3D printing E-Auto XEV YOYO series start – but not from 6.000 EURO

3D printing E-Auto XEV YOYO series start - but not from 6.000 EURO-start

The Italian-Chinese Startup Xev started its crowdfunding campaign for an electric car from the 3D printer in December 2019. The Yoyo, which you can sort anywhere between Twizy and Smart, should be in Europe for 8.To have 000 euros. Participants of the Kickstarter campaign came cheaper and receive the Yoyo already from 6.000 EURO. With the end of 2021 starting deliveries, however, the prices are clearly up.

XEV has developed the Yoyo to make urban driving cheaper, more environmentally friendly and accessible. This is supposed to be available as an e-car that reduces the travel costs, no environmental pollution causes and can also be strongly customized. However, the targeted 8.Not to reach 000 euros. In Italy, his home country, the XEV Yoyo starts at least 13.900 euros before subsidies – after subsidies is 9.900 euros. The Stromber is to be introduced initially “in all major European markets”, after which it is followed by China.

The Yoyo is a small, fully electric two-seater, with city-suit compact size of only 2.53 m x 1.5 m, with a weight without battery of 450 kilograms. The E-machine should bring 7.5 kW continuous power, for 30 seconds should also be a peak power of up to 15 kW. Thus also 7 kW highest performance less, which was previously estimated at 22 kW. The maximum speed indicates XEV at 80 km / h. The lithium-iron phosphate battery (LIFEPO4) with 10.4 kWh capacity should enable up to 150 kilometers reach.

It should be noted that the range according to the so-called Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule test cycle is precipitated, short UDDS. A relevant to city traffic, but unrealistic standard for everyday use. But what makes the Yoyo really unique, the use of 3D printed parts that customers provide unprecedented freedom in personalization while reducing waste and costs at the same time. In combination with the panoramic roof, there is a spacious and airy interior, it says. In 180 liters faible trunks have two hand luggage cases or several shopping bags. The comfort functions include, among other things, Keyless Entry, Electric Mirrors and a large touch screen for infotainment and vehicle information.

The light current is optionally charged via Schuko socket or by type 2 connection – where the charging process should last from 30 to 100 percent in the latter for a long time four hours. Furthermore, XEV is currently working on a battery change system, which should ensure correspondingly faster for filling a battery. The Yoyo benefits in the case of the exchange that the 10.3 kWh energy storage is constructed of three batteries of 25 kilograms, which are easily accessible at the rear of the mini-vehicle, which are easily accessible.

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3 thoughts on “3D printing E-Auto XEV YOYO series start – but not from 6.000 EURO”

  1. I hope that the text is meaningfully formulated and the four hours of charging time from 30 to 100% (so just 7.3 kWh!!) At the socket, not on type 2!

  2. For the currently stated Price € 13.900 probably no bargain!
    There is possibly. also the little Swiss Microlino!
    Both L7 class.
    At a small comparison with the configured MIA 2.0

    https: // fox-em.COM / DE /

    The following results:

    Company ---------------- XEV ------ Fox-eV
    Model --------------- Yoyo ----- Mia 2.0
    Vehicle class -------- L7 ------- M1
    Number of seats ---- 2 -------- 3
    Base price € ---------- 13.900 --- 15.900 (19.900 *)
    incl. Battery kWh ------- 10,4 ----- 25
    * possibly. 2. Battery kWh --- ./. ------ 25
    Loading technique ---------- AC ------- AC + DC
    V-max. km / h ---------- 80 ------- 130
    Practice Range KM - 100 ------- 200 (400)
    Length M -------------- 2.53 ----- 2,78
    Weight o. Battery kg --- 450 ----- 750
    I knew what I choose; In addition to the better (security) equipment, the MIA here would still be the full promotion .. &# 128578;

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