4.5 million euros: Chargeex wins new investors

4.5 million euros: Chargeex wins new investors-investors

The E-Mobility Startup Chargeex has successfully completed its series-a financing round of 4.5 million euros. The newly acquired investors are the Munich High-Impact Investor Bonventure, the Hamburger Investor Hevella Capital and the Smart Energy Innovation Fund of the Swiss Energy Sustainery Energy 360 °. With the collected capital, for 2022, the further simplification of the installation, expansion to European countries and the expansion of digital services is planned, so the company in a current communication.

Chargeex wants with the fresh capital the own mission “Each parking space will turn to the loading place”. In order to provide a fully scanning solution for loading electric cars, the expansion of digital services around the topic of charging management is planned. The focus is on the Drop App, with which the electricity supplement of the power grid is brought into reconciliation with the flexibility of the e-car driver.

“The loading of the charging infrastructure is not in demand, but in the shortage of skilled workers in electricals and the capacities of our power grid. Both areas we think completely at CHARGEX and will solve the problems with the new investors on our side.”- Tobias Wagner, CEO & Co-Founder

In addition, Chargeex is planning its market entry into other European countries with its “multiple socket” for electric cars. The markets are in focus, which can show a high market penetration of e-cars. Chargeex produces an intelligent multiple socket for electric cars, which should enable the shop of many cars in a place easy and efficient. Since its founding in 2018, Chargeex has already installed more than 1500 charging points at customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Due to the novel assembly concept, the installation of the CHARGEX multi-socket for electric cars in a short time and save installation effort as well as costs. With only one power connection, up to ten charging points can be built up. In addition, an intelligent phase distribution enables optimized loading of electric cars and plug-in hybrids on a charging system.

The startup also relies on avoiding unnecessary emissions. “Our goal are sustainable supply chains and as emission-free production,” says Michael Masnitza, Coo & Co-Founder. All business units from development through production to marketing are currently taking place at the location in Munich, which is also so planned in the future. Short supply chains and the commissioning of suppliers in the Munich area enable the multiple socket for electric cars “Made in Germany” to produce.

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