8 billion dollars more: Ford significantly increases investment in electromobility

8 billion dollars more: Ford significantly increases investment in electromobility-billion

In an online event for investors, the US car manufacturer Ford explained his Ford + mentioned future plan. The electrification plays a major role. Ford assumes that by 2030, a good 40 percent of the global vehicle volume is delivered purely electrically. In order to accelerate the transformation, the manufacturer increases the planned investments in electrification, digitization and autonomous driving up to 2025 to more than $ 30 billion, more than 8 billion more than so far, for example, to develop two-dedicated electric car platforms: One for cars, SUV and smaller commercial vehicles as well as another for larger pick-ups. The latter are a vehicle genus extremely popular in the USA.

“This is our greatest opportunity for growth and value creation since Henry Ford has begun to scale the model T. And we grab her with both hands, “says Ford-Ceo Jim Farley. In the foreground, in addition to an electrified and digitized model range, the customer experience is also the customer experience, so farley. He assumes to sell vehicles at a lower cost than so far and thus achieve stronger loyalty: “With Ford + our customers will make new and better experience because we combine our iconic, first-class vehicles with networked technology, which in the course of time is constantly better, “said Farley.

Another focus is the battery technology, also here also invests Ford massif, for example in his research center Ford Ion Park. By 2030, the manufacturer expects an annual battery need for its E-vehicles of good 240 GWh. In the future, Ford wants to access one of three battery variants depending on the purpose: IonBoost, high energy lithium-ion batteries for electric cars; Ionboost pro; Lithium iron phosphate batteries for commercial vehicles; as well as solid-state batteries for high reaches, which Ford develops together with Solid Power and wants to use in his vehicles in this decade.

Ford also wanted to solve from the previous business model, which features the automotive industry for decades. Instead, Ford + is characterized by close and permanent customer relationships. The focus of this project is Blue Oval Intelligence, Ford’s Cloud-based next-generation platform for integrating electro-, energy and software systems in networked Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

For business customers from crafts, industry and administration, the manufacturer plans to create a separate business area called Ford Pro. For this, Ford wants to make its B2B customers in the future flexible offers, among other things, for electrical commercial vehicles and charging infrastructure solutions.

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