900 Euro Wallbox promotion already exhausted for two-thirds

900 Euro Wallbox promotion already exhausted for two-thirds-promotion

Only four weeks after the start of the promotion for the installation of a wallbox are the FOrderbank KfW already 122.000 applications for a total of 150.000 private charging points before. On the 24th. November started the funding program with KfW abbreviation 440, only a week after the KfW was already 94.000 Conveying applications prior to how KfW spokesman Tungfram Schweikhardt Edison reports.

The dynamics therefore lasted slightly slightly, from 94.000 Contributions in the first on average about 10.000 applications per week. Nevertheless, the funding program is purely crucial already too good two-thirds exhausted. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) has budgeted a total of 200 million euros to promote the installation of a private charging point in non-public space with up to 900 euros. Thus, with the good 150 would be.000 charging points already planned 135 million euros.

At KfW, the onslaught had taken care of the funding program in the first hours of activation for problems and temporarily paralyzed the Internet server. The KfW has therefore increased its server capacity, so Schweikhardt. Since the application and approval procedure is largely automated, the processing of the applications are relatively fast, the KfW speaker assures: “That does not take long.”

Even more, the search for a craftsman with free dates is likely to be difficult. Many companies already have terminomes, said Edison. At least applicants have after confirmation of the funding subsidy nine months to prove the implementation of the project. The installation by a specialist company is one of the prerequisites for the application to be granted. Also the relation of green electricity, a charging power of 11 kW and a networking controllability of the charging point are mandatory. Details we have collected in this article.

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4 thoughts on “900 Euro Wallbox promotion already exhausted for two-thirds”

  1. I already see that some your approved promotion does not get because you will not find a willing electrician. Or the hourly rates will be at over 100 € in 6 months. Will be paid well or evil.

  2. The problem currently is that there are no eligible boxes Accidental prices available are. I had 15 minutes after opening my commitment and immediately ordered a box (keba p30 c). GLLIIZH 14 days delivery time now the 3 mail with a transfer to the end of February.

  3. This is oil again to the fire for the critics of e mobility, nothing works, which is concerned with our policy. It is not really wanted!

  4. My experience – a history:

    • 25.11.2020 Contribution request made
    • 25.11.2020 Custody decision by KfW: granted grant application
    • 27.11.2020 Wallbox Heidelberg Energy Control for light source market.de bought, not ordered! Bulb market.DE No indication of waiting times o. a.. Payment immediately via PayPal.
    • 27.11.2020 electrician commissioned (mounting I, connection + material about it).
    • 08.12.2020 Our Zoe has arrived! We pay 6.000, – € Advance we will receive in mid-February.
    • 30.12.2020 Illuminant market sends requested PROFORMA bill
    • 04.01.2021 On first demand E-mail from light source market.DE: Due to a high volume of work, our response is delayed in the short term.
    • 04.01.2021 criticism of information policy of light source market.de.
    • 04.01.2021 light source market.DE offers cancellation + refund.
    • 04.01.2021 is rejected by me, contract has existed.
    • 04.01.2021 Illuminant market canceled contract and transfers purchase price 769, – € back.
    • 04.01-2021 Purchase price of 769, – € to light source market.rewarded.
    • 05.01.2021 Lawyer commissioned with lawsuit threat to contract fulfillment. Because of missing wallbox, type 2 cable, 230-V must be purchased. Cost I. H. v. 100, – € will be damaged as default damage to luminance.DE asserted. Last delivery time: 31.03.2021.
    • 09.01.2021 Raw installation for wallbox, main distribution prepared (own contribution).
    • 22.01.2021 Illuminant market confirms 100, – € discount on the purchase price of the wallbox without recognition of a legal debt.
    • 01.02.2021 Wallbox meets! All documents uploaded immediately in the grid portal!
    • 08.02.2021 Pay-off decision KfW (… in editing, gaeshhhn).
    • 13.02.2021 Wallbox is finally connected – 1 hour work! In 4 hours the Zoe is now fully filled!
    • 23.02.2021 … We are waiting for the subsidy – the shelves already the Easter goods;) ..

    My conclusion:
    Only with significant, permanent pressure it was possible to come to “my” wallbox.
    Only with good contacts to “my” electrician it was possible to prepare the installation itself and to complete the connection by calling it on call.
    Nevertheless, intermediate solutions were required (charging cable type 2 cable, 230-V) so as not to constantly drive with 2 cars to the charging column and to pick up the car in reverse manner after 2.5 hours. Very environmentally friendly ..

    Now, almost 1/4 year after application, there is still no decision and it is not sure whether we receive the “promised” grant, even if we already request the application 1 day after activation of the KfW portal – on the 24.11. Was that impossible ..

    Memories of the vaccine orders are awake ..

    All in all, I certainly had luck and does not really want to know which odysse so many others / many others had to go through or still has to.

    Was that at 10.000, – € Grant on an e-car and wallbox almost nothing for free?

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