According to the judgment: Prices fall off for diesel cars

"Nobody will want it"

First figures show: With diesel cars, the prices are now placing massive

According to the judgment: Prices fall off for diesel cars-prices
dpa/Daniel Naupold/Illustration With diesel cars, the prices are now crazy

The judgment of the Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig already has an effect: impending driving bans let the prices for used diesel crash. An end of the trend is not in sight for the time being – on the contrary.

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"In the next few weeks, the prices for used diesel are likely to go into the basement," warns industry expert Ferdinand DudenhOffer. His expert colleague Stephan Bratzel confirmed that the prices had gone downhill in the bidding debate: “That should accelerate with the judgment.“The consumers would probably have to live with the losses when selling their old cars, he speculates. “The note with the cold expropriation is already a bit."

Up to 15 percent loss of value

If you get rid of your diesel with the Euro 5 or older emissions standard. According to the latest numbers of the diesel barometer of the German Automobil Treuhand (DAT), the standing times of the cars at the retailers have increased to almost four months while the residual values fall at the same time. "They are flat, nobody will want them," judges DudenhOffer.

According to numbers from the German Automobile Treuhand (DAT), the residual values of three -year -old used cars with a diesel engine last December by 3.4 percentage points to 52.6 percent of the former List recovery prize. The loss of value in older diesel cars will even reach up to 15 percent, estimates the motor vehicle industry in the southwest. And according to the Central Association of the German Motor Vehicle Trade.000 Euro 5 diesel cars.


The judgment is "the beginning of the end of the diesel"

What should also put pressure on the diesel: DudenhOffer assumes rising leasing rates for cars with a diesel engine, and as a result, other customers are likely to avert. Bit by bit, the car industry will then return diesel production, at most in the heavy and trendy city off-road vehicles, in his opinion, large diesel engines with the Euro 6d emissions standard will remain. For DudenhOffer, the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court is “the beginning of the end of the diesel."

The “Financial Times” has already reported that the Italian-American car company Fiat Chrysler says goodbye to the diesel engine. "No comment," it said from the group. The US Chancellery Hausfeld, which represents VW customers in the exhaust gas scandal, asked the world’s largest car manufacturer to take back approved “Schummel-Diesel” in Germany. Volkswagen argues that you are contributing with clean Euro 6 diesel engines and software updates, which are installed at around 2.25 million euro 5 diesel cars in Germany, a sustainable reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions.

Petrol engine with particle filters, 48-volt hybrids and electric cars are now announced

The question remains what the diesel owners can do now. "Eye to and through", advises DudenhOffer. If you sell now, you will find it difficult to find a buyer. If you want to buy another car, you should choose a petrol engine with a particle filter, a 48-volt hybrid or an electric car. Bratzel, on the other hand, makes it clear: “The frustration is enormous."


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"No one buys"-this is how car dealers react when you address the diesel scandal (video)

"No one buys"-this is how car dealers react when you address the diesel scandal

According to the judgment: Prices fall off for diesel cars-according

Site "No one buys"-this is how car dealers react when you address the diesel scandal


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11 thoughts on “According to the judgment: Prices fall off for diesel cars”

  1. If you don’t want to run yourself
    Then create pollutants. Although even when we run, we create fine dust. If 85 million … Germans go together a lot comes together. So running in today’s form would have to be banned. But the environmental organizations are still behind.

  2. When
    The auto industry in the FRG is weakened, the entire economy in Germany is weakened . Why do you make such nonsense ???????

  3. Future sleepy?
    Germany’s carmaker not only lied and cheated. You have simply overslept the technological future. Toyota and Renault have been relying on electrical and hybrid technology for years. You have been on the board of directors of VW Daimler and Co. Leaning back and the signals are overlooked, because unlike in other European cities in which it also stinks tremendously, measuring stations are available everywhere. Trend reversal not necessary. Ideas for new mobility not necessary. The federal government always held the protective hand over the industry, if only because of the over one million jobs.And in the meantime, an environmental aid that is sponsored by Toyota is to shrink the German automotive industry.

  4. And tomorrow or tomorrow. the day after tomorrow …
    …If any eco -association or institute finds that petrol engines are the purest CO2 slingshots, the climate killer par excellence. So next that comes out for all petrol engines. And the day after tomorrow "detected", that electric cars are true electrosmog giants that, with their high -voltage systems, expose the inmates and the environment to a highly health -hazardous magnetic fields – and what then ???

  5. Keep calm and choose properly
    If you drive a diesel, you shouldn’t be crazy. The GROKO and especially the Greens/ Left want to expropriate German drivers. You shouldn’t put up with that. There is no reasonable reason to spoil diesel vehicles. There is also no exhaust gas base. The Germans can only be removed under price so that it continues in Africa for many years. So diesel vehicles are not gone, only where else. And their exhaust gas is not elsewhere either. Everything is political hypocrisy. And you can control this with your voting behavior.

  6. If the previous fine dust badges
    And environmental zones with all of their bureaucracy have only brought relief within the standard deviation (one could also speak of 0 % discharge), as you think you can achieve an improvement in air quality through new environmental badges or driving bans? It all seems very much like a satire that has become true.

  7. Nobody?
    The rest of the world, especially south and east of us, our hands rub over the inexpensive good cars. The KAT is still silent there and then driven with the car spurned with us for a long time. Also a form of development aid.

  8. Nox
    Comparable to the upper limit regarding mass flooding with migrants, the cities should be one "Breathing NOx upper limit" introduce. There could also be due to EU law or that couldn’t be possible?

  9. The whole game is no longer in hypocrisy
    outbid. Since citizens do not buy electric cars voluntarily, you play over the gang like in many other areas. One "instructed" an institution in this case the "Duv", If this complaints, a judge, of course, decides by chance for the ban on the dies "Poor government" then unfortunately nothing can do and must this "evil judgment" implement. It can hardly be more hypocritical. After the diesel you can put the clock after it "Scandal" will give the petrol engine as long until you banish the combustion engine from road traffic. Nothing more than a pure economic war against the nuclear industry of D. In any case, every city that locks me out will lose me as a buyer and permanently !!!!

  10. The market for diesel car collapses
    However, that should not be surprisingly after the prices have crashed in the past few months. And it gets worse. As soon as the blue badge comes – and despite the fiber from Disaster Merkel, it will come – all vehicles that none are only received with worthless soils that can at best be shared to Eastern Europe. Since even corporate customers no longer buy diesel, the entire diesel market will collapse.

  11. Nonsense, nothing becomes cheaper
    Only petrol engines have drastically expensive because their demand increases. As long as German ministers publicly comment on judgment, and do not want to recognize any need for action in the implementation of the Leipzig judgment, as long as the car manufacturers will also be the problems sitting out. The dealers probably want very high prices for diesel cars, as can be easily recognized on common portals.


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