ABB introduces the world’s fastest charging station for e-vehicles

ABB introduces the world's fastest charging station for e-vehicles-charging

The new Ultra Schnelladestation Terra 360 from ABB sets standards at the E-Car. Due to a dynamic energy distribution, it is possible to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. The maximum charging power of the charging station is indicated up to 360 kW. This should be sufficient that every E-car is fully charged in a maximum of 15 minutes. At least in this respect this is able to absorb so much energy.

Frank Muehlon, Head of the ABB Division Emobility, indicates that the Terra 360 charging station with its charging options for a wide variety of requirements is able to start quickly, conveniently and easily charging. Thus “to accelerate the acceptance of electromobility worldwide.”The charging station is certainly also in the corporate environment of ABB, because these gifts with the presentation of the Terra 360 to understand that you have the entire own fleet of more than 10.000 vehicles electrify and operate emission-free wool.

Already from the end of 2021, the charging station in Europe is used. From 2022 then in the US, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. How to show up, the charging station sets a well-thought-out lighting system that keeps the user up to date during the charging process. In addition, this indicates the state of charge of the battery and the remaining time until the end of an optimal charging process. The fastest electric charger in the world is also accessible to wheelchair users and has an ergonomic cable management system that supports the drivers to connect their vehicle quickly and without much effort.

Especially for companies, petrol stations, shops and shopping centers, the fact should be that the Terra 360 charging stations can be fully designed individually. Customers can personalize the appearance by using different films or changing the color of the LED light strips. In addition, it is possible to install an integrated 27-inch screen for playing videos and images.

Who deals with the e-mobility that will quickly realize that the maximum charging power appears at first glance something about ambitious. Because current electric cars are not yet able to obtain such a performance. Vehicles at the top of the charging power, such as the Porsche Toycan and Audi E-Tron GT, bring it up to 270 kW, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 to 220 kW. ABB is aware of this, but one has decided consciously to go in advance.

ABB has been active since 2010 at the electromobility market and has more than 460 to this day.000 charging stations for electric vehicles sold in over 88 markets, including more than 21.000 DC fast charging stations and 440.000 AC charging stations, including the products sold via Changotot.

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4 thoughts on “ABB introduces the world’s fastest charging station for e-vehicles”

  1. If it helps the hecticians and brings more E cars to the street, then it should be right to me.

    For trucks is 1 MW (1.000 kW) The speech and there should be charder robots because of the heavy cable.

  2. Medium to long term the problem is not the capacity of the charging station. There is nothing so difficult to divert so much electricity. The problem is the strength of the supply line in many places. If you have a few such charging stations at a larger location, then you quickly get on MW leads. There we are not even the places to be able to load dozens of e-trucks in one hour. This quickly costs a few million only for the supply line. In addition, the underlying network and the electricity supplier must be able to cope with this performance. This will really engage us in the future.

  3. The competition is already 500kW since 2019 and which the new E-cars from China can also use to load in 8min fully. Since we will land somewhere on the highway too. The run on ever larger batteries is sometime every time because simply is not economical. I’m curious when Europeans are so far.

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