Accident in Los Angeles: Model S spectacularly wrecked


Model S spectacularly wrecked

Accident in Los Angeles: Model S spectacularly wrecked-wrecked

A police officer examines the place of devastation: A Tesla Model S crashed into a house wall after a wild chase through Los Angeles

Source: AP / RV SEP ** NY **

One of the famous electric sedans was stolen in Los Angeles and then driven against a wall at 160 km / h. The Model S was wedged between a residential building and a synagogue.

D.he hunt ended with an accident: a stolen Tesla Model S caused a serious traffic accident in Los Angeles. Six people were injured and at least as many cars were damaged. A kinked traffic light mast is also part of the devastating balance. The property damage runs into the millions.

Previously, the police had delivered a wild chase with the driver of the electric sedan. The man had stolen the Model S from the parking lot of a dealer who called the police.

While on the run, the man first rammed a patrol car, injuring two officers. But the car thief was not impressed by it. According to police estimates, he raced through the city at about 160 km / h until he lost control of the vehicle, hit a traffic light pole and hit several cars.

The Tesla came to a stop in a crack in the house next to a synagogue, almost completely cut in two. The car caught fire immediately. The exploding lithium-ion batteries can still be seen in the police video recognize. Around 25 firefighters were busy with the extinguishing work.

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