96 percent of mobile loading rates with app usage

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96 percent of mobile loading rates with app usage-usage

When loading electric cars in public space, in addition to the cost itself, the most comfortable user experience of the charging stations can be a crucial factor. More than 200 suppliers of charging current rates have already been positioned today in the German market for mobile charging current rates. How to achieve the usable charging stations in the providers and respective tariffs provide apps that are made available to tariff usage at 96 percent of tariffs. The EUPD study “Comparative analysis of mobile charging current rates 2021″ gives deeper insights into the market structures of the public charging current supply.

At public charging columns, this is currently available on average 0.2 times a day on normal charging stations, 0.6 charging operations per day will take place on quick load columns. This corresponds to a total of more than 5000 charging processes per day. When which charging column can be used, the tariff selection of more than 425 decides.000 German electric car drivers.

In order for the users of the different loading tariffs to be unnatural on charging stations that they can not use with their tariff, the tariff offers usually include an app usage so that both the tariff and the load can be used optimally. The apps have different functions. Almost all available apps specify the location of the charging column and offer a corresponding navigation. In addition, it can be seen from the user before arrival at the charging column whether the selected charging column or the charging point to be used is just free or already occupied.

96 percent of mobile loading rates with app usage-mobileEupD Research

For about half of the tariffs with app availability, the charging history or the current charging status of the car can be viewed directly. This is because an app for the tariff can not always be used as access or payment medium, but it is more supported. The charging costs and charging history are then provided by the tariff provider separately by e-mail or a service portal. The charging status can often not be communicated “live”, but merely informed when the charging process is completed or still stops. The live service often can only meet offers of the automakers.

“The knowledge of which charging column can be used with the tariff is mainly crucial when the electric car driver moves away from the everyday environment. In order not to tap with almost empty battery in a cost trap, the apps are necessary to help users use their chosen tariff optimally.”- Christine Koch, Project Manager at EupD Research

About the comparison analysis of mobile charging current rates 2021

The comparison analysis of mobile charging current rates 2021 is the third edition of the study of EUPD Research. The study delivers a detailed, comprehensive status quo to the market situation of mobile charging current rates in Germany each year. In an extensive analysis, the currently available tariffs are recorded and the 15 most beneficial tariffs are presented in detail under the three driving profiles in detail and compared.

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3 thoughts on “96 percent of mobile loading rates with app usage”

  1. And how big is the proportion of app loaders and card loaders? I also like to use an app to search but download I to 99% with the map, even almost always with the same card (my three cards). As a particularly negative example, I remember a charging column on the A2. Here is only a cargo via app possible, but was obviously weathered (heavy sleet) very bad mobile phone reception – bad luck!

  2. I also use the map for loading. The store via app is sometimes cumbersome, either is not a barcode to scan or you have to determine a (serial) number of the charging station. Or in the underground car park is no reception, then the app is useless anyway.
    But why do you really need a load card, why you can not pay simply by EC / credit card? Of course, with a clearly visible price at the charging point?
    Jam sudly for gasoline / diesel would need loading cards, sorry tank cards!


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