43 million Germans affected: when you have to exchange your driver’s license

No longer valid indefinitely

New bureaucracy monster: When to exchange your driver’s license

43 million Germans affected: when you have to exchange your driver's license-million
dpa/Marius Becker A driver’s license and a car key lie on a vehicle registration document.

An EU directive stipulates that old driving licenses must be exchanged by 2033 at the latest. Your driving license is only valid for 15 years. When are you affected?? Site shows the current status of the deadlines and what the exchange means.

For links on this page, the site may receive. a commission from the dealer, e.g.B. for marked. More infoThe Federal Council is currently discussing the exchange deadlines for old driving licenses issued before April 19.1. were issued in 2013. Specifically, it is approx. 15 million by 31.12.(Paper) driving licenses issued in 1998 and another approx. 28 million since Jan.1.1999 to 18.1.Credit card driver’s licenses issued in 2013 that need to be exchanged. "Since an application for the exchange of a driver’s license can only be made in person, it must also be ensured in the interest of the citizens that the exchange is possible for the individual without long waiting times", informs the ADAC. Who is affected – and when? Site brings you up to date.

1. Why do driving licenses have to be exchanged at all?

Germany must implement an EU directive that provides for the exchange. The reasons for this guideline: traffic law and driving license law should be harmonized and centralized. There should also be counterfeiting documents. All driver’s licenses are recorded in an EU database. What else is planned with the data remains unclear.

2. Which driver’s licenses must be exchanged?

All those before the 19th.1.Were exhibited in 2013.

3. My driver’s license is valid indefinitely. It stays that way?

No, this is tilted by EU centralization. "The car and motorcycle classes are limited to 15 years in the new driver’s license document", the ADAC shares with.

4. When do I have to exchange my driver’s license?

According to the previous draft regulation, there are two different deadline regulations (see tables), which are staggered according to the year of birth of the driver’s license holder.

Driving licenses issued up to and including December 31. December 1998 were issued

43 million Germans affected: when you have to exchange your driver's license-affected
Source: ADAC Exchange periods for driver’s licenses

Driving licenses that are valid from 01.01. January 1999 were issued

43 million Germans affected: when you have to exchange your driver's license-your
Source: ADAC Exchange periods for driver’s licenses

5. What will the exchange cost me??

The fee should be 25 euros for each exchange. There are also costs for a passport photo.

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6. What do I need for the paraphrase?

The ADAC announces: "You need an identity card or passport, a biometric passport photo and a current driver’s license. If the old (pink or gray) driver’s license was not issued by the authority of your current place of residence, you will also need a so-called index card copy from the authority that originally issued the driver’s license."

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7. What happens if I don’t exchange the driver’s license and get caught?

Initially, a warning fee of 10 euros is provided.

E-call now mandatory: This is what happens when you press the emergency call button in the car

43 million Germans affected: when you have to exchange your driver's license-affected

site E-call now mandatory: This is what happens when you press the emergency call button in the car

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11 thoughts on “43 million Germans affected: when you have to exchange your driver’s license”

  1. I don’t see any problems for an exchange 2033,
    rather for the new early exchange periods, as proposed by the federal states … they see the municipal authorities as overburdened due to the large number of visitors. This advanced reason is more of a new additional income. In the year 2033, the majority of license holders born in 1953 and the following years from the 1950s are likely to be either dead or no longer able to drive due to their health. In 2033, their number is likely to be significantly lower than between 2021 and 2025. The members of the state parliament do not know what daily meals will be offered on the menu of their state parliament canteen in the coming weeks and months, but they know very well that in 2033 the authorities will be overburdened by the rush to exchange food.

  2. New EU regulation
    It’s almost time for the European elections and everyone can put an end to this madness. There are enough parties that want to implement urgent EU reforms. "driver’s license" – is it even allowed to say that, or is it…. ?

  3. So so, 43 million driver’s licenses should or…..
    …must then be exchanged. 43 million times at least. 25,- € then results in a sum or. one "government revenue" of over €1 billion !! that this EU nonsense is costing us. The state has thus once again found another source of income to flee the German idiot. We idiots pay for everything and everyone, they just don’t care for us. Fact for me is: will definitely NOT exchange my old gray rag from 1976, since it also has a "valid indefinitely" was issued at that time !. If everyone would take part in this action, then the state could come up with something :o)

  4. So far
    I used to be European, now I’m only German! Keep it up and Europe will perish! Without the citizen there is no Europe.

  5. Don’t they have anything else in mind in Brussels?
    than to harass and rip off the citizens. The EU means no progress for the citizens but only costs and fooling. There is only one answer in the direction of Brussels, the DEXIT and with it straight out of the EURO and NATO and rebuild the border controls.

  6. Bureaucracy Monster Fees for nothing?
    Why should I pay 25 euros for something if I don’t get any benefit from it.I pay taxes for the federal, state, and local governments, why can’t the work that the administrations are saddled with be done by the employees I pay for without an additional fee.Or couple the driver’s license with the ID card and I also have to identify myself at controls and with that a driver’s license can also be displayed, but why just create and feed a bureaucracy monster

  7. no
    No, I will not exchange my driver’s license, which I exchanged back in 2008, for a fee. My driver’s license is valid indefinitely. And what kind of logic is it that people with gray or pink driver’s licenses have to exchange them later than those who already have new driver’s licenses?

  8. Typical EU
    This nonsense fits into the decrees and guidelines of the EU. Was there anything useful from there? ? Just get out of this idiot shop !

  9. exchange old driving licence
    A mandatory exchange – the EU again. I won’t exchange anything at all, the EU won’t be around much longer anyway.

  10. I thought the EU was taking action against plastic waste
    You can also see all this nonsense, it’s in fashion right now 🙂 Why should people exchange their nice old driver’s license (no plastic) for a piece of plastic, which then pollutes the environment again every 15 years? In addition, there is the unnecessary walking and driving (taking a passport photo, submitting an application) which also pollutes the environment and the citizen should also pay for it himself. Where is the outcry from the Greens and the environmental groups??

  11. Another new rip off.
    Once again something has been brought into the world that can be punished. Again, this has nothing to do with improving road safety.


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