3. Quarter of the e-car market: lower middle class continue dominant

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We have carried out a consideration of the European electric car market according to vehicle segments in the last two months, most recently in August 2019. In my view, a quite interesting starting point to consider the development of the market. Therefore, we want this consideration to the end of the 3. Quarterly 2019 do not leave outside. From January to September 2019, it was known to be 247 in Europe.545 e-cars allowed, just 29.9 percent of which could be assigned to the lower middle class. What one moves slightly under the previous month.

Lower middle class continues to dominate e-auto market

With regard to the absolute numbers one could be after 57.750 E cars in July on 64.700 E cars in August and 74.136 units end of the 3. Increase quarterly 2019. With this share of the European electro-market, the lower middle class remains, among others, the Nissan Leaf (23.646 units), the BMW I3 (22.835 units) and the VW E-Golf (17.396 units) count, rank one of the ranking by vehicle segments.

With the so-called “Near-Executive segment”, a segment was already involved at the end of July, which was not a term until February 2019 in Europe. Behind it is just a vehicle, the Tesla Model 3. Model 3 alone brought it from January to September 2019 to 62.917 new registrations or even 25.4 percent of total admissions. Since the first consideration of the approvals by segment, the share of model 3 has grown steadily.

However, one can assume, however, that the SUV / Crossover segment will run the rank in the next year the “Near Executive Segment”. At least if it continues his upward trend as before. Currently you bring it to 49.085 E cars or 19.8 percent share of the overall market. Follow some vehicles in this segment next year, with the Hyundai Kona – 15.587 Approvals in 2019 – are comparable, this development appears quite comprehensible.

Growth opportunity in the field of SUV / crossover and small cars available

Nonetheless, it is already clear today that neither the currently run-up segment with Model 3, as well as the SUV / Crossover segment with the lower middle class can be maintained. Because from 2020, there are also some new volume models on the market, which are largely based on VW’s MEB platform. But also the “small car” area, which is attributed in the evaluation of the Peugeot E208, the Opel Corsa-E or the new Renault Zoe, is likely to experience a corresponding growth.

Subsequently divided the total electric car sales until September 2019 according to individual segments.

Electric car approvals by segments from January to September 2019

  • Basic – 12.686 units – 5.1 percent
  • Small car – 34.455 units – 13.9 percent
  • Lower middle class – 74.136 units – 29.9 percent
  • Near Executive – 62.917 units – 25.4 percent
  • SUV / Crossover – 49.085 units – 19.8 percent
  • Luxury class – 6.538 units – 2.6 percent
  • Commercial vehicle class – 1.466 units – 0.6 percent
  • Other – 6.251 units – 2.5 percent
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