ACM City One in the first test

Driving report ACM City One

Would that be enough car? First ride in 15.000 euro stream

ACM City One in the first test-favorite e-cars Cheap electro-sound throws Tesla
Press Inform ACM City One in the first test

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The ACM City One caused a sensation on the IAA. The electrical city car should realize electromobility for everyone in two years at an affordable price. Site has already tested the car.

Paul Leibold has global electromobility at a glance. "There are not enough quick charging stations everywhere in the world," says the ACM boss and then adds another point that shoots us through our heads at the same time. "And not space". The solution for both problems stands next to the man who has already worked for BMW as a manager, bears the name ACM City One and looks a bit like a mixture of a Honda e and a Fiat Panda. It is still a prototype, the series model will be 3.60 meters long, 1.65 meters wide and therefore comes highly. The longer travel is a tribute to the often poor street quality in countries like India.

The ACM is a mixture of Panda and Honda

The name ACM stands for "Adaptive City Mobility" and is already outlining the area of application for the Stromer, which is due to come onto the market at the end of 2023. Large cities in aspiring countries such as India and Asia. And if you were traveling in cities like Delhi, you know why the troop around Leibold chose a rather box -shaped design. We take a close look at the vehicle. We have space at the front of the front. Two battery packages are installed. At the front, a fixed -installed battery with a capacity of 16 kilowatt hours and in the underbody of the trunk there are four alternating battery packages, as you know it from electric scooters, with a capacity of 2.5 kilowatt hours each.

ACM City One in the first test-first
Press Inform The interior of the ACM is spartan

Advertisement of the interchangeable energy storage looks a bit like aluminum pilot cases, which is particularly important in Asia. Together with the fixed battery, this should be enough for a range of up to 240 kilometers. The interaction between the two energy sources is adapted to the future areas of application. The front battery is cooled, so the rear ones are first used.

Germany’s favorite e-cars: Cheap electro-sound car throws Tesla out

ACM City One in the first test-first

Site Germany’s favorite e-cars: Cheap electro-sound car throws Tesla out

“For example in Mumbai in the morning when it is not that warm yet. Alternatively, you can also pack a second 16 kilowatt hour battery in the rear, then it should go with an average consumption of around 10 kWh/100 km up to 300 kilometers.

He can load everywhere – but that takes time

It is charged everywhere: at a Schukosteck can in eight hours or at a speed of 11 kW. Then the energy stores are full after around 2.5 hours. Due to the exchange batteries that are exchanged in no time, there is also no fear of range. If necessary, these packages also feed the fixed battery. The batteries should be around 250.Hold 000 kilometers and can then be used as an energy storage.

ACM City One in the first test-test
The Micro-Stromer City One from the start-up adaptive City Mobility (ACM) is not only a small heartbreaker, but also has a lot to offer photo: acm The top ten of the IAA ideas for the city and big future plans

ACM City One in the first test-test

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12 thoughts on “ACM City One in the first test”

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    ACM City One in the first test-test

    We are doing a round in the world power. An electric machine from the Renault Twizzy still works, later it will be 25 kW / 34 hp with a weight of only 950 kilograms sufficient. The ACM City One will be fast up to 100 km/h. More than enough on crowded city motorways. We are doing a relaxed round and the service is well caught. The interior is reduced to the bare essentials, but the prototype does not make any impression that is conceived. The automatic stub lever and the display to easily understand and handle everything.

    "Not everything is perfect yet"

    No wonder, after all, Acm Magna got on board. Not everything is perfect yet. "The chassis comfort will be better with the series model"; says Paul Leibold. There is also nothing to fear when it comes to security, because the ACM City One will even exist on the side airbags and the vehicles should meet all crash test requirements for vehicles in class M1 worldwide.

    ACM City One in the first test-e-cars Cheap electro-sound throws Tesla
    Press Inform The ACM City One also serves as a mini transporter

    Robustness and practicality are trump card at the ACM City One. Because the electric cube should be in use as a taxi and as a transport vehicle as possible around the clock. We have already praised the airy feeling of space in the back seat. If you put on the back seat backrest, the volume grows from 450 liters to 1.450 liters. "On the way there you can transport passengers and a palette with goods on the way back," explains Leibold. So that the operating costs remain as low as possible, a digital 40 inch display is integrated in the tailgate, which can be used as an advertising area.

    ACM City One in the first test-e-cars Cheap electro-sound throws Tesla
    The four -part traction battery is under the trunk floor, the individual packages of which can simply be found photo: acm ACM City One – Variable E -Zwerg

    15.000 euros he would cost

    The ACM City One is to be built in Asia, probably with a Magna-Joint Venture and is supposed to be about 10 there.000 euros cost, in Europe it should be around 5000 euros more. First, the Stromer is planned for business customers and later also for private individuals. So far, ACM has been over 230.000 declarations of intent for the purchase of a city one. Paul Leibold says that interest is particularly great in Asia and refers to a study that, according to the market of so -called "Ride Hailing" vehicles, should grow to 30 million. It is quite possible that the practitioner cube will also find its fans in Europe.

    Now Tesla puts pressure on the Golf: these are Germany’s most popular e-cars

    ACM City One in the first test-city

    Site Now Tesla puts pressure on the Golf: these are Germany’s most popular e-cars

  2. I think 15k € now
    Expensive but practicable e-mobility will ultimately look like this for short or long. It … Would be a few small homework to be done. Z.B. Should standardized battery packs be used for all electric vehicles so that cordless change stations can be built. One should completely do without a firmly built -in battery. Is against sustainability because such a battery only leads to obscene. E-cars of today’s generation, heavy and large are consistently misconstructions when it comes to sustainability, environmental friendliness and efficiency, be it parking space or charging technology. I think we should slowly say goodbye to large, chunky and much too energy -hungry vehicles. This is not an irony now, I mean it seriously.

  3. 15000 €!!!
    This price and also the prices for higher electric car classes show that there is a risk that larger parts of the population will be forced to look for other versions of mobility in the future. Over 20% of private car users are on the road in the class of small and small cars. Even a VW-up is better than this one than this "vehicle" in the report. Vehicles as they still exist today in the inexpensive segment will no longer exist in the e-sector in the future, as will not be made later in the used car sector. But the individual mobility should be restricted, only that you start with people who have the least financially. A wealthy Teslafahrer will certainly be less interested in this!

  4. @Freyer
    99.9% of drivers need a vehicle where a euro pallet fits into! I drive a station wagon with 570 liters of loading volume and almost 2 meter charging length, that is enough for me for 99.9% of my claims. For the remaining 0.1% I can borrow a trailer!

  5. Really now ?
    They can introduce a speed limit of 50, I wouldn’t do that to myself. Not even for 3000 €. Traffic turnaround for me: I no longer drive into a city. Has several advantages anyway. Allow me all the Sch… just deliver – finished off. Politically desired and controlled ! Can you have !

  6. With such a vehicle…
    …If you automatically get anxiety, if everything that is larger than a Golf, gets a little too quickly from behind, not to mention a truck!

  7. I think of mine….
    ….VW Beetle times back. The interior claims are now different and 250km in this sardin dino, then hanging again on a charging station or with this aluminum cheek, as in the Aral advertising, a song pilgrimages along the country road to the next charging station. In the city I drive more with the e-bike than to be seen in the picture, so that I have to fold the legs in order not to be able to go to the sheet. And why should you keep a second car for the city? Just because it’s smaller? A decent car is enough for the family. In addition, we don’t go to the city anyway, Amazon is faster anyway.

  8. E-"car"
    Anyone who has ever had a car in their previous life will not squeeze into something like that. It is an imposition, not only the exterior is bad too this completely unthinkled "loading circus". Waiting for hours at a charging can, so you have fought for an endless loading time. New qualities of being human must be invented and taught people. That will take a few decades. I feel these things on four wheels an imposition for people who have been driving cars for years. The world improver may be able to get along with it, drivers don’t!

  9. Omg! What a Scheusslickeit
    You really can’t call this part. It looks like the chicks that drive around in India. And with max 100km/h, the part becomes a relief on every motorway if the drivers want to overtake this some truck. That is why the Greens probably want a speed limit at 130. Who for this 15.Spends 000 EUR, he should stop by the psychiatrist beforehand

  10. The Renault 4 is back
    Great concept, nothing more than you need. At least as a second car. For the long distance, I would rather wait for a Berlingo with a range of 500km.

  11. Looks like…
    …An ashtray for a Mercedes! The Asian is small, it fits in there. But with my 1.90m I would have a fish can feeling in this "box" feel. Normal size, normal appearance range 500 km, maximum speed 170 km/h, and I would spend 15 thousand euros on it with joy.


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