ADAC breakdown statistics 2008: Premium top, mass manufacturers flop

ADAC breakdown statistics 2008

Premium top, mass manufacturer flop

ADAC breakdown statistics 2008: Premium top, mass manufacturers flop-mass
The ADAC sends over 1700 breakdown helpers onto the street

ADAC breakdown statistics 2008: Premium top, mass manufacturers flop-premium

ADAC breakdown statistics: The winners and losers since 1978
Apparently there is a two -class society in German cars with regard to reliability: According to ADAC, Audi, BMW and Mercedes, that of Ford and Opel, show that cars from Audi, BMW and Mercedes are rather defective.

Peugeot (most of the breakdowns in the lower middle class and the sports car) and Renault (most common breakdowns in a model year) cut off the worst for foreign brands. The most reliable import vehicles come from Toyota (second best result in the small class).
With the models KA, Mondeo, S-Max and Transit, Ford places the vehicles with the most disorders in four classes. The most common is about problems with striking movers or mistakes in engine management. The Opel Signum is the most unreliable in the upper middle class/upper class. Most breakdowns performed at the Renault Megane, built in 2003.
Pannen winner Audi
The most breakdown brand is Audi, which sets standards for reliability with the A2, A3 and A6 models in three classes. In the middle class, the Mercedes C-Class just says against the Audi A4. BMW with the 3 Series Cabrio/Coupe and the X3 ensures breakdown in the sports car/convertible and off-road vehicle class with the VW Sharan vans vans.
Japanese fall back
The Japanese manufacturers, who produced the cars with the greatest reliability years ago, are currently in midfield, with the exception of the Toyota Aygo, which is almost as scenery in the small class as the Audi A2. The Citro├źn C4 lists the fewest disturbances in the class of little vans.
Electrics cause most problems
Most common breakdowns (approx. 40 percent) are a defective battery and problems with the vehicle electronics. Compared to 2007 there was an increase of four percent in the battery failures. Obviously, the electricity donors are no longer up to the many consumers in the car, especially with age.
With breakdown statistics (since 1978), the ADAC wants to provide drivers a basis for their purchase decision. 2.5 million out of a total of 3.7 million breakdowns were evaluated for the current ranking. In this study, the one to six-year cars are taken into account, which were essentially built in at least three consecutive years and have been re-registered in one year at least 10,000 times.

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13 thoughts on “ADAC breakdown statistics 2008: Premium top, mass manufacturers flop”

  1. Hond Civic 1982
    The Honda Civic 1982 shown in the photo gallery is the wrong model. There was this model … in Germany only from 1984 and it was a successful model.

  2. The listed brands are not complete…
    listed. Therefore I will not make a purchase decision according to the list. There is also a lot to the driver and the workshops whether a vehicle fails more often due to defects. On the other hand, the creation of such market orientations costs a lot of money, which would be better to create security improvements.

  3. not meaningful
    Unfortunately, the ADAC is pretty much more concerned with the delimitation of the models. Example Volvo: S40, V40 and V50 are assessed together, there is a complete new development between S40 (Alt) and V40 (new) and V50 (new), S60 and S80 are even two different vehicle classes.

  4. statistics
    I can only confirm the ADAC breakdown statistics. I call a Renault Megane II. The breakdown is less annoying than it occurs again and again. Although Renault is one "lifelong" Mobility guarantee offers, I also call the ADAC first. The manufacturers’ hotline only send a towing system anyway and especially with electrical errors, the ADAC helps better, faster and easily.

  5. ADAC:
    In the meantime, all car brands offer mobility guarantees. In addition, neutral surveys have shown that ADAC calls members of a breakdown and not the hotline of the car manufacturer. If all the naggers of German brands were working for a German car manufacturer, they would look at the world from other eyes. The TuV always confirms the results of the ADAC, so it cannot be so wrong.

  6. To confirm!
    I can confirm these experiences from reports from acquaintances. Although not every defect leads to the total failure of the vehicle, but the electronic problems in the Ingolstadt vehicles led to pure despair and to change the brand with several.

  7. I can absolutely confirm statistics
    As a company car, I have been driving an Audi A6 for a good two and a half years, which currently has almost 180,000 km on the speedometer. I didn’t have a single unplanned workshop stay with this car. The car runs perfectly without the slightest lack! Incidentally, that was no different with my previous BMW X5! I am of the opinion quality has its price!

  8. Drive a Renault Clio…
    … Pannen -free for 8 years so far. My colleague drives a BMW, has a BMW service number that he has to call when he has a breakdown so that the ADAC does not come. By the way, he calls more often…..

  9. I can only repeat myself
    When I see vehicles on the side of the road, these are often cars of a well -known so -called premium manufacturer from Ingolstadt. Apparently, these people do not use a bold breakdown service but have other relationships. By the way, I have never had a breakdown with Fiats, and my ten and a half year old Twingo is also completely resistant to breakdown. But I know exceptions- the rule.

  10. The screwdriver buddy…
    …Hit behind the address on the business card of the Mercedes contract workshop of the vehicle owner. The business card should have every Mercedes driver in the glove compartment, better still the list of the most nearest contract workshops.

  11. The fairy tale of the company breakdown aid is not right
    The company’s own breakdown aid only applies during the usually 3 year guarantee. In addition, the company’s own breakdown aid often consists of commissioning the ADAC. For the rest, every car has to go to the TuV. And the numbers of the TuV confirm the ADAC statistics. The accident evaluations of insurance are even better. They clearly confirm the greater security for people in premium vehicles.


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