ADAC E-CHARGE promises “public shop transparency and security”

ADAC E-CHARGE promises

Last May, we reported that the ADAC would like to offer its more than 20 million members “E-Mobil” and offer this information and service offerings as well as appropriate membership services and products around alternative drive forms.

Most recently, we reported about how the ADAC is on electric cars and what role plays mobile loading for e-cars. In the future, the ADAC, with EnBW, will bring light into the often opaque price jungle on electrolade columns.

Since today. April offers the company with ADAC E-Charge the opportunity to be more than 25.000 charging points in the largest shop law in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to load uniform prices. The ADAC uses the loading network of the EnBW Mobility + App.

Billing by ADAC E-Charge is based on the amount of loaded electricity: the kilowatt hour by AC charge (AC) costs uniform at each charging column 0.29 euros. The kilowatt hour by DC charge (DC) costs only 0.39 euros – whether on an ENBW charging column or on a charging column of another provider in the entire e-roaming network of the energy company.

Thus, not only is the obligation to be made transparent after costs, but also stands out positively from offers, which bills per hour or after lump sums. A monthly basic fee is not available for ADAC members.

In practice, the use looks so that you download the EnBW Mobility + App, driver of electric cars with the app or the ADAC E-Charge Card can then easily load and pay. The nearest electrolade column can be quickly and easily can be found over the app.

“The price trade on the charging columns holds many people from switching to electromobility. With ADAC E-Charge, we offer motorists transparency and security in public shop, because they pay a uniform price throughout the e-roaming network.”- Oliver Weissenberger, Managing Director of the ADAC

Weissenberger is confident that the EnBW has found a competent partner, which guarantees the ADAC members attractive prices and offers more than 90 percent coverage of charging points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Marc Burgstahler, responsible for the field of electromobility at ENBW, supplemented that the core of the cooperation is the access to electromobility for all easy and suitable for everyday use. “For us, the customer feedback is playing an important role, which has also given the rash to radically simplify our loading rates on the market. Now all interested ADAC members benefit now.”

Furthermore, you simultaneously build the loading network and drives the expansion of the loading infrastructure: “So we will, for example, until the end of 2020 Germany.Operate 000 fast loading locations “, as Weissenberger gives to understand.

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2 thoughts on “ADAC E-CHARGE promises “public shop transparency and security””

  1. Who is already a member of the ADAC, does not do anything wrong with the ADAC E-CHARGE! Depending on where you live in DE, the price of 29 cents is completely ok. Here in HH it costs the local supplier Hamburg Energie 29.5 cents. Only with DC charges is the provider of Hamburg to use energy. At AC, newmotion is even more favorable with 27 cents per kilowatt hour.
    Therefore, I find the precursor from the ADAC even bad. Who can shop at the suburb cheaper, which should make it natural. Compare is always worthwhile!
    But if you are on long-distance restaurant and does not want to look and compare long at 1001 app, that stops this ADAC E-Charge card and is good.

    29 cents (or. 39 cents for DC) I find a fair price.

    PS: I still compare the costs between electricity with gasoline … is such a loved DM / Euro macke from me &# 128521;

  2. “All interested ADAC members benefit now.”

    I have to assume that a membership of the ADAC is required to use this offer?


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