800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer

Driving report Lucid Air Grand Touring

800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer

800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer-first
Press Inform Lucid Air

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Lucid Motors brings its first electric car to the US market. In mid -2022, the Lucid Air comes to Europe as the opponent of Mercedes EQs and Tesla Model S. We made an extensive round with chief designer Derek Jenkins.

Lucid tries a difficult balancing act with his electric luxury limousine. The base model with rear wheel drive does not even cost 80 in the USA.000 dollars; The top version, on the other hand, is already scratching the 180.$000 mark. Whether the customers are participating must be shown, because first of all there is only one body variant in four equipment variants.

Lucid: The more beautiful Tesla?

Since Lucid revealed his almost five meter long air, the design worth seeing has been celebrated. Responsible for this: Derek Jenkins and exactly he takes us on a test drive that afternoon. "With a start-up as we are, of course you are always a little more than just the designer," laughs Derek and bends from the hotel car park, "of course you are particularly closely integrated into the development."

800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer-first
Lucid Motors The Lucid Motors Air is fast in the strongest version of over 300 km/h

The Lucid Air is one of the pre-series models in the middle Grand touring equipment. So many customers are likely to configure their electric air: very well, but not fully equipped and already around 800 hp with all -wheel drive. This is not the end of this, because the top version called Dream Edition does gigantic 1080 hp, which are brought to the floor over the two axes.

The E-Class becomes electric-and three more new Daimler models

800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer-first

Site The E-Class becomes electric-and three more new Daimler models

More than 1000 hp in the top version

The entry -level version starts at just under 80.000 dollars and also has 480 hp. The Air Touring ranks with 620 hp. But Lucid is home, northern California not far from the Tesla production in Fremont, not just for power. "The range is essential for us," explains Derek Jenkins, "we paid attention to this in the design and so the Lucid Air ultimately brings it to a CW value of 0.21.“Reach does not only mean wind noise and they are particularly low in both the passenger seat and in the opulent fund. As big as a Mercedes E-Class from the outside-but from the inside at the level of the S-Class. This is how it can be live.

800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer-real
Lucid Motors Lucid Motors Air

Unlike the Mercedes EQs, side and rear windows can also be shaded at the push of a button. Not uncomfortable today at temperatures beyond the 30 degrees in the Monterey region. Even more annoying that the panoramic roof subject to surcharge, which, depending on the model variant, can also be covered electrically.

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer-trip

Site This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

The space is lavishly in the rear due to the 2.97 meter long wheelbase. The air -conditioned leather seats are comfortable and also have long -distance comfort in the second row. As lavish as the legroom is, it is closer to the head. If you want, you can let your favorite music from 21 boxes whisper around your ears. The trunk holds a manageable 456 liters; It’s good that the front loading room swallows another 202 liters on two levels.

800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer-real
Lucid Motors A large panoramic roof in Lucid Motors Air Fast for convertible feeling

Derek explains the most important waitresses during the trip: “We don’t need a head up here – everything is perfect at a glance. But the place is held up for other models such as an SUV."

Lucid Air has a completely different operating concept

The instruments, 34 inches tall and slightly arched around the driver, are reminiscent of the Porsche Taycan, but are more tidy and especially the control island for light and view on the left in the board loosens a lot. Most functions can be operated via a large touchscreen in the center console, which, however, drives into the dashboard on request and releases large shelves underneath – as chic and practically solved. The rest of the functions runs by language or rotary control on the reduced steering wheel. Derek has found a piece of free street and accelerates the approximately 800 hp Lucid Air Grand Touring violently. The speedometer display lets you dry – luckily no officer in sight. Lucid does not suspect in his air and wants to springs away with electronic dampers alone with electronic dampers. With the wavy slopes and the sometimes broken streets here on the Pacific, this works quite well despite the impressive 20-inch.

Acceleration pushes into the seats

The small models have 19- The top model of the Dream Edition 21-inch. When acceleration, you can hardly move in the comfortable leather armchairs, the electric American competes so violently. Hard to believe that the 1080 PS variant should accelerate even more wild. Here the sprint should be 0 to 100 km / h in under three seconds. Not that this would interest someone in reality, but it reads impressive and with the spurt potential almost all electric vehicles want to carry their sportiness to the outside world.

800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer-load
Press Inform Lucid Air

While the German manufacturers are braking their electromobiles too early, it looks different with Lucid Air. At the moment, 168 MPH / 270 km / h is also in discussion for Europe. In contrast, the maximum range should be around 750 kilometers before the Lucid Air Grand Touring has to go back to the charging station and even the basic variants should create more than 600 kilometers with a load. With its 900-volt architecture, it should take just 20 minutes before more than 450 kilometers were reloaded into the 113 kWh battery package. So that the air weighing over 2.3 tons can refuel as quickly as possible, a so -called miracle box ensures that ensures maximum speed – if desired in both directions -. If you reserve a Lucid Air this year, you can load into the whole USA for three years. That should also attract a few customers who want to leave the combustion world.

Electromotor Made in USA

The gigantic engine performance enables electric motors that are significantly smaller than many competitors and not only developed by Lucid themselves, but also manufactured themselves – in the currently only production, around an hour south of Phoenix / Arizona. With a weight of hardly more than 70 kilograms, the electric motor produces up to 670 hp per axis. Now only the market launch in the USA has to succeed and then it goes to Europe. "We are looking forward to it," smiles Derek and drives back to his hotel.

Vintage car and garbage cars – soon electrical?

800 kilometers with a load: first trip in the real Tesla killer-load

German wave Vintage car and garbage cars – soon electrical?

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  1. Not interesting
    A toy for people who have 3 other cars anyway is completely uninteresting. the … Work of development in an everyday car, a maximum of € 15-20k, sustainably with easy-to-change batteries, preferably standardized would be more sensible than those rather uninteresting vehicles that will not save the world in any way. Tesla Killer, when I hear that, I know. Completely uninteresting. Tesla Killer could z.B. The establishment of a battery change system is not even faster accelerations or unrealistic final speeds.

  2. Unrealistic productions
    This, oh so great designer car, has always existed. Small productions or individual pieces, only for the well -known buyer. Where are the cars for the mass? With ranges of up to a thousand km, also with a trailer? With a maximum of 200 hp, nobody needs more. And at prices, between 12 and 30tsd. That would be a message. And accelerate, in 3 seconds to 100? With most drivers, I’m happy when they are in less than 30 seconds. get to 70.

  3. Honestly?
    Beautiful design…With WoW Effect. On the other hand, if you look at the German upper class with its boring (Mercedes S, Audi A8), partly baroque (BMW 7) Design at just a real eye -catcher.

  4. Reality?
    With such an article, you ask yourself with all respect whether the author has received extra money, or like to move away from reality? Of course, that would theoretically be a nice value, but it was only determined in the laboratory, and never really checked! Furthermore, I find it just as weak that it is not even mentioned that on a highway ride too quickly after Max. 200km is over! Unfortunately, little tangible, typical advertising behavior…

  5. Tesla killer ?
    Hopefully he’s really that! Then there would finally be calm in the stable, you cann’t read it anymore, or ? The box costs how much ???? Man oh man, what do they think, who buys such boxes ? Those who spend so much coal for a car buy something from the usual 3 – 4. And there is no Asian or Ami there. Who doesn’t believe…..Just wait until the "killer" are available and how many then curves around here……

  6. "Not even 80.000 dollars"
    I don’t know how to be withdrawn to be 80 with a car 80.000 dollars to be described as affordable from the postage of the postage. For most people in this country, the purchase of a conventional small or mid-range car with a new car price of 20 is already.000 or 30.000 euros a financial effort. Most have to pick up a loan even for this amount – or they use a used car. In the electromobile age, many citizens will no longer be able to afford a car at all. Beautiful new world!

  7. Another Tesla killer…
    Oh yes… I also have a killer for both cars in the garage. A combustion engineer. With so much power that it would be enough for these two things in comparison, regardless of which. But I didn’t buy it for that. But because it is a top product of German engineers. I am simply one of the dinosaurs of locomotion, Mea Culpa…

  8. Not everyone has to a trailer…
    drag hundreds of kilometers. Heating and air conditioning do not cost 50% of the battery power. 5% in air conditioning and 20% in heating would be a more realistic statement. E-cars are therefore quite suitable for everyday use. Otherwise I agree with you. But there should also be people who have a car for 100.Solve 000 euros from the mouth.

  9. what you need?
    One thing is certainly not needed by new cars: more power. Ranges of over 1.000 km we already have the burner and rapid reloading. The ecological balance is different with the electric car, but not better. When is finally progressing, which can do things better? The auto technology from the 19. Century to warm up again is certainly not one of them.

  10. And again an unaffordable car
    Unaffected for the mass of Germans who have saved the purchase of their car (combustion engine) from the mouth or through a loan. And they should now buy boxes that should be recommended to us with beautiful values. Everyday suitability? Pulling fans costs up to 50% of the battery power, the same even when using the heating or air conditioning.


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