of this project, which of course also focuses on Germany in terms of e-mobility, assortimo received a corresponding promotion from the BMVI Bundesprastructure of the BMVI. In the final implementation, in addition to the 144 charging columns from Eloaded for travelers, there will also be appropriate locking, recreation, shopping, work and parking at the motorway exit Zummarshausen.

“With our conveyor program Loading infrastructure we bring charging columns into the area. Thanks to our promotion, Sortimo continues to build the charging infrastructure on the A8 west of Augsburg. Thus, the company helps to strengthen the trust of motorists to load their vehicle anytime and anywhere. This is an important step to advance the drive turns: more mobility with fewer emissions.”- Alexander Dobindt, Federal Ministers of Transport

With regard to the loading possibilities, use the combination of 24 SUPRA fast loaders (up to 350 kW DC) over which the batteries of the electric vehicle are loaded within 10 minutes to continue. Another 120 fast loaders (up to 50kW DC) serve mainly the terminated supply of pendants or parked. Say, you park there your E-vehicle, if you use the Sortimo Innovation Park Zummarmenhausen either as a P + R parking lot, or to stop business appointments in the bookable conference and meeting rooms.

As a customer, you have to specify the time in this case, to which you want to pick up your vehicle again. This is important for the reason that the vehicle is thus loaded at the top time of the power supply to optimally use the regional and regenerative energy generated. Furthermore, both the 24 Supra loader stations, as well as the 120 fast charging stations are integrated into the thermal station management of the innovation park to use their waste heat to supply the buildings. As a customer, you can get barrier-free access to the use of the electric charging infrastructure by an app available for both Android and iOS.

You already recognize the first designs that the entire Sortimo Innovation Park is very close to nature and architecturally consciously planned. This should be achieved that the time can not only be used there for work or shopping, but also a recovery break in the park is nothing in the way. The loading times of the vehicles should be spent for the drivers as value-adding as possible – no matter if it is only a few minutes or several hours.

With 144 quick loading points, almost half of all fast load points in Germany is located alone at the Zummarmhausen site. The Sortimo Innovation Park Zummarmen is on 4.000 vehicles / charging operations designed daily. This matches with:

  • an energy amount of 240.000 kilowatt hours per day (kW / d)
  • an energy amount of 88 million. Kilowatt hours per year (kWh / a)
  • a driving power of approx. 420 million. Kilometers per year
  • 567 times the route to the moon and back
  • a fuel savings of 29.5 million. Liters (= 40 million. Euro)
  • CO2 savings of almost 60.000 tonnes per year

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