650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours

In the mini-stromer across Germany

650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours

650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours-almost
Efahrer 650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car fan trembles almost 13 hours

Allegedly it is the electro alb dream: with an electric small car with strict minus degrees across the country. E-car reporter Lisa Brack still ventured the ice-cold long-distance experiment-with a surprising outcome.

Site author Lisa Brack has not yet had her own electric car. This is now the end: she ordered one of the most popular electric cars, the VW e-up. The price is fair, but to avoid high transfer costs of over 700 euros, it must pick up the car in the Autostadt Wolfsburg. The journey home to Munich became a tremor at the end of December. An experience report.

Finally the time has come: Today, shortly before Christmas, I get my first electric car. The alarm clock rings me at 4:30, the train from Munich to Hanover drives shortly after 6 a.m. Armed with my license plate and the vehicle letter, we go to Munich Central Station. By the way: It is usually cheaper if you allow the car yourself, regardless of whether you buy it, lease or finance it. The approval cost me 40 euros with a license plate, the license plates myself had ordered the Internet for 20 euros, makes 60 euros together. VW would have knocked me off 149 euros for the approval service.

Back to my upenture: Deutsche Bahn brings me for 29 euros emission-free by ICE with about six minutes late via Hanover to Wolfsburg. Arrived at 11:40 am, I spoke to get my output slot at 12:45 p.m. in the Autostadt. There the friendly lady told me at the responsible switch that this time slot would have been awarded – I should have been there for 90 minutes earlier. Here I was probably a misinformation of my VW contact person who said 60 minutes enough. The next free slot is at 2 p.m. I am expecting my head that it will probably be later in the evening until I open in Munich. But that’s a mild understatement…

After all, in addition to two tickets for the Autostadt, there are also massive vouchers: 30 euros for (very good) VW SB-Restaurant, in which the famous VW currywurst is prepared, 20 euros for the souvenir shop and 20 euros for the Accessory shop in the output center. Logical: I burn my vouchers, which is not art in view of the juicy prices in the VW own shops. At 2 p.m. the time has come: I will be proclaimed in the edition center on a spacy scoreboard.

650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours-almost
Site/l. Brack 650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car fan trembles almost 13 hours

"Sorry, digital services could not be found in the training"

The nice gentleman at the handover of the vehicle, which is responsible for me, wants to explain the car to me: I wave off, I already know the VW e-up of tests and press events. It is much more important to me that the Weconnect app runs so that I can later access information such as the current battery level on my trip to Munich from outside of the car. Also the maps&MORE app should work, which maintains the e-up as an infotainment replacement. But when the first questions arise, the VW employee blocks right away: "Don’t ask me that. The digital services do not come in our training courses." Hm, so I use my cell phone and car myself until both connect in a very short time and the app is standing.

3 p.m.: The trip begins thickly mumbled

Relieved I find that the car is loaded by the brim, the range shows me 216 kilometers. This will be just up to my first stop, but in the Eco Plus mode it should work. After a small swivel to my responsible car dealership in Wolfsburg, it starts at 2:45 p.m. The temperature display showed 3 degrees at the beginning, but the weather forecast predicts that we will quickly get into the freezing levels. No optimal condition for outstanding ranges with an electric car. So heating off! Already in wise foresight I had equipped myself with a hat, cashmere scarf, thicker gloves, lambskin boots and my thickest parka that my closet came. Well, because it quickly becomes icy in the car. In addition, the inside discs fog up, but how many electric cars also have my small e-up heating wires in the windshield, so that I activate the disc heating from time to time without having to switch on the power-hungry blower.

650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours-trembles
Site/l. Brack 650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car fan trembles almost 13 hours

First stop at 5 p.m.: Christmas shopping

Shortly to Wolfsburg it goes on the A2 motorway towards Halle. First stop: the Style-Outlet Halle/Leipzig near Bitterfeld (advertisement) – I now have to cover exactly 186 kilometers with a battery charge. Because with the outlet there is a CCS district of Innogy-important in my e-up, because via type 2 I can only charge two-phase with lame 7.2 kW, while this goes on a CCS quick loader with a maximum of 40 kW. So on my trip to Munich on my trip, I am dependent on CCS, which is reflected in the special equipment for my e-up with 600 euros. In my route planning, I had also chosen the style outlet that I couldn’t stand around at a rest area during the store, but also do my Christmas shopping – #efficizundso.

The first tremor section is not only the almost 200 kilometer route in which the outside temperature falls steadily as predicted, but also whether the CCS charging station is functional and free. According to my various apps (Chargepoint, Mobility+ and Einfream Laden), this applies, but other e-car drivers can also put you in the thread shortly before arrival. I am lucky: I am relieved at 5 p.m. at the outlet center to the free charging station. Since I drove so battered on the first stage, the display shows me a remaining range of even 96 kilometers. No matter, plan is a plan! Now quickly plug in e-up, hold on the charging card, the battery begins to fill, I can calmly go shopping.

Since the next stop is also almost 200 kilometers away, I have to pump as much electricity as possible in my battery – A cardinal error, as it turns out later. But now I’m doing my purchases first. The outlet closes exactly two hours later – an hour earlier, no one can give me reasons for it. And even the electricity is turned off – also on the charging station. It’s a good thing that the e-up is full: 23.78 kilowatt hours fit in. In order to advance it, I had no time in the outlet. So into the cold box and continue in the dark through East Germany, past curious trips like "Leather pants".

650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours-driver
Site/l. Brack 650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car fan trembles almost 13 hours

Not even the cell phone is allowed on the electricity

I am leisurely chugs on the right lane at 90 km/h, trucks with night driver permits overtake me, I let myself fall behind so that they can get past me quickly. In order not to die of boredom, I call God and the world – of course not about smartphone connections, that could cost me electricity. No, I have a power bank and a headset with me.

In the meantime it is minus five degrees, I see my breath in the car, even wrap the scarf around the mouth and nose, just look out my eyes. "When I am flash now, nobody will see who was at the wheel," I think about it – and correct myself at the same time: Which speed trap flashes me on the motorway at a maximum speed 90?!

Second stop at 9:30 p.m.: Wait illegally

Next from me at home firmly planned stop: the ionity charging stations at the Himmelkron motorway service area (advertisement), north of Bayreuth. It took me 2.5 hours for the 193 kilometers, at 9:30 p.m. I put the CCS pistol in the E-Up and Wanke Klamm in the Rasthof. In the next two hours I want to chat on my laptop on Facebook with the Efar users over my trip. The Facebook story is richer for another photo, I crumble into the restaurant area very close to a heater. Gloves, shoes, cap, scarf is draped on the heating, I snuggle up on the same and treat myself to a big coffee. At 10 p.m. all lights end in the restaurant area. Huh? What’s going on now? An employee clarifies me: "Councilor for Corona." Oh yes, I’m already in Bavaria. In this respect, he would have to clear the dining room now, I can only stay in the petrol station area. I don’t know whether it is due to my clothes on the heating or my horrified look of standing between Hanuta and Bildzeitung for over an hour, but the Lord shows heart for a freezing e-car station and directs: "When a control comes, one thing is clear: I haven’t seen it." And so I can continue to warm up in the almost dark guest room at the back of the heating and discuss in Facebook with Efahrer readers such as Benny, SOren or Martin whether the e-up is a good current or not. At just half past two at night, I continue my journey with an impacted 26.79 kilowatt hours.

650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours-trembles
Site/l. Brack 650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car fan trembles almost 13 hours

More range than WLTP specification – despite minus five degrees!

I had planned my next destination in advance near Ingolstadt – up to the KOschinger Forest rest area (advertisement) is now only 165 kilometers. It’s night, it’s freezing cold and yet the ambition grabs me! So far I avoided all the power guzzlers like the devil – except, of course, the lighting. Even the seat heating remained unemployed. And that should stay that way! So I continue to bite and am fascinated by the range indicator. Because now it has climbed to over 300 kilometers with a full battery. Mind you, the WLTP specification moves at 260 kilometers, in the test in mixed traffic in summer we came to around 207 kilometers. Ha! I am called the battery whisper.

On the A9 I continue to work slowly but steadily south at speed 90. Only a few trucks are strolling on the highway. Again and again I notice how much they are waking up and leaving the trail. Why, I can only speculate about that. As soon as a truck overhauled me, I go off the gas so that it is quickly over me – the thing is just too hot for me. In contrast to myself, which, despite arctic equipment, freezes to the bones. Facebook user called me in the previous stop "Hold through, Lisa!" To – the encouragement is good. It is now too late for cell phone calls. Instead, I am enjoying myself through the Christmas edition of the BOhmermann-Podcast "Firm and fluffy" With Spotify (display).

1:39 a.m.: Third and last charging stop – tolerated, but not allowed

At twenty before two at night I connect the blue dwarf on the KOschinger Forst (advertisement) again on an ionity charging station. The advertisement informs me that you are loading with 31 kilowatts – great. Since the last stage becomes the shortest, I no longer have to pump the box in laboriously over the 80 percent. I trudge expectantly after warmth in the rest area. The entire restaurant area is cordoned off with a chain – as a reminder: after 10 p.m. in Bavaria there is currently a curve lesson in Bavaria. I put on a smile and try to make myself well a difficult undertaking with the gentleman behind the counter in the petrol station area – with mask. And so he stays hard when I ask if I can sit on a chair on the edge of the restaurant area. But at 2 a.m. my sense of authority sinks, I tap a mug tea (over 3 euros for a tea bag and hot water!) and hide me in a corner on a sofa client. Behind me the barrier. The employee sees it, but fortunately it leaves it uncommented. The mood in the rest area is especially for people who do a job at normal times of the day: from time to time a truck driver flaps into adilettes to pull an early coffee at the machine. I realize how unnatural the rhythm of truck drivers and which victims they are entering into.

650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours-degrees
Site/l. Brack 650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car fan trembles almost 13 hours

With 71 kilometers of remaining range to bed

After 40 minutes I get up for the last time, this time I even pre -defined the car. With a displayed range of almost 200 kilometers, I swing in my new Wolfsburger. In view of the remaining route of 86 kilometers, I will be almost cocky from half past two in the morning: I generously switch on the seat heating, the blower is also allowed to do its job (but no more than 20 degrees, we don’t want to overdo it!), and I accelerate to 120 km/h – 10 kilometers below highest pace. Hui.

At 3.30 a.m. on Tuesday morning I bend into my street in Munich with a 71 kilometer remaining range – glad to crawl into bed with a heat bottle.

Conclusion: extremely economical endless trip with avoidable errors

The small e-up did its job well, shone with an average consumption of just around 12 kWh and in the future it is only allowed to cope with a maximum of 50 kilometers. He only has to go back to Wolfsburg in three years. Until then, I have long since learned from my mistakes.

Probably the biggest was the fixed route planning with the fixed charging stops. I should have been more flexible here, After all, neither the vehicle nor charging apps like "A Better Route Planner (advertisement)" predict how powerful I actually drive in the end.

The second mistake was the reason why I needed almost 13 hours for the route: I planned too big stages, So it was instructed to load the battery as fully as possible. If I had content myself to only have to load up to 80 percent, the loading times would have been significantly shorter, after all, the charging capacity from this percentage in e-cars (and by the way also on other devices with battery, such as smartphones). According to my estimates, I would have saved myself about 100 minutes with four loads of only 45 minutes, i.e. over 1.5 hours.

The trip in hard facts:

  • Total route: 654 kilometers
  • Total travel time: 12:45 hours
  • Outside temperature: the first hour about 0 degrees, then almost constant minus 5 degrees
  • Charging stops: 3
  • Overall loaded: 65.67 kilowatt hours
  • Charging costs: 31 euros
  • Used charging card: Skoda Power Pass
  • Average speed: 88 km/h
  • Average consumption: 12.4 kWh
  • Used driving mode: almost exclusively Eco-Plus and gear setting "D"

650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours-electric
Site/Google Maps 650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car fan trembles almost 13 hours

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This article was written by Lisa Brack
The original to this post "650 kilometers at minus 5 degrees: electric car driver trembles almost 13 hours" comes from site.


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  1. Car reporter ?
    That should be a so -called "Car reporter" be ?????? Obviously at least from the e-car … little to no idea. Or you provoke the whole story so that you can get readers at all ? How Mans turns, especially clever the action was not….. After all, it is not afraid of driving and did not build an accident…..

  2. Modification :
    I would have changed exactly one point: exchanging e-car for something mobile with combustion engine. Almost no matter which brand, which model. Would have been much faster, more elegant, warmer and also safer….. More you don’t need…..

  3. Har Harry…
    13 hours for 654 km? That would be half the time in the petrol engine with heating and cell phone…. E-cars are always shown for pensioners with their own power connection

  4. Is the progress
    If you need twice the time with your electric car as with a comparable petrol engine? A cargo bike also belongs to this category and the motto of the government coalition "Dare to progress more progress"?

  5. You have to familiarize yourself beforehand
    do something like that doesn’t happen. I bought an e-car 1 year ago.I had informed myself beforehand. For this reason, I was skeptical about the specified range (should you be with all electric cars) of 350 km. I then quickly found that a reliable range (even in winter) at 230 km in limiting mode at approx. 120 km/h lies. The car heats well, no problem with power supply. I plan my trips with charging accordingly. One problem is that there are too many different charging stations and that the charging programs are often not working or the charging stations are occupied. Unfortunately, the navigation systems often indicate non -existent or non -operated charging stations. Therefore I load in time (60 km of residual range).

  6. The woman had prepared well
    What else should you do, read the e-driver forum and believe in ranges and other things that do not exist? Do not write any reports from the real world? She didn’t do anything wrong, apart from the purchase of such a vehicle. She was still very lucky, since she found free and suitable loaders at night.I wouldn’t have rely on that

  7. If you don’t know your way around you should let it.
    I wonder if the woman has no idea or just looked for something to write? You invite you to Max. 80% while driving . Remaining 20% take just as long. You cannot load the cell phone at 8 watts? No comment! You cannot turn on heating. why? 1 or 2 additional stops, 120kmh of travel speed, heating on, charge cell phone and it would have been home much earlier. But she had nothing to write for site. Another useless article

  8. @Frank The recommendations of the battery manufacturers
    but look different. Although there is a protection protection, but not always unloading the recommendation to 0. By the way, both this and the quick charge promote the dendrite formation. Are also detrimental to the lifespan. Would be too dangerous for me.

  9. This nonsense is funded for tax purposes!
    A modern, exhaust-cleaned diesel is ecologically and economically superior to every e-mobile. The hybrid vehicles, which are also tax -subsidized, are similarly nonsensical. The weak petrol engine working in it drinks significantly more than the counterpart with diesel, but has to drag 200 kg more about the heavy battery. This in turn not only reduces the trunk volume, but also the tank volume sensitive. So you can hardly transport luggage at the expense of taxpayers, but you should refuel every 300 km of gasoline at the latest. It therefore makes no sense to demonize modern diesel, because it still objectively represents the best source of drive.

  10. Addendum
    To save the e-up, it is always said that he was only intended for the city. With diesel or petrol engine, it is just as suitable for loading for long distances as a 5m A6. And the hydrogen, which is so electricity -intensive in the case of manufacturing and storage that it is only realistic with nuclear power. From 100 % electricity (when converting electricity to h to electric,) only approx. 25% in the end. Green H is an unfulfilled dream in DT without nuclear power, at least as far as the whole country is to be driven with it.

  11. So
    I had to drive behind a bus convoy as an accompanying vehicle with my Skoda almost 800 km. We had a similar average speed. With a consumption of almost 3l/100km and radio heating phone. Stops were only available for the toilet and driver change

  12. Question for a friend:
    Can you actually order the electric cars without heating and climate ? You don’t use it anyway. Because of the range. Haha This report is so absurd that it almost borders on satire. The author does not occur completely stupidly? No probably not. E drivers are probably like that. One thing is certain: I definitely don’t get such a toy in the house. 6 or 8 cylinder diesel. If they get away gasoline. Have fun freezing/sweating and waiting for the next load your eco fools. 3 hours of pure loading time with not even 700 km route. A joke!!! Congratulations who can and wants to give away so much valuable time ..

  13. That can catch the eye.
    Skip slices, thickly shriveled although there is a heater in the car and oversleep. In the event of an insured event, you wouldn’t have the best cards in your hand .

  14. What else is left with with such a car?
    Switching on the heating and staying lying down is not a good option. 2 additional stops are also not reasonable, there are another 3-4 hours. If it rains or really cold, you have a serious problem. The specified consumption values also do not fit the reality. So take a better track or drive a real car. Doesn’t have to be based on oil.


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