ADAC: E-auto premium must be sure at tight pass

ADAC: E-auto premium must be sure at tight pass-premium

Worldwide, the Corona Pandemic provides for production failures and interrupted supply chains. In particular, the automotive industry has to suffer from raw materials and precursors. Specially semiconductors have become rare and precious. The result: many manufacturers can not utilize their tapes as usual. It comes to higher prices and longer delivery times. Meanwhile, the bottlenecks beat the new cars except for the used car market. Only the middle of the year will normalize the situation, faith experts.

In view of the increasingly long delivery times even with electric vehicles, the ADAC has used the application modalities for the innovation and environmental premium. That reports “ “Calling on different sources. “Anyone who decides this year to switch to electromobility should be sure that he also receives the state funding of up to 6000 euros promised for this year,” said Adac Traffic President Gerhard Hillebrand opposite DPA.

Because of the chip crisis and other problems, buyers of a new E-car currently have to wait for the delivery of the vehicle for more than one year. However, the new Federal Government from SPD, Greens and FDP has only been committed to the current year to ensure the previously existing promotion from environmental bonus plus innovation premium unchanged. The problem: For the funding application at the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), the car has not only ordered this year, but also delivered and approved. A constellation that could be tightly tight at delivery time from calendar week 49.

Delivery difficulties The manufacturers should not become the financial disadvantage of consumers, demanded Hillebrand. The ADAC is committed to ensuring that the conclusion of a purchase or leasing contract is granted a possibility for the reservation of the subsidy. This commitment should apply to the report for at least 12 months. The payment should continue to be carried out only when the vehicle is approved: only so uncertainty among e-auto interested parties is avoided and necessary trust.

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5 thoughts on “ADAC: E-auto premium must be sure at tight pass”

  1. Complete agreement!
    The chip crisis should not be at the expense of the end customers in terms of funding.
    Especially since only last year many attractive models have come to the market on which was serviced.

    A purchase or buy. Leasing contract should rich around the subsidy, similar to the wallbox promotion, at least to reserve at least.

  2. Who does not buys at the right time, then must then:
    renounce the premium in his favorite VW dealer,
    Buy a vehicle that is now available.

    It can not be that you get the funding pot “empty-blocked” and another buyer will not get a now available vehicle then not promoted.

    “Who comes too late, punishes life!”

    This is true for both buyers and manufacturers – but clear that the ADAC sees different

    &# 128521;

    is the A tooDAC
    Whether the TCS (Swiss Automobile Club) would also see?

  3. ADAC: E-auto premium must be sure at tight pass
    Who will win the war around Taiwan’s microchips?

    The Chinese on the mainland or on the island?

    Until now there is a draw. How long?

  4. “A ship will arrive!”And that brings me one” . Who sang this sailor with the same?
    Now a chip, a Li battery, a BEV will not be enough, which a ship (with heavy oil drive) brings to us.

    Currently, such a ship should not only block the SUEZ channel but sitting firmly in the North Sea.

    Leveling attempt failed Container ship ran from Wangerooge on reason03.02.2022

    > https: // http://www.T-Online.DE / News / Panorama / ID_91597492 / Container Ship Pre-Wangerooge-On-Basic Current Survival Failed.HTML

    Video? Here: https: // / 2mothvrzv5i

  5. “Must be sure, clearly chief! “Also safe with bottleneck?”
    But there is sand in the gearbox

    Already sand again:

    https: // / vdfocjhw4xk

    Where remains the Mumai Maersk?

    Here: https: // http://www.vesselfinder.COM / DE / Vessels / Mumbai-Maersk-IMO-9780471-MMSI-219039000


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