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At the presentation of the new corporate strategy by 2030, Volkswagen announced that the group will use Android Automotive as a operating system from 2023.

However, this should apparently only serve as an interim solution until Volkswagen presents the second generation of his own software. The first version like that in the VW ID.3 from our test video still suffers from some teething problems.

The software of electric cars increasingly focuses on. While industry leader Tesla with its regular, largely automatic over-the-air updates indicates the sound, other manufacturers are a little more difficult with in-house developments. It was the same with the market launch of the VW ID.3, in which the Wolfsburg car manufacturer still had to deal with some teething problems.

Now the Mobiflip news portal reports that Volkswagen has also revealed new details about the software of its electric cars when presenting his corporate strategy by 2030. You are currently with the MEB models, to which the ID.3 heard in software version 1.1. In 2025 it should be with version 2.0 give a uniform platform for all vehicles of the Volkswagen Group-however, in between, from 2023, there should be version 1.2 Add an intermediate step.

This version is based on Android Automotive and should be used in the Audi and Porsche vehicles from 2023. However, the car manufacturer is obviously not entirely right largely, only in one of the foils in the presentation of the corporate strategy the name was also found.

According to Automotive News, Volkswagen announced a few months ago that they wanted to measure themselves against Android Auto, but actually the car manufacturer also wanted to face the software giant. Now it is said that Android will be used and there will be an app store of a third-party provider. According to Mobiflip, this could mean the Google Play Store.

Android Automotive should be in 2023 together with the IM "Artemis project" developed PPE platform in the Porsche Macan and Audi Q6 E-Tron start. However, everything indicates that the use of Android Auto is only an intermediate step until VW 2025 version 2.0 presented of his own software.

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