A look at Sono Motors and their sion

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A look at Sono Motors and their sion-look

A car with solar cell drive. Fantasy blockbuster or reality? The latter, at least if you look into the calendar year 2019. Or on the website of Sono Motors, the manufacturer. An unknown among the car turns. Yet. After all, he shows just under 9 at the beginning of March 2019.500 pre-orders and works already with down payments for delivery.


And who starts his company with pre-orders like Sono Motors, has it easier. Also in the profit of investors and partners. Sono Motors shows us how it works. With around 700 pre-orders electric cars in the complete starting phase. With the help of crowdfunding. The starting signal from the point of view of the customer in the form of delivery should fall at the end of 2019. Then the sight on the streets becomes normality. Thomas Hausch, the manager of the Newcomer, speaks of a high pressure, with which the production is currently driving.

E-car 2019 by Sono Motors: Range of 250 km

Why does a customer buy to pay for something that does not exist yet? From which no customer can have a review, who pays money for unknown factors? The facts and details speak for themselves. And these are mostly known and also realized.

A look at Sono Motors and their sion-motors

It is a small car with a combined drive from power accumulator and solar cell drive. Both drive forms together achieve a range of 250 km. It will be 260.000 pieces produced in the first production process, mind you in Europe.

How everything started

The core idea was born in 2012. However, as a startup, you also need enough small change, which could be financed by crowdfunding in the years 2016 and 2017. You could use only a computer graphic in the first year. Crowdfunding lured 2016 over 800.000 €, Crowdinvesting 2017 over 2 million euros.

This was able to create the first prototype in 2017. Actually whose two – roding automobiles created function prototypes, in the case of which was worked and constructed. He is just one of the partners who delight you. Detailed work, such as equipment and design, the startup reserved. There are no compromises in terms of security. The goal is to obtain the 4 * NCAP safety standards. Investors are not lacking in the meantime, including the Bollinger Group and the founder of Juwi, an energy service provider.

A look at Sono Motors and their sion-look

The development of the battery and its system takes over ElringKlinger – so also “Made in Germany”. Why you can not quite accurately imagine, lies in the quite wise strategy of the slightly different vehicle manufacturer: you seem to make the technology still tires, as long as it works. In the middle of 2018, the number of pre-order exceeded the 5.000er border and is at 8 at the end of the year.000 Piece arrested. For the time being, there is hardly any deviations in terms of equipment: a color, black, is for the first at least enough.

Centerpiece solar drive – that’s how “Visono” goes?

The body is almost consistently equipped with monocrystalline silicon cells. More specifically, they are at the rear, roof and bonnet. Polycarbonate protects you in the form of a thin layer. Your mode of action is named and protected by the developer as VISONO. A completely new system for individual mobility: 7.5 sqm is the total area of the 330 photovoltaic single modules.

A look at Sono Motors and their sion-motors

Their efficiency is 24%. At the starting point of a climate in Central Europe, an additional range of 34 km is achieved daily for optimal sunshine. A value that is well above the route of 17 kilometers, the professional commuters in Germany averaging the place of work. The annual average will involve 10 km daily.

This supply of solar energy is already included in the range calculation, which is at a total of 250 km. The battery is developed as mentioned above – the company takes time. It is clear that it will be a 35 kWh lithium-ion battery with water cooling. Good thing just needs a while. Although the basics still be determined, the exact model is still unclear.

A look at Sono Motors and their sion-sion

By the way, we speak here of normal household plugs that can be charged. The electric car will be connected to a combined charging system with the plug. This is already tested and is used for example at the VW E-Golf. An integrated charger enables charging in different places, such as the home or workplace. where you can stay enough for a long time. It should also be possible to charge typical household appliances at the car, ie with 2.7 to 22 kW – but closer to the particularly innovative details below.

power. Furnishing. optics.

LED headlights are not commonplace in this surprisingly low price range and are offered as good as nowhere. Here, however, a supplier has already been commissioned, so they are fixed part of the vehicle. The production takes place within Germany. Ambitious and high demands on themselves, which of the Newcomer probably implemented as the highest premise – regionality in the car.

In the future, Sono Motors with the Powertrain division of the German traditional company will build the electric drive unit, the Electric Drive Unit (EDU) for the SION. The partnership between Sono Motors and Continental is created in the long term over the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.

air conditioner. 164 HP (120 kW) – Motor voltage 400 V – Limited top speed at 140 km / h. The number of seats is 5, they are clearly foldable and adjustable. Even if it is a small car, it offers completely normal standards. After all, it is not a small car or bears only the requirements of strictest singles or a “Lonely Wolf” bill.

A look at Sono Motors and their sion-sion

Whether a front drive is implemented is probably probably, but not definitely decided. When folded up can be a volume of 1.250 l in the trunk are reached, otherwise this number is at 650 l. In addition, there is a trailer coupling, which you can do yourself. In any case, this will be charged as extra. ABS, airbags – deactivated in the passenger seat in the case of using a child seat, electric handbrake, alarm system and ESP with drive slip control are mandatory in terms of self-commitment of the startup.

A look at Sono Motors and their sion-sono

The interior appears clearly and not overloaded. Nevertheless, a 10 inch display is part of the cockpit, which provides information about all important processes, such as the loading stand or the VISONO system, the sun upload.

Differently and cheap also in the maintenance – that’s how “resono” goes

An accurate workshop book, which is available online for anyone, allows the owner to make the installation of spare parts. Exploring videos show such a self or a commissioned workshop free choice. No binding to any, long-term freedom at the contracting parties. Price comparison. The savings remains a self.

The modules of energy production are also fair. There is no replacement of the complete system necessary. They are simply glued on the windshield. Looking at the now usus, according to which functions, which are formerly mechanically and today electrically operated, can lead to a financial supergau, and compares this, the decision is simply. An exchange is completely unproblematic and calculated in advance predictable.

Moss as a controller

Yes, you just read right. The humidity is actually controlled by a moss filter and thus by a natural material. Specifically, particulate matter is filtered. It looks like moss. It’s moss. There is no need care or other maintenance. Good for the environment in every way.

A look at Sono Motors and their sion-look

A look at Sono Motors and their sion-sono

And what is “Gosono”?

Via app goes all over today. For example, the supply of electricity to others, at least at Sono Motors. A comparison with a small mobile power plant, which the manufacturer dares to pronounce, is justified in terms of function. Or carsharing. And offering carpooling – or a right-hand search.

Sono Motors – where is the hook?

It is an innovation. Disadvantages are always possible, but also in tried-known models, which suddenly suffered in a certain year of production under later discovered defects. No science offers 100%.

A look at Sono Motors and their sion-sono

However, interesting criticisms, which are designed so, is interesting, as they are actually a matter-of-fact disadvantage can not be removed. Thus, it appears as if there is no adversary or competitor actual attack points. The accusation was, at the prototypes would be “hidden trademarks of the BMW and details of the BMW i3” visible.

This was suggested that the announcements of the company would not be implemented in truth. Exactly considered a borderline procedure. At least there would be a very high damage in such a procedure, which could be brought about knowingly and intentionally. This relevant with criminal law.

Transparency and price catalog at Sono Motors

You will not be delivered here not a seller. Trained word sleeves and commissions were yesterday. Hard facts and explanations will provide the innovator in terms of customer orientation themselves. Namely on his website, where you can apply for a reservation right away. By deposit, the contract is fixed, which will evidently meet the legal requirements. The fourteen-day right of withdrawal is guaranteed there. Test drives are welcome.

How much is he?

The standard price is 16.000 € for the new car, which is only delivered to Bremerhaven for free. Deliveries Elsewhere, of course, require a takeover of additional costs. Not included in the price is the battery. If the model is not yet fixed, no concrete offer is possible. But: Of course, a serious provider announces a highest limit and this covered the price at 4.000 €. You can also lease the battery.

Update from 22. November 2018

The Sion of Sono Motors is 27.5% more expensive. Decisive is the battery price. The 35 kWh battery of the Sion was first with 4.000 Euro priced, has now on 9.500 euros increased. If you add this with the sion from 16.000 Euro – optionally with buying, leasing or rental battery – increases the total price of 20.000 Euro to 25.500 euro.

The last word is not yet spoken. So the Munich start-up wants to calculate the vehicle price, based on cell prices, which prevail again at the time of production on the market.

The warranty is two years or 100.000 km. The production of the vehicle also takes place in Europe – where exactly, the manufacturer does not yet know.

Highest innovation – smallest price: How is that possible?

New ways Sono Motors goes here. And in favor of the customer. Cheaper new weals would be a completely different league than the highest innovation, in which he properly “mixed”. The long-term internal reflex “new functions – high price” is now considered obsolete.

That it goes differently shows a litigation actually: you give prices adequately. Thus, it is lightweight components which contribute to a special longevity – a key factor in the price-performance ratio, which will be recognizable in many years. In addition, older components use renowned car makers who are legally protected – unique in electric cars.

Sono Motors manufactures in former Saab plant in Sweden: Cost and CO2 emissions saving

After announcing the series design of Sono Motors at the beginning of March, the company said that the first serial Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) was manufactured in Sweden. Thus, the first generation of the Sion of National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) should be produced at the Trollhattan site.

Sono Motors benefits their own statement that NEVS is an expert in electromobility and enriched the start-up with many years of experience in development and production. Together, you have developed a new production line that can be integrated with little effort into the existing factory.

Sono Motors stresses, with regard to European production that this contributes to achieving two of the most important corporate goals: “Building a resource-saving and efficient supply chain at a fair price.”The production in Sweden is decisive. Alone because of the symbol effect of the country, which will do without the use of burners from 2030 and to receive its electricity from 100% renewable energy sources by 2040.

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10 thoughts on “A look at Sono Motors and their sion”

  1. The Sion necessarily requires a heated steering wheel, especially in the winter season, the Sion loses a lot of reach when the heating must be removed to temper the icicle-cold steering wheel with the warm blower wind. It becomes dangerously, if it is very frosty outside and the left blower channel is needed to dry the left driver washer. You have to drive at the end with the ice-cold steering wheel. Even broken windows are already preprogrammed.

    How does the Sion behave when the charging flap of users is opened by app and will not be closed again? And then even rain and snow penetrates into the loading technique, then the damage is preprogrammed! Who is liable and gives guarantee? This can quickly go into the thousands of euros.

    Sono Motors makes it way too easy and behaves like a female market man, it will be collected money on devil-come out. Danced with the money of “believers” as with so many church institutions too.

    I hope that Nissan, Kia and Hyundai continue to conquer the German market and not with “believers” further only money a ham star and offer nothing hand and foot has.

    German companies eggs rum, as we are used to. So I do not sit on Sono Motors, the LaBabbers and Labber .. like our politicians in the Bundestag too.

  2. Hello Sebastian,
    You can carry out thoughts, but that does not bring anything if there is a misconception in practice (result).
    Sono Motors has many thoughts without seeing the result ” .
    Many professions work according to the same logic, it will be a problem (illness) discovered but the cause is never looked at. In the auto industry you earn very strongly if something is not running around at all and continuously broken or broken. broken.
    Can Sono Motors a workshop partner in Europe ? Who ? I do not know any reasonable workshop chains that make really good work on average, throughout Europe. This shows the TV samples running on TV.
    And the free workshops are not guaranteed to repair a son that lights up every normal thinking person. Sono Motors talks all in the press super nice, more not.

  3. Hello Sebastian,
    Your report makes me very suspicious.

    Write up
    “Thomas Hausch, the manager of the Newcomer, speaks of a high pressure, with which the production is currently driving forward.”
    and it follows in the further course of your report, which is actually not yet set at Sono Motors for Sion / Final.

    How to drive a production with high pressure, where many trades / functions such as Z.B. Drive axle / battery are not final yet?

    It is certainly needed on a vehicle like the Sion, but only to be part of a mapsmunity without the concrete of Sono Motors is too little. The construction model, which could be driven, is far from a final, serious solution.

  4. Sono Motors does not manage it and will go broke:

    1. Legal warranty and the manufacturer’s volunteer warranty can not be asserted by the consumer as so far with a car dealership of his trust.
    2. Sono Motor has many employees who do not have a car, possibly no driver’s license, everything is only leaned on paper and PC’s apps without real practical experience.
    3. The money is literally spurred as it is taken .

    Conclusion: One should not spend much money for a car concerns that the sion is ultimately cheap in the purchase, but the important customer services are literally tossed and nebulised.
    Nissan, Kia and Hyundai score here with bravur. Many give 8 years warranty on the battery and 5 years on the vehicle itself.
    Please look at the Sono Motor’s concept “sober” and do not let DE 16000 Euro (without battery) at Sono Motors blend, that is only half the truth that is sold.

  5. Hello Marwin,

    The dealership of my trust ..
    … has sold seeing eye diesel car – which did not correspond to the environmental guidelines – and customers deceive. The car does not voluntarily take back.
    So I have never trusted in car dealerships.

  6. Uniti Cars – Sweden and Sono Motors – Munich, like many other new market participants in automotive construction, the first concepts contemplated with the completely new platform concepts:

    No brand workshop more – because they are no longer needed for electro-mobility. There is no technique that must be kept secret and no expensive brands typical employee training programs more.

    In the past, employees were trained in the past to argue the customer, which he actually does not know and can not find out: the design-related defects in engine control, fuel injection, piston seal, exhaust gas management, exhaust gas purification, u.v.m.

    Similar to computers, open systems for hardware and software for universal repair-friendliness will continue to provide much higher quality standards.

    An electric drive has no gearbox – a huge source of error less –
    has a greater mileage around 6-10 times (the motors are extremely stable, maintenance-free and practice tested), the power transfer takes place directly – that is in the drive axle – without gears, drive strips, chains etc.
    The control is recorded via the Internet. (See Tesla, Renault Zoe u.a.)

    There is no workshop for all these things.
    The rest: tires, brakes, suspension etc. Can really get every free workshop in the same quality at much better prices (A.T.U., Pit-Stop, even small free master companies work brands across.

    Other vehicle electronics are from Bosch, A.T.U. u.a. expertly done.

    The market will look completely different in 7-10 years.

    By contrast, no herb has grown.

    Further innovation drivers in the market will be plastics on plant-based, which in Ca. 5 years wide parts of today’s body and interior control, significantly more stable and crash-test-safer than everything that exists today. You have to be able to measure a 6. Take in the rating.

  7. Well, this Marwin goes somewhat across the vegetable garden. His songs about the South Korean do not witness to much national pride of Germany. The AMIS and Japanese have brought the Koreans to the feet because they produced there cheaper. Each 2. Chevi does not come from the USA in the Far East but also by Korea. let
    But continue the Sono S in Munich times. If only a dwarf of E. Musk are, such people we need urgent in Europe. As “Family Fima – Paton S Rat”, you should certainly keep the costs under control and immediately set 30 vehicles of the final version in traffic from customers. Quiet abroad, so the Erlkonige
    be less. But maybe they already do that …….

  8. I can not really understand the comments. I have reserved with 500 € a Sion which I hope I get when the time has come. This idea is basically ideal for the routes I have to drive and many others every day. If I can no longer get my sion from any reason, I have already spent usage of 500 €. But as mentioned has been mentioned, let’s wait a bit and I think there will be some wonders ………

  9. I hope Sono packs it. The car is awesome. However, nothing for “ego’s”. They even disturb the form of an exterior mirror.
    Also the new price is a bargain. Politics (I would inquire with Mr. Scheuer) should the first 10000 in any case assure the e-auto premium. That would be the first reasonable sign that would expect from these generations of transport ministers!

  10. Well, it will be back soon for 3 months.Good if now would be a final version
    to see from the new producer. Mercedes and Tesla can sell a car that nobody has seen. Sono would have to attach something to the strategy of Mikrolino and EGO. With mystery crime it is slowly over.


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