358 € THG Quote: Automation helps you to maximize premium

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358 € THG Quote: Automation helps you to maximize premium-maximize

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Electric part.DE promises guarantees 85% THG quota to remove e-auto driver. We considered how this is made possible and you benefit from it.

Electric part.DE * understands the greenhouse gas reduction ratio (short THG quote) as an instrument for accelerating the road. An instrument needed as otherwise the company founder Marc Schubert is assumed that Germany is not only able to sleep but the entire roadside. This immensely is important to sustainably reduce emissions.

Schubert also states that air conditioning must be produced between those who actively improve their environmental balance sheet, and those who are still sleepy waiting for all others took their first steps. The THG quota is known to be the means of choice, the Federal Government. The instrument was already introduced in 2015 – 2022 arrives in the crowd.

In terms of simplified, the THG ratio is used by which electric car drivers currently benefit, to influence the traffic and subsequence also to influence the energy transition. Due to these mineral oil companies need to pay for their business with fossil fuels penalties. Sense of this law is that the collected criminal obligations of those corporations can be distributed among other things to end consumers, which are already in more energy-efficient and as far as possible regenerative technologies.

E-motorists now, of course, interested in how to contribute their part to it, benefits and ideally the greatest benefit – in this case the highest premium for their own THG quota – draws. At electric rape.DE * means the magic word artificial intelligence.

Up to 85% revenue from THG quota. Thanks to artificial intelligence!

Electric part.DE writes on the flag that one is own statement according to the provider, which pays the largest share of the THG quota to its users. To achieve this, use standardized processes as well as maximum automation in compliance with highest data security standards.

The vehicle owner itself does not need to take any money for the use of the service, as with other providers on the market too. Electric part.DE * retains a 15% sales commission for the THG quota. In the industry comparison, this is the much lowest tee. On the market are rather sales shares of 20% to 30%, so the company itself through its market companions. This means that most of the E-motorist remains.

“I became curious what work effort it justifies to hold a quarter of the sales total. Even after a short research, I started seeing enormous savings potential if you only clover the processes. Revenues of 85% can only be achieved by the skillful use of artificial intelligence.”

Marc Schubert

Already as a co-author and publisher of the specialist publication “Machine learning, real problems – practical solutions, potentials and limits of artificial intelligence” Schubert had intensively deepened into the possibilities of artificial intelligence and deep learning. With the founding of its ECOTURN GmbH – the company behind electric rape.DE – specializes in this expertise in the form of software solutions for the fields of environment and automotive sustainability.

358 € THG Quote: Automation helps you to maximize premium-helps

Schubert leads in relation to the concept of electric part.DE * OFF: “For us, from the beginning, it was clear that we can not be able to manually check this enormous amount of vehicle licenses submitted. Therefore, we build on maximum automation.”You work with automatic text recognition to read necessary data. The algorithm can handle flexibly with irritations and recognizes, for example, if it is not a pure electric vehicle, such as a hybrid, whether the vehicle certificate is only incomplete photographed, a side was twice uploaded or may it be mistaken for a completely different Document as the vehicle registration. In such cases, the formal examination is automatically substituted and the customer gets a reference to correction.

THG Quote: You can try it with breeder certificate instead of vehicle registration…

That the use of such artificial intelligence is necessary to make it clear with the mass of registrations will be clear at the latest, if you see what is uploaded to data. “We have really received all sorts of documents for the application of the THG premium” so Marc Schubert opposite electric car news.net. “To confuse the vehicle registration with the vehicle registration is quite comprehensible. Actually, everything was there that somehow with vehicles has to do. Driving license, insurance documents, EU match certificates, or from time to time a picture of an electric vehicle.”

358 € THG Quote: Automation helps you to maximize premium-helps

But that does not listen to how Schubert continues. Cottage or breeder certificate for a dog puppy, were already uploaded. Where he assures that such erroneous uploads are deleted immediately. The protection of the personal data is the most highest bid, as he is credibly assured and thereby reaffirmed that data of customers are stored exclusively on servers within Germany and can only be lifted as long as the legislator requires.

Finally, it can be stuck that electric part.EN owners of electric vehicles, whether private or commercial, would like to help with minimal effort to achieve maximum revenues for their CO2 savings in traffic. You can use their current offer on electric part.Let’s inform.

Together with electric part.De shows electric car news.net, as it is possible that E motorists secure as much proportion of the quota sale for themselves during the THG quota marketing. The links marked with asterisk (*) are so-called affiliate links. If you click such an affiliate link and market your THG quota via this link, EAN gets electric part.de a commission. For you, nothing changes to your revenue by selling the THG quota.

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