A lack of raw materials in batteries: electric cars soon priceless?

Lithium prices rise

A lack of raw materials in batteries: electric cars soon priceless?

A lack of raw materials in batteries: electric cars soon priceless?-soon
Alexander Schimmeck/Unsplash.com Lithium prices are increasing massively: E-cars are soon priceless?

After years of downward trend, the lithium prices rise again. In the meantime, one kilogram of the battery raw material costs many times more than last year – relaxation of the situation is not in sight. The industry is therefore working on alternative batteries.

Although the engine of an electric car consists of much less parts than a classic internal combustion engine, even higher prices have so far been required for electric cars than for comparable petrol engines and diesel. This is due to several factors, of which the most important well -being is the construction of the batteries. Not only the actual production of an e-car battery is expensive, the prices for the required raw materials such as lithium carbonate are also attracted further.

Between 2018 and 2020, the prices for lithium carbonate literally rustled into the basement. Since then they have been tirelessly climbing. In the Chinese spot markets, the prices for lithium carbonate reached the equivalent of 53.63 euros per kilogram at the end of January, more than twice as much than in September 2021, reports the Golem news portal in a current analysis.

Lightyear One shows outstanding efficiency

A lack of raw materials in batteries: electric cars soon priceless?-electric

Bit projects Lightyear One shows outstanding efficiency

Lithium prices: relaxation is not in sight

Although the stock market prices on the Spotmarkt only show the willingness to pay for short -term deliveries of lithium carbonate, but also the currently paid delivery prices of the raw material rose from January to December 2021 from the equivalent of 5.58 euros/kg to 24.54 euros/kg. The recent price increases in December and January will only affect these long -term delivery prices and thus also on the battery prices.

"Money becomes crumbly": Top economist explains why inflation is now dangerous for us

A lack of raw materials in batteries: electric cars soon priceless?-electric

Site "Money becomes crumbly": Top economist explains why inflation is now dangerous for us

Relaxation of the lithium prices is currently not in sight: the demand for lithium will continue to increase as part of the run -up of electromobility, at the same time the lithium producers in Australia and Far East can only expand their conveyor capacities with the currently existing mines. The construction of new mines also takes five to ten years.

Steven Chu, one of the inventors of modern lithium-ion batteries, predicted this development last year. "The market may have to adapt to a phase of increasing prices for battery cells – a new phenomenon for an industry that is used to expect decreasing prices from year to year", also said Simon Mooores, the managing director of the information service provider Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (BMI).

The sodium-ion battery is a solution?

This could remedy a switch to lithium and cobalt-free batteries for electric cars- a technology where the battery catl has been researching for years. Last summer, Catl started producing sodium ion batteries.

The group announced that the supply chains should stand for industrial production by 2023. According to CleanTechnica, the production costs for a sodium-ion battery are said to be less than $ 40 per kilowatt hour (kWh) with a volume, so the converted at less than 36 euros. The price for a kilo lithium carbonate was in mid -January, according to the Price Service Platts, the equivalent of around 42.60 euros. According to Golem, lithium-ion batteries per kilowatt hour require about 700 grams of lithum carbonate, which would mean raw material costs of almost 40 euros per kWh in these lithium prices. So if you believe Catls, a finished sodium-ion battery could cost as much as the mere lithium carbonate for the construction of a lithium-ion battery.

That happens when they end up in household waste

A lack of raw materials in batteries: electric cars soon priceless?-batteries

Bit projects That happens when they end up in household waste

You might also be interested: how clean e-cars are really?

The environmental balance of electric cars is often critically observed in the media. The battery of an electric car has a large part in this picture. Exactly said the raw materials required for its production. You have the call to cause dramatic environmental damage. But how bad is the raw material promotion for electric car batteries really?

Raw materials for e-car batteries: their promotion is really as critical

This article was written by Tobias Stahl

The most important investment vehicles against inflation

The most important asset classes in an inflationary environment represent real values. These include shares, real estate, raw materials of all kinds, but also investments in non -listed companies, i.e. private equity, infrastructure or collector’s objects such as watches, art or classic cars.

However, rising interest rates are a risk with which the central banks may combat too high inflation rate. "If this happens, then bonds become more attractive and can become a competition for stocks and other real assets," says Burkhard Wagner from Partners VermOgensmanagement AG. There can therefore threaten price losses if a stronger increase in interest rates. Anyone who expects this should therefore not completely do without fixed -interest securities in the portfolio. "With variably interest -bearing papers, inflation -indexed bonds or bonds with a short term, there are also some options here," says the expert.

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  1. Computer picture
    I just quote the computer picture 08.12.21 "Accordingly, the prices for lithium carbonate are … in China with 30.940 US dollars (27.407 euros) per tonne has increased by 276 percent since the beginning of this year, which is due to the booming demand and the increasing sale of electric vehicles. Some experts expect the price of a ton of lithium carbonate (quality "Battery degree") until 2030 at up to 40.$ $ $."

  2. Battery denominator claims that lithium would be
    practically inexhaustible and available everywhere. So, and why is lithium transported around half the earth? By ship that are operated with heavy oil. These are "Green pollutants", Sure, are ignored. The same applies to the environment that is left during dismantling. Is far away… far enough for world savior? Where does the world stop? The lithium price should only continue to increase, only must not be compensated for by subsidies.

  3. When I always comments
    Read about an alleged superaccu, then I just need to look at the periodic system of the elements to get the superakku at all. What chemical elements should it be produced from? I only find hydrogen over lithium. So which element should flow into battery production? You could perhaps increase the capacity by diluting the electrodes, which, however, on the high electricity strength and operational safety or operational safety. Lifespan goes. So ultimately does not help. The Li battery with all its disadvantages is basically the "Superaccu".

  4. The period system of the elements is the
    But battery brand deniers do not know what it looks like. Whose "knowledge" is based on the regulars’ table, Google Echo Cembly and opinion. Scientific approach is completely foreign to them. Their comments are to be understood as desired ideas, incompatible with the laws of physics, chemistry and electrical engineering.A lot of stupid is quoted from echo chambers and here as "truth" tipped over

  5. No panic !
    I don’t have a suitable charging network, I don’t need a battery…. Question would now be more what hits first ? No batteries or no charging current ? Or now there is the x times announced miracle battery ala "Flight compensator that conjures up energy from rubbish ??? I am still of the opinion that a highly subsidized product has no chance on the market in the long term. Oh yes, Germany has to save the world climate….Is that still that ? If so, how do our politicians save with their TW. useless flights ?

  6. @Sochgen
    Why should you still answer comments if they only contain nonsense. The Supperakku will not exist in the near future. If it were so, the conventional e-markets would collapse because no one would buy the current cars if new support batteries are just around the corner. Owners of brand new e-cars would get welding beads on their foreheads if they realized that they bought new but technically unsalable scrap iron. Supper battery? Carwow.DE says: Before 2030, there will probably be no electric car that is traveling as a series vehicle with a solid battery. Well, I’m going on 1.1.26 in retirement and if something happened until then, perfect, but why do I need an electric car today. It’s that simple!

  7. @Sochgen
    You don’t understand it again! No sensible person buys a used electric car at a realistic price if the subsequent models make the used car become a technical scrap trip. What’s so hard to understand? You then have to pok around in nebulous nothing without accepting economic facts? Ridiculous, as so often!

  8. The battery market
    It’s true that on the "Battery market" There has been a lot going on in the past few weeks, only the constantly predicted breakthrough in the super battery does not seem to get out of the laboratory status. Now the change battery is apparently the solution to the known problems and that calls some "Jeck" then, "fully and actively informed" and somewhat described, technical progress on the "Battery market".

  9. @Sochgen you should be outside the echo chamber
    inform. It affects that "Blade battery youtube video", in which a pen is pressed through the battery without a short circuit, without falling the clamping voltage! This is a pocket trick for battery brown refuge, not a all -solving superakku! The housing is hollow in the relevant place, there is nothing, so nothing happens. Wanting to understand is of course difficult.

  10. The defect deficiency…
    …make it possible! Long nothing heard of the supper battery announced every week. But here he is, the sodium battery and the e-world looks better again!

  11. Distributed for a long time?
    Maybe you should have yours "renowned sources" Check and consider whether you still feel fully informed. There has been a lot going on in the battery market in the past few weeks, but keep buying your colorful leaves. There you will be well informed (mind you passively – because active information is not for everyone)!

  12. Lithium becomes so fast
    do not go out. There are even several large occurrences in the Rheingraben in Germany and somewhat smaller ones in the Ore Mountains. By 2024 it will be dismantled there. So it is not as described in the article. Just stay with the facts and don’t come so tears about it.

  13. Mr. Sochgen
    It is nonsense when every car manufacturer builds his own battery. It would be better to standardize rapidly changeable batteries and thus the decoupling of battery production and changing charging infrastructure from car production. The situation will not work in the future if the E-Auto system should have a chance at all.

  14. no problem
    Elon Musk will definitely buy all lithium mines worldwide and then determine the price alone. Elon Musk, the Redeemer, will soon rule the world anyway and Tesla will determine the life of everyone.


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