85 percent of Germans do not want an electric car – hybrid drive more attractive

Gasoline price shock

85 percent of Germans do not want a pure electric car – hybrid drive much more attractive

85 percent of Germans do not want an electric car - hybrid drive more attractive-want
Julian Stratschulte/dpa Many car buyers hesitiate in terms of electromobility due to the inadequate charging infrastructure.

The demand for electric cars is growing due to rising gasoline prices. But there can be no mention of mass suitability. Only a minority currently wants pure battery cars – but hybrid drives are very popular.

At the next car purchase, according to a consumer survey by the Deloitte management consultancy, only 15 percent of Germans would choose a pure electric car, but 40 percent for a hybrid vehicle- i.e. for a combined drive of electrical and petrol or diesel engine.One of the central arguments is the high gasoline prices, said Deloitte industry expert Harald Proff on Monday: If the charging current were as expensive as the fossil fuel, 41 percent would rethink their decision for an electric car.

600 km range at least in demand

As the greatest concern in electromobility, a quarter of the drivers surveyed named the reach, followed by the charging infrastructure (14 percent) and the higher acquisition costs (12 percent). Almost a third of the 1500 respondents said they would spend up to 2000 euros more for an electric car.

What is the problem at the e-car shop? Researchers are looking for testers

85 percent of Germans do not want an electric car - hybrid drive more attractive-percent

Site What is the problem at the e-car shop? Researchers are looking for testers

70 percent of the respondents expect to be able to top up their car most frequently at home. On average, they called 616 kilometers of range as a critical target brand that would have to have a pure electric car so that they decide to buy.

From 2035 no more combustioners?

With a view to the goal of the EU Commission to not allow new fossil to allow operated cars from 2035, ProFF said: «Reach, charging infrastructure and lower acquisition costs are essential requirements to make electromobility suitable for mass. If these are not given, it will not arrive in large parts of society despite the currently increasing sales figures.»

85 percent of Germans do not want an electric car - hybrid drive more attractive-electric

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15 thoughts on “85 percent of Germans do not want an electric car – hybrid drive more attractive”

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    According to Deloitte, the survey shows: «The trend continues to go to your own car.»66 percent of the respondents said they used their car daily or several times a week. In second place was the public transport (15 percent), followed by bicycle (9 percent). Car sharing, taxis and other driving services are in the niche with a total of 5 percent.

    Will soon be more profitable than petrol stations?

    85 percent of Germans do not want an electric car - hybrid drive more attractive-electric

    Bit projects Will soon be more profitable than petrol stations?

    Now learn more about the future of mobility

    On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

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  2. I maintain myself with many.
    Also as far as the car is concerned. And it is correct that most prefer a hybrid. the … Also as far as the car is concerned. And it is correct that most prefer a hybrid. Even if the subsidies are eliminated, it stays that way. why? Quite simply, you can continue when the battery is empty. Most do not care whether they save on a pure car. Do not stop when it matters is important. And the comments, even with a pure car you don’t stay there, you can save yourself. It is like it is. And you can speak to angel tongues. You can’t convince with it. It may be that the drivers always talk about their savings while driving. But that still doesn’t convince many. The car is not suitable for everyday use. No matter how contradicted. Who wants to focus on the charging stations? No matter how contradicted

  3. logic ?
    Logical, the majority would like hybrid. They take the subs and drive on as before. If you take the subs, take the vehicle that is best for you "functions" Anyone can decide which drive in there. Of "Compatible" However, you cannot assume E-Car…..

  4. Mr. Sochgen…
    …can be helped! Tesla in success? I quote finance.net 21.11.21 loud "CNBC" is expected that hundreds of new models of e-cars will be on the market in 2025 instead of just a few dozen as current. The market share of Tesla should therefore continue to decrease. IHS Markit estimates that Tesla’s share in the American E-car market in 2025 will only be 20 percent, and LMC Automotive expects loudly "CNBC" Even that Tesla 2025 will no longer be number one in electric cars in the USA, but will be overtaken by General Motors. A forecast that GM CEO Mary Barra also shares. In 2020, Tesla’s proportion was 79%. In contrast to Tesla, the models of competitors will certainly have a completely different quality from the start!!!

  5. A quote from Mary Barra?
    The manager who with MR. Conman Himelf wanted to build the Badger? Of course, this is fully suitable to predict the market development in the BEV area. I’ll write down your new Tesla Doom and Gloom. As little as the previous ones will also occur.

  6. Logical
    The hybrids are only so popular because most of them are leased as company cars and the user only has to tax them with 0.5%. A fine thing, it doesn’t make sense, because that doesn’t help the environment. Without massive funding, e-cars and hybrids would be practically as good as not selling. That is probably undisputed. Because of the combustion engines is dead.

  7. Oh. I forgot
    For some, Germany is the center of the world around which everything revolves and what is all oriented towards. How could I think about the rest of the world. Well, whether the German market is sufficient for good business in the future?

  8. I am currently buying a private petrol and business
    BMW with hybrid plug-in because we do not use. Most colleagues and competitors do it that way. We had a BMW i3 at short notice but the shop without a wall box was a disaster. According to the Badenova supplier, the Wallbox is currently not possible due to the existing infrastructure. A car is still a diesel (535xD) for the country route. If I have an overview of this, the whole e-car support programs are a shot in the oven (the German taxpayer).

  9. The cause is clear
    We too tried really seriously to create a BEV. The stupid thing is that, just like for decades, the consumption values in the advertisers’ displays -at that time city traffic was hidden, beautiful country road values were presented, BAB values at minimal speeds and everything with great ripening pressure -conversely, now specified the advantageous consumption values in the city will. By "switching" the electric motor at each traffic light, when gliding calmly at 30-60 kmh, dream values are recorded. Of a good range of approx. Unfortunately, 5-600 km only stays on the highway, at speeds up to 120 kmh at speeds. I call for real consumption information at 130 kmh. Because only those who lead on the highway are really interested in ranges.

  10. The Germans do not want electric cars …
    … clear. They all live for rent in 13.Stock without charging option, have a 2 daily.Remove 5 tons of trailers over 500 km to work because the horse is not allowed to stay at home alone. But is ok. Then there are faster delivery times for the other countries. They are happy. Greetings Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Benelux and not to forget Italy. It starts now too. Write to the Basic Law right away: The dignity of the diesel driver is inviolable.

  11. @Vogel – I am happy to help
    They do not understand some irony with the long line and do not even notice when their own arguments are presented in a collected form – but ironically pointed -. It is sometimes tedious…

  12. AHA !
    AHA ! As with us on the street, there have been a few new, funded hybrids for months, with which you can go into the city with impunity……Only, they have never been invited – why ? This is what the reality looks like.

  13. Buy small diesel !
    My little Peugeot Diesel consumes 4.2 l diesel, at 1.52 € per liter that makes € 6.38 per 100 km. A current consumes min. 15 kWh X Currently 0.70 cents per kWh = € 10.50. And my diesel has a range of 1200 km. In addition, diesel can be easily everywhere ! There is no reason to buy an expensive current !

  14. Of the
    Electricity price comparison is in no way correct. I have been driving a hybide for 1 1/2 years and I have to keep finding that the electricity price at public charging points costs between 54 and 78 cents depending on the charging power. Supposed the charging station also works. Without combustioners, I have often been dependent on outside help because the entire charging infrastructure only works to a limited extent.

  15. very easily
    A pure electric car only makes sense if you have a single garage with charging options. And then of course only as a second car for the short distances. Everything else has far too many disadvantages and this is only accepted by e-car ideologists and talked nicely…


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