ADAC breakdown statistics: German cars are getting better and better

ADAC breakdown statistics

German cars better and better

ADAC breakdown statistics: German cars are getting better and better-adac

ADAC breakdown statistics: German cars are getting better and better-breakdown

ADAC breakdown statistics: 30 years of forced breaks
As early as the third year in a row, German manufacturers, according to ADAC breakdown statistics, provide the cars with the fewest unwanted interruptions.

According to ADAC, the domestic automobile manufacturers build the most reliable cars. Six out of eight class winners of the current breakdown statistics come from Germany. Only Mitsubishi can bring back some of the lost terrain of the Japanese with the models Colt and Space Star and presents the winners in the "small class" and with the "little vans".
Two best classes also come from BMW, Audi and Mercedes. The 1 Series leads the "lower middle class", the X3 is the most reliable "off -road vehicle", and at Audi A4 and A6 are on the podium. Mercedes, on the other hand, won the "sports car class" with the SLK and shares first place in the "middle class" with Audi. The list of winners is completed in the class of the "Great Vans" by the VW Sharan.
Electrics breakdown base number 1
The most common reason why cars go on strike lies with the battery and the electrical system. Four out of ten failures have their cause here. In second place rank damage to the ignition system (12.7 percent). Real motion defects end the trip prematurely in 7.8 percent of the cases. This is a slight decline compared to the previous year (0.1 percent). For this, the anger with bikes and tires increased: 7.1 percent (+0.4). In the ranking of the breakdowns, injection systems (6.8 percent), cooling/heating (5.8 percent), gearbox/clutch (4.6) percent and the exhaust system (1.9).
For the current breakdown statistics that the ADAC this year for 30. Published, 2.55 million of the 3.81 million breakdowns were evaluated, which had to be mastered by the yellow angels in 2007 and their partners, the road services. Only one to six years of cars come into the ranking, which were essentially built for at least three years and have been re-registered in one year at least 10,000 times.

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10 thoughts on “ADAC breakdown statistics: German cars are getting better and better”

  1. Do you really believe this ?
    Leading German manufacturers have been performing their breakdown service for some time. The only one … Leading German manufacturers have been performing their breakdown service for some time. The ADAC probably only uses its own accidents. I have been driving the vehicle with the star for over 40 years now. It requires more chassis and spare parts such as brake pads and tires. It’s enough with the beauty of the beauty, my next car is a Japanese. Basta.

  2. Praise hyme on BMW
    The comment from Bibo regarding his Daimler can confidently give itself. The Japanese have been at the forefront in recent years, but the qualitative up and overtaking of German brands can be clearly felt. My wife’s defect list of my wife’s Honda-Civic would blow up this email and my BMW 520i has been driving all wear parts except brake disk for 14 years.

  3. Very strange
    Already strange … . When I see left-wing vehicles on motorway side strips, this is a surprising frequent cars from Audi in addition to ancient golf and weak colleagues from other brands. Experiences from acquaintances with this manufacturer also confirm this.

  4. I do not care
    Nevertheless, do not buy me with alleged innovations, much too expensive German cars.From the boring CW and crash optics that are offered.

  5. VW
    VW does not have a share of 70% company car and is still far too expensive. This is particularly evident when looking at the American market. Despite the high euro course and supposedly too high wage costs, VW can still offer a third cheaper here, and despite the expensive transport. I was recently at the VW dealer for fun and offered him the USA prize. He laughed – I went back.

  6. You can turn it and turn as you want,
    German cars are not called without reason "automobile", Because they are too. It may be that the profit greed of the shareholders has temporarily discredited the quality of the German cars, but real quality repeatedly prevails. Opel’s Vectra successor is typical of this. German automotive know-how is an irrefutable factor worldwide!

  7. Prices of German cars…
    The prices of German cars are secondary, because with a company car share of up to 70% (Audi, MB, BMW), the acquisition price is given to the general public anyway by depreciation by depreciation. That is the actual perversion in the suction. State land of the car…

  8. German cars are increasingly expensive!
    That would have been the right heading. The quality is ok, even if it has suffered from the many foreign parts. The orginality of the cars often leaves something to be desired. But at the price, a abysses open up. This is not of this world! These prices cannot be paid by the customer, just too expensive.


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