30 speed traps: This is Germany’s largest speedster mile

Most modern tunnels in the country

30 speed traps: This is Germany’s largest speedster mile

30 speed traps: This is Germany's largest speedster mile-largest
Mobile in Germany Definitely installed speed camera in the Luise Kiesselbach tunnel in Munich

  • Site expert Michael Haberland

After eight months of trial operation, the 30 flash systems in the Luise-Kiesselbach tunnel in Munich are permanently sharpened. The city on the Middle Ring is now on a total of 60 places on rasher hunt. An unsustainable condition, says site expert Michael Haberland.

We look forward to every new and good street kilometer in Germany. And then that: Germany’s most modern and safest tunnel, the new Luise-Kiesselbach tunnel in Munich, is totally monitored. Speed camera, as far as the eye can see. The drivers are already enough.Police and authorities simply cannot leave it. Drivers remain exposed to the general suspicion of the lawn and must therefore be checked for every meter.

Complete monitoring in the tunnel

The middle ring in Munich is the best example of this. Three new tunnels have been handed over to traffic here over the past few years. There were originally no speed cameras in the Petuel tunnel, which opened in 2002. But they were retrofitted in 2014. After all, with two flashes in every direction of travel. In the Richard Straub tunnel, which was handed over to traffic in 2009, they were made equal to completed facts and built 24 speed cameras.

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Immediate aid for drivers

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Everything to make calls at the wheel

More surveillance is not possible? Wrongly thought

Eight months ago, the biggest and long-awaited tunnel at Luise Kiesselbach-Platz was handed over to the drivers. But the joy of the opening soon followed the disillusionment among drivers: 30 flash systems are installed in the new tunnel, so the middle ring is now Germany’s flash mile number 1. Over 28 kilometers long around the city center, drivers have to deal with a total of around 60 flashes. In no other city is shot on drivers on a street as often as on the B2R in Munich. The middle ring is by no means the number 1 accident route in Munich.

Unusual revenge: speed cameras painted

30 speed camera in the tunnel

Speed cameras may only have one purpose: they have to serve for security and protect against accidents. Therefore, they have to be installed especially where a lot is happening. But that is obviously not about for a long time. If a tunnel is not safe without a speed camera, then it must not be handed over to traffic. But if tunnels are safe – and we assume that in the event of Munich – then the speed camera only have a single purpose: They serve to accept money, or how most drivers would probably put it: it is pure rip -off.

Too fast – what does it cost? Site fines

You have to expect these punishments if you drive too fast or drive up too tightly:

drive up (in % of the speedometer value)
drive up (in meters)

Speed violation:
Measured speed


Speed ​​Limit



Outside a closed town

Too little distance from a
Speed of
Up to 80 km/h
over 80 km/h
over 100 km/h
over 130 km/h

Distance was less than

half the speedometer value

Too little distance




Calculate now

This distrust of German drivers and this "year -round flash marathon" must be condemned. The Mobil association in Germany no longer wants to accept that. He asked the state government to allow this general suspicion against drivers – and to uninstall this mass surveillance.

About the expert

Dr. Michael Haberland studied business administration with the focus of empirical sciences and information and communication sciences. He is the founder of the Mobil automobile club in Germany E.V. and is his president.

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14 thoughts on “30 speed traps: This is Germany’s largest speedster mile”

  1. who…
    … To control his speedometer is too dussy is your own fault. Top speeds … are clear everywhere, so there is no reason to speak of rip -off. If you don’t want to learn it, you have to feel.

  2. With the speedometer
    You are quite right, but – yes but yes! – It is also constantly being sued by the drivers that there are no end to repairs on streets, with some already talking about GDR states, in the event of this expensive technology it is still being clogged. If speed cameras would also have enough 4 to 6 in length. The press should inquire about the department who approved ;-))

  3. Gemination of personal advantage
    I don’t really understand the excitement. If you adhere to the limit (the order), no hair is curved in your wallet. Be attentive and respectful! Where is the problem? If the accident (perhaps still with fire) occurs in the tunnel due to speed violation, after the report, people will express themselves (oh so) immediately (oh so). Then it will be difficult to escape in the tunnel and also be recovered. The story already taught it elsewhere, unfortunately. I also put everyone on the tape at the cash register in the supermarket and do not try to put three articles in my pocket in advance just because I don’t have enough money with me. The ignorance of social rules and fellow human beings!

  4. There cannot be enough speed camera !
    I wish for a speed camera every 300 meters in every city. There can’t be enough of it. Everyone knows that when the German driver is unobserved, he always drives some to many km h. After all, he paid his big car and fuel is very cheap right now. And it is worth more than the rest of the road users…. People: Nothing does not do anything: This breed of the fast-moving mega-Egoists will never die out as long as one believes in Germany, with nationwide and strictly guessed speed, no longer being able to sell Porsche !

  5. Just keep yourself
    to the specified speed and nobody is flashed. Quite simply, but for some here probably too high to understand…

  6. First think, then post…..
    The almost total control outlined here goes beyond the borders of our GG. Then it is the case that most experienced drivers are pace "by feeling" regulate. You just can’t keep looking at the speedometer whether it is more or less indicating 5 km/h. Gives more important things in road traffic. But if it is checked super precisely, you can only drive -10. who wants that?

  7. Tunnel are particularly dangerous
    Nobody wants to be involved in a large rear -end collision in such a tunnel, the tunnel may be so modern. Especially with this tunnel, which contains several curves, compliance with the limit is important. Unfortunately, since many of our contemporaries think they have to stick to nothing, only appropriate monitoring helps. I stick to the limits I won’t be able to "ripped off". I drive a lot and where too, I will be flashed, I also stand for my mistake and pay. As simple as that. With the current brutalization of customs on many motorways, I keep the number of speed cameras too small and the punishments are too low. In no other country you can get away so cheap, some forget that.

  8. Could be for that …
    But also a reasonable planning, with speed thresholds, help. The would limit the overturning of the too lusty high speed. But just cost money and do not bring in any! What do you think would be going, if everyone would only drive as quickly as possible, as allowed? Or nobody would smoke anymore? Do you think that the production of the vehicle tax should prevent anyone from driving?

  9. We had a long time ago
    annoyed about the Stasi in the east, that we were surprised in our German culture, many years after NSDAP still found space…us now ? .Sniffing, observing and reporting ….it was and is still in our genes … Citizens’ protest is required.

  10. What a senseless discussion,
    Because if you adhere to the traffic rules, here the speed limit, you don’t get a payment request. Simpler is not possible. The opponents who write about rip -offs are those who think they can overlook themselves over the StVO. These are then those that brake at 45 at a speed limit of 60 km/h with a result of the speedster, in order to then continue with 70…

  11. Pity
    That the tunnel is not somewhere in the Westerwald, I would give the flashes for 4 weeks, then everyone would have disappeared. The 14 speed camera was built up as a test track, in one night all 14 had disappeared and never reappeared, nobody was caught, the whole Westerwald was delighted, today everything is as it was before the speed camera.

  12. So?
    -"Speed cameras may only have one purpose: they have to serve for security and protect against accidents."- When will be sued? Staedte also have to adhere to laws. Or is around all overall?

  13. Nene
    Spreads should generally be there that the speed restrictions are met everywhere and everywhere. It lies at the discretion of the authority where flashes. These are often the focus, but it does not have to be!!!

  14. The opposite is the case
    The entrance speed in the tunnel is 40kmh. Since everyone knows that there are speed camera everywhere. This leads to the fact that you can no longer thread safely, because the traffic that is already moving in the tunnel that comes from behind has the same speed and everyone makes sure not to drive faster. So you can only drive more slowly, which can then lead to backlogs and significant problems when threading. So the whole opposite has been reached and I’m curious how often it will crack there.


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