About the State of Things at Sono Motors – talking to Jona Christians

About the State of Things at Sono Motors - talking to Jona Christians-state

Jona Christians, founder and CEO of Sono Motors, was a guest in the current podcast episode and allows electric car news.Net a look behind the scenes of the start-up and the current development phase of the Solar Electric Vehicle Sion. In addition to the question where is you come, where do you want, we have exchanged with the new business areas of solar integration as well as carsharing. Jona arranges these as more pillars in everyday business, but it also understands that the focus is still on the Sion.

Here he also gives ways directly in the first phase of the conversation and conveys that NEVs – the Swedish contract manufacturer of Sono Motors – though carried out by the financial problems of the main owner of Evergrande restructurings, but does not change the plans and the timeline for the Sion. The preparations of production facilities for pre-production production in 2022 and the Sion series production in the first half of 2023 are already scheduled, so Jona. Furthermore, in this context, he represents the next prototype generation in the first half of 2022, which then does not come to the road with two prototypes – as before, but directly with 40 E vehicles.

These will then be a step closer to the series as it is the current prototype generation. The start-up again benefits from one and a half summer tour in 2021, where the faithful community could reinstate suggestions for improvement and criticism. A fundamentally valuable means from the point of view of Jonah to develop a vehicle that suits the market and its requirements. Especially the own community has already contributed a lot to the previous state of the Sion. Whereby the company has raised the integration of its own fans through the creation of a separate community advisory board again to the next level, as the co-founder can show.

In addition to the Sion as one of the columns of the company Sono Motors now relies on two more columns, which in the future lead to revenue for the start-up. Both find their origins in the Sion and were developed out of this. So it is the goal of Sono Motors to develop a car that uses the benefits of solar energy and is fully suitable for everyday use. To achieve this, the company has developed its own technology, which differs mainly by integrating the cells into the body. The Munich provider of solarmobility plans to transfer its flexible solar modules to a variety of platforms, including on vans of Man Truck & Bus. This could allow a new kind of energy-efficient mobility that could still counteract weak dissemination of charging stations for e-vehicles.

According to Jona, it should be possible that the Sion refers its energy for the typical inner city commuter track (16 km) only from the built-in solar modules. In practice, it would only be necessary to load the stromer once in eight weeks to collect the typical commuter route. A comparable stromer, with the same battery requires four charging operations over the same period. Quite an announcement.

Carsharing will be another important pillar for Sono Motors. Not only for the Sion, but also other E cars that rely on the offer of Munich start-ups. This is controlled in practice everything about their app. In the app you set a user group that has access to the vehicle. Here you can see where the car is and when it is available. The group sets a fare and the billing takes place for each participant in the background. Sono Motors takes care of the insurance.

The sharing function is not limited to specific manufacturers or drive types. Theoretically every car can be shared. Practically, there are still some limitations, especially if no access to the telemetry function is given. At the Renault Zoe, the integration is easy, but not yet possible for several VW models. A dongle at the OBD2 connection ensures the connection to the app. Then the vehicle can be opened via a smartphone. The key can stay in the vehicle for all participants. If the interface for Sono Motors is closed, the groups must be used with a physical key collection, for example a key resist near the vehicle.

We also have the topic of bidirectional loading, the development of its own wallbox and here again the inclusion of the community. But best, you listen to the podcast yourself and learn from Jona first-hand. It is worth it.

You are welcome to send me questions about e-mobility by mail, which deal with you in everyday life. The answer to it could also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, reviews, comments and co. Of course I am happy. So gladly, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And about a positive rating, at the podcast provider of your choice, I am of course very happy! thank you.

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4 thoughts on “About the State of Things at Sono Motors – talking to Jona Christians”

  1. Hi. Everyone is always talking only about the average commuter level. Here 16km. That may apply to a big city but with us in the country it is more than 50km easy. Or you park in a covered parking garage or backyard without sun. 16km is not a commuter track but rather a route where you can do shopping. I do not know where these numbers come from. Since 2017, I drive a BMW i3 with Range Extender. For me the only concept that works. Gladly with bioethanol and coupled with the heating. In winter that would be really helpful. Or for trips with trailers and for my 215km simple ride to work. I am a commuter.- 26kW Peak Photovoltaic roof modules. 48V 775Ah forklift battery as power storage. This allows 100km to load overnight.

  2. Nevs himself do not know what will happen to them. Your Chinese branch has set the payment of employees and suppliers. Northvolt is interested in the empty factory in Trollhattan to produce batteries.

  3. Great hope in German startups was once.
    Much too late comes a concept on the market that has already been overtaken.
    There is no lobby for e-mobility here. Therefore, a nation overtakes us, which first and then look, it was good.
    So a virtue of the FRG from the 60.70, 80s.
    Unfortunately, all over, because of less nationalists, more globel players.
    In short, I give the Sion maybe 10% chances of success.


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