ADAC breakdown statistics – also German failure

ADAC breakdown statistics – also German failure

These cars remain most often

ADAC breakdown statistics - also German failure-statistics

These cars remain most often: the losers of the ADAC breakdown statistics
The ADAC identified twelve losers in its current breakdown statistics. Including a lot of scolded models from Italy and France, but also Koreans and a Japanese. Even Ford Mondeo, VW EOS and Opel Zafira are "not very reliable".

A dozen models cut off particularly badly in the ADAC breakdown statistics 2013. With the verdict "not very reliable", the "yellow angels" have evaluated, among other things, popular vehicles such as Fiat Ducato, Ford Mondeo and VW EOS. But the other cars from the Far East, which are otherwise considered to be reliable, are also represented in large numbers in the flops. So about two Hyundais (i20, i30) and the Chevrolet Matiz, but also the Honda Jazz.
According to the club, the general susceptibility to breakdown of all vehicles has been continuously improved since the introduction of breakdown statistics in 1978. However, the current evaluation still reveals blatant defects.

Start-stop automatic system ensures more battery teasters

The main cause and nuisance number one is the battery: Each third breakdown in 2012 was due to a defective or unloaded battery for young vehicles. The reason for this is often defects in the conception of electrical vehicle management. For example, vehicles with automatic start-stop usually need a special AGM starter battery. If this is installed in the engine compartment, it can get too warm and break faster. The ADAC therefore calls on the manufacturers to significantly improve electrical energy management.
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ADAC breakdown statistics - also German failure-These cars remain most often

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Cheap does not have to be unreliable
Construction defects, according to the club, do not only affect expensive premium products. Even technically simpler vehicles such as Honda Jazz or Chevrolet Matiz land far -off in the reliability values. Especially in the price -sensitive segments, savings are often made at the so -called “penny parts”.
The Nissan Micra, who moves in the same price category, proves that it works differently. The Japanese is very far ahead in the ADAC breakdown statistics in 2013 as the best small car with a flower pure vest.
Board help is evaluated as a reliability index
The ADAC publishes the breakdown statistics annually. Ca was evaluated this year. 500,000 of the over 2.6 million breakdowns in 2012, to which the breakdown helpers of the ADAC were called. The club only used technical breakdowns. The cars concerned are not older than six years, must have been built essentially unchanged in at least three consecutive years and at least 10,000 times in one of the years. This year, 93 model series meet these criteria.

Winner and loser of breakdown statistics since 1978

ADAC breakdown statistics - also German failure-statistics

ADAC breakdown statistics: The winners and losers since 1978

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6 thoughts on “ADAC breakdown statistics – also German failure”

  1. ADAC breakdown statistics
    The ADAC breakdown statistics has a small blemish. And that means mobility guarantee, … after each inspection in the contract workshop (!) is automatically extended. With my Audi, a defective brake light switch has slipped the battery empty overnight. 10 minutes after the call in the workshop, the service was on site!

  2. 8 years of Zafira – zero workshop visits (except KD)
    I’m now driving the third Zafira in a row. He only saw the workshop for customer service and tire change. We have had experiences in the company’s internal colleagues in the company that do not meet this statistics in any way. The expensive brands prefer to get their defective vehicles off the street themselves. And are out of the ADAC statistics….

  3. Who a small matiz for formerly 8,000 euros
    drives, it is usually not exactly blessed with a thick wallet. A Tyisches Smaller Tauto, which, like the Twingo or other greater giants, is often driven by trainees or students. Sure, we also save the maintenance and in an emergency you can get a stop on ADAC, ACE or another breakdown service, whose membership for beginners are often mandatory to get into cheap tariffs. At least that was the case with my daughters. Neither my current car nor that of the partner will quickly become one "yellow angel" get to see. Because when buying, there was the GM mobility guarantee, including its own breakdown service. What it looks like after the end of the guarantee will turn out.

  4. Strange
    I had a Mercedes 200 scrap, then I had a Mitsubishi gallant, I drove it up to 190,000 km without a technical problems. I have been driving an Opel Zafira since 2000, now with over 250,000 km without problems. The statistics are likely to be incorrect in that botch workshops and incompetent hobbyists are not taken into account, which are probably causing the most damage to the car.

  5. Do not believe any statistics that you …
    did not fake yourself… I can only agree with my prescriber – all German premium manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes have their own breakdown services – they never get the ADAC and therefore do not appear in the statistics. I can confirm from my own experience – turbocharger in a BMW, which was not even 2 -year -old – the in -house breakdown service was on the spot!

  6. "Mobility guarantee" Thanks!
    German premium manufacturers skillfully avoid a stun at the ADAC breakdown statistics. In the case of a well-groomed check booklet, the ADAC is used. Free pick-up and delivery service, replacement vehicle, towing services and other procedures included. And that’s just as well. The ADAC breakdown statistics records the rest. Which in no way means that vehicles of German premium manufacturers have no breakdowns. They are only not recorded in the ADAC statistics.


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