201.250 electric cars supplies Tesla in 2. Quarter 2021 out

201.250 electric cars supplies Tesla in 2. Quarter 2021 out-cars

Tesla was able to deliver another blockbuster quarter. 201 were delivered.250 vehicles, with Tesla in April, May and June in total 206.421 vehicles made. This means the third quarterly record for the American electric car manufacturer in a row. The fewest vehicles were with 2.340 copies in total model S and Model X. May lie on the model change.

From Tesla Model 3 and the Elektro-SUV Model Y left 204 in the last three months.081 copies The factory halls, 199.360 vehicles were delivered. If you throw a look back, it turns out that for the previous delivery record in Q1 2021 with 184.800 vehicles exclusively responsible for Model 3 and Model Y. From Model S and Model X, whose revised versions had presented Tesla at the end of January, no vehicles were manufactured between January and March.

In 2. Quarter is their production started again, if slow. In the current message for the second quarter, Tesla returns 2 again.340 built and 1.890 delivered model S / X, which flow into the statistics. Under the stroke, Tesla reached 206 in Q2 2021.421 produced and 201.250 delivered electric cars. How to know it from the past of the investor communication to the production and delivery figures, this is traditionally short. In addition to the numbers for the second quarter, this itself contains only one statement: “Our teams have done outstanding work by navigating themselves through the global challenges of the supply chain and logistics.”The business figures for the second quarter will publish Tesla at a later date. In Q1, Californians had achieved the seventh quarter profit in a row.

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2 thoughts on “201.250 electric cars supplies Tesla in 2. Quarter 2021 out”

  1. Cool. At Tesla you definitely have to listen to a hybrid gungee. Bravo. When finally produces in Germany, it continues uphill. I am pleased about every eauto, which I see in road traffic. In the pure e-providers, however, the joy is much higher than the dinosaurs, which effectively rely on burns and only pr modely so do if they were climate frames. Bravo Tesla!

  2. I think Tesla has dropped only as few models S and Model X because there is the much cheaper M3. Nah, not like her thinks – now the M3 driver can easily engage in the phalanx of the people who have found a smart way to publicize their tax return with the purchase of their Tesla.Tesla equal thick wallet. Since the Teslas for the layman all look the same, no one realizes that the wallet for the purchase of the M3 only half has to be so thick .


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