ADAC breakdown help: There has never been so much breakdown

ADAC breakdown aid

There has never been so much breakdown

ADAC breakdown help: There has never been so much breakdown-breakdown
ADAC The yellow angels of the ADAC 2010 scaned breakdown help well over four million

Hard winter, hot summer days and more and more comfort electronics: The ADAC breakdown help came out more often in the past year than ever. The main causes were weak batteries as well as problems with ignition and tires.

Last year, the ADAC had to rush drivers in Germany to help as often than ever before. According to ADAC, the approximately 1700 breakdown helpers were used in total. Compared to 2009 this was an increase of 8.1 percent. The so -called yellow angels with their rolling workshops in 84.4 percent of all cases would have made the left -wing vehicles back on a brisk one, the club said.

Hard winter impaired batteries

The strong climb is mainly due to the weather. The hard winter of the last year was the cause of weak batteries and other technical defects in the cars. But not only the icy cold caused problems. Even in summer, the breakdown helpers were challenged in high heat. The changed travel behavior of vacationers, more and more travel by car within Germany, is another reason for the many missions, according to the club.
The most common technical cause of breakdowns were defective or empty batteries. Starting aid had to be provided over 900,000 times. The "comfort electronics" such as control units, servomotors, seat heating or window regulator load the batteries considerably. Ignition systems and tires also proved to be prone to interference, followed by the alternator. But not always when the yellow angels were called, the vehicle was defective. Almost 100,000 drivers needed help because they had locked out.
The ADAC wants to offer breakdown aid for electric vehicles in the future. All 1700 breakdown helpers are already "electrical engineering persons" who could provide breakdown aid to the normal extent in high-voltage systems of the electricity cars, the ADAC shared.

The most breakdown cars of all time

ADAC breakdown help: There has never been so much breakdown-adac

ADAC breakdown statistics: The winners and losers since 1978


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5 thoughts on “ADAC breakdown help: There has never been so much breakdown”

  1. WISO now that,
    The old cars were disposed of with the scrappage bonus, means that the new ones are ..? … The old cars were disposed of with the scrappage bonus, that means the new ones are more susceptible ..?

  2. Not transparent
    With the ADAC breakdown statistics, the car brands with their own breakdown service naturally get away better, since they only appear reduced. Unfortunately, this is only too loved, otherwise some "Premium manufacturer" would look pretty old.

  3. Manufacturer’s breakdown service
    Of course, manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes have their own breakdown service. With your own vehicles. And in contrast to Otto normal consumers, these often also come for vehicles beyond the guarantee. This distorts the statistics.

  4. 2 batteries help
    It happened to me a few times before that the battery was empty. This problem does not exist in my current S-Class, thanks to a separate starter battery. Such a starter battery is not only to be welcomed in the upper class, but also in the middle class and the compact class thanks to more and more electronic helpers on board.

  5. Thanks very much
    I joined the ADAC in 2010 and was also allowed to help the yellow angels. At this point I would like to thank you for the uncomplicated help. Without this institution, Germany would be much colder than it already is. Thanks yellow angel.


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