Accident at the US electric car maker with autopilot: burn two people

Another horror crash

Tesla accident: burning two people, nobody was at the wheel

Accident at the US electric car maker with autopilot: burn two people-burn
Screenshot: KPRC2 Worse Tesla crash with two dead in Texas

The electric car maker Tesla threatens a new debate about security measures in his autopilot system and batteries after a deadly crash, in which probably nobody was at the wheel. Two people burned again.

In Texas, a Tesla raced against a tree with two inmates, both died in the fire – the police found one of the men in the passenger seat and one in the back seat. After preliminary investigations, it was "almost 99.9 percent certain that nobody had been at the wheel in the accident, a police spokesman told the" Wall Street Journal "among other things. The car burned out. The deadly fire crash is the latest in a long series in the USA and other countries. The fire of the high -inflammatory batteries spread so quickly that all help was too late for the vehicle occupants.A fatal fire crash in East Germany recently passed . Here, too, the Tesla went up so quickly that first aiders could do anything.

Tesla: autopilot as an Achilles heel

Tesla himself points out the customers that autopilot is only an assistance system and therefore man in the driver’s seat must always keep their hands on the steering wheel at any time. He should always be ready to take control. But people have been on the Internet of people who leave the driver’s seat in road traffic for years.

Tesla tightened the security measures a few years ago: The software notices when the driver does not have his hands at the wheel and after a short time there will be warning tones. If the warnings are ignored, the system switches off. The US accident investigation authority NTSB criticized the precautions as inadequate and the name Autopilot as misleading. The NHTSA road traffic authority examines around two dozen earlier accidents with the autopilot system switched on.

Tesla rams the police: teenagers in the back seat accuse autopilot

Accident at the US electric car maker with autopilot: burn two people-accident

Site Tesla rams the police: teenagers in the back seat accuse autopilot

The local broadcaster KPRC 2 reported that the Tesla in Texas was just a few hundred meters away from the house from which the two men started, crashed into the tree. The police restricted that it was not yet clear whether autopilot had been involved at the time of the accident. Tesla should have the data to determine that. In the case of earlier accidents, the carmaker was able to say in part how many seconds before the drivers’ impact had moved the steering wheel last.

In earlier autopilot accidents, two cars in the United States rush under saddle tractors, several cars drove up to standing vehicles or other obstacles. So far, however, no accidents have been known in which the driver’s seat remained empty.

Tesla boss: fewer accidents with autopilot?

Tesla and company boss Elon Musk always emphasize that the statistics show that significantly fewer accidents happened overall when the drivers were on the move with the autopilot system switched on. In the United States, the company is preparing the introduction of new functions such as the automatic detection of traffic light signals and traffic signs as well as observing right of way rules in the city. So far, some users can test the skills in a beta version of the software.

Tesla calls this next evolution of autopilot "Full Self-Driving" (such as: completely self-driving), while according to common criteria it remains only an assistance system. This name also caused criticism. Tesla buyers were able to book the "Full Self-Driving" package for several thousand dollars years ago.

Autopilot fails? Tesla races unchecked in overturned trucks on the motorway in Taiwan

Accident at the US electric car maker with autopilot: burn two people-autopilot

Cameraone Autopilot fails? Tesla races unchecked in overturned trucks on the motorway in Taiwan

Savers need more than 100.000 liters of water

Musk wants to make the system fit for full -fledged autonomous driving over time. Years ago he prospect that Teslas could earn money as robotaxis if the owner did not need them. His forecast that it could be so far as early as 2020 turned out to be much too optimistic.

Musk is convinced that Teslas can be made autonomous solely with the help of cameras and radar sensors. Most developers of self -driving cars, on the other hand, also rely on more expensive laser radars that capture the area around the vehicle.

In the accident in Harris County in Texas, a problem with electric cars became clear at the weekend. According to a local channel, the fire brigade used more than 100.000 liters of water because the batteries repeatedly inflamed themselves.

Battery fires on electric cars: No chance of rescue

In addition to the autopilot, the batteries of the Tesla electricity are a problem. Again and again there were extremely fast and hardly manageable fires in various models from the US manufacturer – both after accidents and as a result of self -inflammation at charging stations or without charging cables in garages.Experts argue about how big the fire risk of the electricity is actually. Among other things, Tesla always claims that their cars would burn much less often than gasoline vehicles. Some studies confirm this. Others, on the other hand, do not, such as the IIHS report of the US insurers via vehicles from the model year 2016 to 2018. In relation to the registration figures, it became apparent: The Elektro-SUV Tesla Model X burned much more frequently than a Porsche Cayenne, The fire risk after Jeep Renegade was the number two of the risk list. The Limousine Tesla Model S is worse than a Mercedes E-Class.

City blocked underground car park for electric cars

Insurance experts from the Alliance point out that the fire risk always correlates with age and therefore there would be no meaningful data in the still young electric cars. Therefore, they assume that the risk will adapt to that of hybrids and petrol or diesel cars over time. A few months ago, two cities in southern Germany have banned entry for electric cars in underground garages. The main headlines made the preliminary ban in the city of Kulmbach. Politicians, including the city’s CSU parliamentary group, then put pressure on the block. Security concerns are not a reason for entry bans, since experts would have noticed that there are no increased risks.

Brand series, recalls and accidents

In view of the rapidly growing but still manageable share of electrical and hybrid cars on German roads towards childhood diseases of technology. A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Transport told Site: "Since the beginning of 2018, there have been 20 recalls in the area of responsibility of the KBA in connection with the Hochvoltakku, or. the high -voltage system (cable, charging electronics etc.) stand." Not always, but often it is literally about fire -dangerous defects. Some examples of recalls or incidents of the past few months:

  • VW: In addition to recalls at the VW e-up, however, only a few vehicles were affected, the brand new plug-in hybrid of the Golf 8 only made headlines a few days ago. During the trip, the battery apparently caught fire in a place in Hesse. The regional newspaper HNA reports: "The Golf was on fire within a few seconds. The two occupants could just save themselves outdoors. Local residents who had become aware of the explosion on the vehicle fire due to the bang of the explosion immediately alerted the fire brigade." The car had only 300 kilometers on the speedometer.
  • ford: Calls were pronounced several times this year for the Ford Kuga. Affected: almost 33.000 vehicles worldwide. Ford finally had to impose a sales stop for the car. Cause: Fire risk when charging.
  • General Motors: In mid -November, 66 were worldwide.Called back 000 of the type Chevrolet Bolt and warned before charging. The German sister model Opel Ampera-e is also affected. Cause of the recall: fireglefahr.
  • Audi: With the model "E-tron" there was already recall in 2019, shortly after delivery of the car. The trigger is a possibly incorrect seal through which moisture could get into the battery system – short -circuit and fire risk here too. A few months ago, a young woman burned in an electric audi after an accident, but it is still unclear what exactly the cause of the fire was; It should have nothing to do with the recall.
  • BMW : Because of technical problems, the Munich team had to call back thousands of plug-in hybrids. Cause: fire risk.
  • Tesla: After several fatal fire accidents and individual cases of self-inflammation of the batteries, the Americans adapted the software of the Model S in parked cars. This also had an impact on performance and range. Tesla does not consider it necessary to replace the batteries itself.
  • Street scooter: According to Site, the post office has various problems with the technology of the e-transporter, which also led to recalls.

In addition, there are always reports on house fires that are triggered by electric or hybrid vehicles during the loading.

Hyundai Ioniq Elektro in the test: consumption record and 8.000 euros discount

Accident at the US electric car maker with autopilot: burn two people-electric

Site Hyundai Ioniq Elektro in the test: consumption record and 8.000 euros discount

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    You can’t describe it otherwise. That was probably 2 very bright lanterns, all of which everyone … Serious. No pity for it. I suspect it will not be the last. However, it also does not understand why Tesla can and may advertise… The topic of autonomous driving can confidently bend for the next 20 years, at least if you want to work. Why don’t you take a taxi right away, if you can’t/do not want to drive yourself?

  2. 16.04.2021
    In the night of Friday, an electric car from the Tesla brand burned in Hins Beck – and that twice. Shortly after 1 a.m. the fire brigade was alerted. The fire trucks Hinsbeck and Lobberich moved out that they were in action until 6 a.m. The problem with electric cars: Even a vehicle that has already been deleted can ignite again. That was also the case now, the Tesla was completely destroyed. Since the car was close to the house, the fire threatened to overlap on the building. The fire brigade was able to prevent this, but it penetrated into the basement. Fire chief Leo Thoenissen is happy that this fire occurred outside and not in an underground car park.

  3. Clever! Clever???
    At the end of the article a number of links to recalls from other manufacturers due to the risk of fire… Funny that Tesla himself is not there and the other competitors were not so striking at least in the media. But this is actually Tesla: problems are talked about, features are deliberately given misleading names. The warning is then in the small print, the systems cannot do what the name promises. I think a non-American manufacturer already has billions of laws.

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    Reality of the self -driving and e cars.So this is what the future looks like on the streets?Vehicles that lawn even against the wall?Vehicles that cannot be deleted? Well thanks too.As long as data security is not guaranteed, I would not get into such a self -driving bomb.

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    Yes yes, the German can make anti-advertising for competitive products again. The fact is that the car owner wanted to test his vehicle (learn from a different source). A very stupid idea not to be able to intervene yourself. Sometimes I think that is typical American… As in the case of the "Audis and Mercedes, which are released by themselves"… What have the Americans tried to do the process for the Germans ! Extacts with water also also go with exactly exactly exactly. Dummer never works.

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    Actually, vehicles that have installed such a system, do not simply shut down until the problems are fixed. Also goes with other systems. With the electric car you make it felt like political exceptions. If there is no chance of leaving the vehicle in the event of a battery border, then the vehicle must not be operated until the problem is fixed. If accidents have happened through these assistance systems because people think the cars could drive autonomously, then such systems must be switched off. Unfortunately, political pressure is in the wrong direction here too.

  7. No oxygen – no combustion
    The topic of the cell fire during charging could be remedied by depositing the battery cells in one or more vaccination chambers in the underbody, because where there is no oxygen, there is no burn there. For those who think that air could penetrate over time: installation of a compressor that compensates for this again in the event of vacuum reduction.

  8. It works like that and not so
    Since a Li battery brown brings everything it needs to get himself. When it comes to heating, oxygen creates that then leads to the battery even without external oxygen. Otherwise lithium would not burn under water. PS: The temperatures could also reach 2000 ° C. So what material should the vacuum chamber be made of that it does not melt?

  9. Interested only a few
    The Tesla municipality will take note of this collateral damage, not more either. You have a plan, because you don’t let such an accident take the courage to continue. Technology is made by humans, there will always be problems, so my life is too valuable for me to jump on this train. In the simulator it all looks so relaxed, life outside has other surprises ready. Well, this "autonomous" Driving will probably accompany it even longer, even if you notice that it is a dead end you invest resources, has something from "Quatsch Comedy Club".

  10. Oh well
    Who will seriously believe that, despite all the advertising statements, that is full of autonomous driving is reality. Nobody. That’s ok too. If new techniques come, then there must be a Ubergamga phase in which you cannot put the brain in the trunk of a car. Anyone who calls here now that such a technique is not at all. Deployment should come, which is also far from reality. Each. it is also clear in other areas that it is not possible without risks. But it is also important that not everything that is technically possible is used in public space without reasonable risk abswagjng. However, I believe that the military, IT, medicine use/test techniques that have the scope that would surprise us all, should it be communicated publicly today.

  11. Although I’m really not a Teslafan..
    If they have said, if that is clear that you cannot take your hands off the tax. However, they do not have to constantly suggest to people that their cars would actually drive alone. They don’t do that and do not become either. I doubt whether there will ever be admission to a vehicle that is going on on our streets alone. The one who wants to answer this is not yet born. What I have from an expensive system where I always have to leave my hands at the wheel and practically still has to drive myself.


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