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Nissan has his successful current Leaf in the version with a large battery (62 kWh) a total of 4.800 euros cheaper.

Together with the environmental bonus of 9.000 euros can currently be achieved when buying the electric car. A German car magazine has tested about the past year whether the Leaf also convinces with a good cost balance sheet.

The Nissan Leaf is a solid electric small car and is currently actually the best-selling electric car in the world. However, because the Stromer, with its sales figures in 2019, was behind the expectations of the Japanese car manufacturer, it was recently greatly discounted: the list price of the Nissan Leaf E+ 3.Zero is currently around 37.000 euros.

It is more difficult to get over the fact that the competitors of the Leaf, to which Volkswagen ID, for example,.3, the Hyundai Kona and the Kia Soul belong, "Completely fresh" Come on how the German industry magazine Auto Bild stated. Nissan failed to lift the second generation of the electricity comprehensively, is the car picture and also gives an example: "The scattered switch landscape in the cockpit speaks volumes."

But the editors were by no means only dealing with the outside. The magazine was primarily concerned with the consumption and longevity of the Nissan Leaf – and in these aspects the Stromer presents itself much more time. Under full load, the Leaf consumed 26.7 kWh of energy per 100 kilometers in the long -term test, and 16 kWh is also possible somewhat more reserved. Especially the e-pedal with its recuperation helps not only to protect the brakes, but also to reduce energy consumption.

The year with the Leaf was also almost trouble-free for the magazine-only incident: a marten attack for which you can hardly blame Nissan. There were no other defects. The inspection costs are also low, after all, the oil change falls away and the brakes are not worn out as much as the combustion engine thanks to recuperation.

The bottom line was that the Nissan Leaf cost 19 cents per kilometer over the year, exclusive loss of value. If you include this, you end up at 1.02 euros. This is still favorable, since the loss of value due to the currently low price of the Nissan Leaf puts itself into perspective. The energy costs for the total of 20.584 kilometers on which 3367.3 kilowatt hours of electricity were used (= 16.4 kWh/100 km), was 1.111.21 euros. The total costs for one year were 3.936.21 euros. In the total costs, insurance and taxes, energy and inspection costs as well as tire costs and their assembly are included.
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