ACE: “One million electric vehicles is Eyeview instead of success”


To the Joint Press Release of Federal Minister of Transport Scheuer, Federal Minister of Economic Minister Altmaier and Federal Environment Minister Schulze entitled “For the first time, a million electric vehicles on German roads” explains the ACE, Germany’s second largest car Club: “There is no reason to celebrate a million electric cars on Germany’s roads. The truth is: only 54 percent are actually vehicles with battery electric drive (BEV). Commercial vehicles are also taken into account in this proportion. The target stipulated in the 2009/2010 Federal Government, until 2020 will drive over a million battery-powered cars on German roads’, is missing, “says Stefan secretly, chairman of the ACE, the press release right.

On the strategy of rapidly increase the proportion of battery electrical vehicles, secretly proposes a three-point plan: First, the promotion of plug-in hybrids (PHEV) must be terminated. “Especially company cars are almost never loaded externally or even driven. In addition, the operating costs fail significantly higher because two drives must be serviced. Phev is combustion technology in the electric suit, “says secretly. Therefore, the promotion must concentrate on BEV, according to the ACE Chairman. Hydrogen technology or effus also fall through as they are much too expensive for normal earners.

Second, in the construction of the charging infrastructure, more must be set at speed and a wise distribution of fast loading and normal charging points are also carried out in rural areas. “With a BEV, it must be just as easy to travel from Flensburg to Bari, as with a burner,” so secretly. Third, more battery electrical models need to be on the market, the ACE chief requires. “Especially with family coilis and in the small car segment, the selection is still far too low. Especially too, to have attractive and affordable cars in these segments, “summarizes secretly.

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8 thoughts on “ACE: “One million electric vehicles is Eyeview instead of success””

  1. absolutely right You have to finally make clear the PHEV no electric cars are!
    Otherwise, some in the population also believe that, I drive electric although it is only a phev

  2. Again and again the same claim that there are two drives to wait … No … There is nothing to wait for the BEV on the eug. What should you do there … Lubricate electrons, the battery pockets?
    On my passat Gte the gasoline is waiting … the WARS.
    And the claim the company’s weighing is never driven electrically is also lied.
    I have colleagues with quotas over 70% electric and for the long trips you stop not stupid all 250km for 30min … Since you only load up to 80% no car has no car more than 250km from Ladestop to Ladestop … Lost Lifetime.
    The EQS would be the first Eauto what I would buy, since the range is right and did not have been seen. Maybe then the EQE makes it more affordable ..

  3. The most important statement is this:

    Hydrogen technology or effel therefore also fall through as they For normal earners too expensive be.

    Nice that the ACE says that so clearly.

  4. As long as the driver of the company car has to pay only a monthly, lump-sum usage fee to his employer, in order to drive with the car even privately as much or little and so fast or slow as he / she wants, no matter which drive type – yes, as long as they Control is thick SUVs and other snap balls sold as company cars, which are then in private hand after 2-3 years as a leasing vehicle – to pass the air for another 12 years. Here is urgent need for action.

  5. Phev are not electric cars. Correctly! Consume more diesel / gasoline as a combustion, if you are driven as a company car.

    But the grit making that certain vehicle classes are not serviced yet, bothers me. The cars come gradually. Rome was not built within one day either. More important is that exponential growth is irreversible.


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