ADAC: German cars win breakdown comparison


German cars win breakdown comparison

ADAC: German cars win breakdown comparison-german
According to ADAC, the most scattered vehicle in the lower middle class: BMWS 1 Series

ADAC: German cars win breakdown comparison-german

Breakdown statistics: winners and losers in pictures
Cars of German manufacturers are less susceptible to breakdowns than the competition from Italy, France or Far East. The distance to foreign competitors partially increased in 2006.

The ADAC found this with the evaluation of 1.95 million breakdowns, in which the “yellow angels” of the auto club were called for help last year. Accordingly, the domestic vehicles are in front of seven out of eight car categories. This continues a trend that has already become apparent in the past two years, it said at the ADAC. With the exception of the minivan class, in which Mazda and Mitsubishi lead together, the remaining seven class winners from Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen come.
In the small vehicle class, the Audi A2 and the BMW Mini are on the first two places, followed by the Renault mode. In the lower middle class, the 1 Series BMW is best in class, followed by the Mazda 323 and the Audi A3. In the middle class, Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class and 3 Series BMW form the winning trio. In the upper middle and upper class, the Audi A6 is ahead of the Mercedes S-Class and the 5 Series BMW. In the sports car/Cabrios, the Mercedes CLK leads in the only four vehicles small field in front of the BMW 3 Series convertible, the Mercedes SLK and the Peugeot 206 CC.
The best minivans no longer in the sales program
In the off -road vehicles, the BMW X3 is rarely stopped by a breakdown, followed by the Mercedes ML and the Toyota Rav4. The Mazda Premacy and the Mitsubishi – both are no longer in the sales program – were best cut off in the minivan class, the VW Touran came in third place. The VW Sharan came first in the larger vans, followed by VW T4/T5 and the Fiat Ducato.
Battery on the most vulnerable
In the rating for the ADAC breakdown statistics, only one to six-year-old cars were built, which were essentially built for at least three years and reached 10,000 new registrations in one year. The battery was once again located as the number one breakdown (460 876 cases), followed by the tire breakdowns (135 645 cases). In relation to assemblies, over half of the breakdowns were ignited and electrics. Problems with the engine (7.9 percent), wheels and tires (6.7 percent), injection systems (6.6 percent), cooling and heating (6.0 percent) and the fuel system (5.9 percent) followed).
Class winner and loser in our picture gallery!

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10 thoughts on “ADAC: German cars win breakdown comparison”

  1. VW Lupo 2 places in front of Toyota Yaris?
    Look closely: the VW Lupo is in the "small class" the ADAC breakdown statistics … 4th place, two places in front of the Toyota Yaris. However, the Lupo only has entries for the years 2001 to 2004, and in each individual of these years it has higher scores than the Yaris. And now tell me why he is standing in front of the Yaris?? Such "statistics" You can forget!

  2. Envy
    As a frequent driver, you cannot avoid the so -called German premium brands. My personal statistics say that my car had to go to the workshop in order to fix or exchange various little things, but I have stayed lying down with the approx. 500.000 kilometers with a German vehicle not one time. In addition to Volvo, I personally do not see a single alternative to a valuable German vehicle with everyday suitability. I am all the more pleased that the statistics speak again for German cars when the German technology has 2-3 years of development before the Asian copists. Those who are bad talk here are those who cannot afford such a vehicle.

  3. Keep it up!
    The breakdown statistics are really a joke when you consider what is really captured there. Sulprise, but vehicles supervised by the ADAC is not representative.

  4. It’s nice…
    … When our cars seem to be better. The picture is already falsified a little by its own breakdown services of the German premium providers. The Japanese do not seem to be able to keep the very high level of recent years. My own experience looks like this: no lying striker (toi, toi, toi), but with my Opel I have been much more in the workshop in the workshop in the past 2 years because of various little things than in 10 years before with a Mitsubishi and Toyota, which simply just have worked. When I look at the number of tire breakdowns, I wonder how conclusions about individual brands can be made here.

  5. Only for correction about recalls 2005 in Germany: Mercedes 350000 cars Toyota 19781 cars. You cannot compare overall cancellation, as Toyota produces a lot more cars than Mercedes.

    Bob NY
  6. Don’t trust statistics that you don’t yourself…….
    Hat (Churchill) It is quite strange, all the year in which the German cars were behind the Japanese, everything was 100 % true, an irrefutable facts, the ADAC statistics a gods’ equal evidence of the quality of the Japanese motor vehicle.Now that the sheet seems to turn to all suddenly, the ADAC lies, bla blah blah.. Where is the criticism and tolerance that is always required by the lobbyists of German vehicles? Already clear, German cars Pfui (because ESP at the VW FOX subject to surcharge, Dieseltinker meets Euro5,) Japanese vehicles Hui (because ESP is not for money and good words, motorcycles meet euor2).Better a recall because of a trifle than none in misconstructed brake systems (also in the site)

  7. expensive quality paid
    Of course, the ADAC statistics can only be a clue about the. Provide reliability of the vehicle. Falsification by manufacturer’s breakdown service especially the premium brands plays a major role. But apart from that: the German cars are now (finally) drawn the same with the Japanese. To do this, the customer must also pay a strong surcharge with the German brands.

  8. ADAC still representative?
    Many German car manufacturers have increasingly built their own breakdown services in recent years. No new car leaves a car dealership nowadays without several stickers and plastic cards where you can call in the fall of the breakdown. As a result, many breakdowns are handled through the service services of the car manufacturers. The ADAC has not represented the breakdowns of modern cars for a long time.

  9. I can only agree
    If I compare those who often have to go to the workshop under my acquaintances, I can only agree with the statistics. A friend had to go to the workshop 8 times with his Fiat in the first 3 years (new car).We ourselves only drive BMW and that for 25 years. Balance: a water pump defective. Otherwise never had a single problem. Acquisition is a bit expensive but is careful for that.


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