Accident research: does our driver’s license come with detention?


Also with us comes the driver‘s license with detention?

Accident research: does our driver's license come with detention?-research

In order to reduce the number of accidents involving novice drivers, the accident researchers at the insurers have come up with suggestions for better training young drivers. Pictured: the EU leaderno

Source: Anja Eggert

Around a third of all motorists killed are new drivers. According to accident researchers, this can change through modified training.

Junge drivers have a particularly high risk of accidents. Improvements in driver training could reduce it significantly. Insurers’ accident research (UDV) has now developed corresponding proposals in a study.

The experts reject a higher number of driving hours alone. Rather, a multi-phase driver training is proposed. After the actual driving test, there is a feedback drive with the driving instructor every one to three months. Then there is driver safety training with a supervised group discussion. The conclusion is a new feedback drive six to twelve months later.

The model is the training system in Austria. After the introduction of similar measures, accidents with personal injuries among young drivers have decreased by 30 percent. In Germany, a total of 508 car drivers aged between 18 and 24 died in 2010 – this corresponded to almost a third of all car drivers killed.

In addition to the multi-level driver training, the accident researchers propose further measures. Driving instructors should therefore be better trained and driving schools should be subjected to quality management. In addition, a stronger local reference is required; Driver instructors should include risky routes in the area more in their driver training.

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