ADAC increases his contributions: Even without toll: 19 million drivers pay on it

ADAC increases its contributions

Even without toll: 19 million drivers pay on it

ADAC increases his contributions: Even without toll: 19 million drivers pay on it-toll
dpa / Julian Stratenschulte / archive Der breakdown helpers from the ADAC street guard gives a vehicle with a mobile car battery.

First the toll and now that: Germany’s larger automobile club has increased its contributions – not only newcomers, but all members pay on it now. With a simple trick, old members can enjoy new services.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More infoper ADAC is something like the good conscience of German drivers. Almost 19 million people are a member of the country’s largest automobile club and trust in breakdown help, travel protection or the foreign resolution in the event of illness. Of course that costs something – and this year even around ten percent more than before. The ADAC has increased its contributions for the first time since 2004. Many a member should not have noticed that, because the information on the increase in premiums did not receive drivers with a separate letter, but by announcements in the member magazine. And as it is with newspapers: you rarely read them completely.

Five to ten euros more

The premium increases concern all forms of membership. The price for classic membership is increasing from 44.50 to 49 euros per year, the partner package now costs 69 euros. The costs for plus membership with further services increase from 79.50 to 89.50 euros. The club justifies the increase, among other things, with an increased number of breakdown help operations. Since 2004 they had to "Yellow angel" Accordingly, 15 percent more missions, most recently the number of breakdown aids was 4.17 million.In addition to the new tariffs that affect both new and existing members, the club also offers new membership models – for singles, partners and families. The partner tariff also applies to life partners in the home community, the family tariff also for single and so-called patchwork families. In addition, there are additional services for new members, an ADAC spokeswoman says. This included legal advice, an accident emergency call and an accident law aid abroad (for ADAC Plus members). The automobile club lists a complete overview of all services on its website.

With a trick everyone can use the new services

The new services can also use old members – however, they have to switch to one of the new tariffs. Most of them shouldn’t be difficult, after all, they have to pay the higher contributions in any case. "The 18.8 million ADAC members are free to use one of the new offers or would like to continue their existing membership to adapted contributions from 2014", it says in a press release. The club assumes that around one million drivers will change their membership per year. However, the ADAC does not depend on the big bell – the more members use the new services, the higher the costs for the club are likely to be.

According to ADAC, extraordinary termination is not possible due to the increase in premiums. If you are annoyed by the higher costs and are looking for alternatives, you will find them at the AVD, at the Auto Club Europa (ACE), at the Mobil in Germany as well as in the insurance company’s car protection letters.

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ADAC increases his contributions: Even without toll: 19 million drivers pay on it-adac

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13 thoughts on “ADAC increases his contributions: Even without toll: 19 million drivers pay on it”

  1. Always the same
    I’ve been switching to JimDrive for a long time. Has anyone had any experience in the break? This … still stand out with me. I’m very excited 😀 so far I am satisfied. Top price-performance. What is then in the event of damage – let’s see!

  2. Travel offers ADAC only for best earners
    The travel offers of the ADAC can be forgotten. These are just offers for top earners. Who can just take a vacation for 7000 or 12.000 EUR ? And the short vacation is also extremely expensive compared to offers from other tour operators. There safely with other, cheaper hotels and less service. But at least you can afford that. But hardly the ADAC offers.

  3. Membership becomes questionable
    The ADAC was only against A10, now it is for it, it is against the toll (67% of Germans are for it) but the foreign vignettes in its shops, now the contribution is still being increased considerably. It seems to be the time to replace the ADAC board. The ADAC newspaper is only advertising for its own profits and for tour operators, the few articles z.B. There are always the same about tires, Bavarian cars are always the best, I also play with the thought!

  4. Maut and ADAC post
    First of all, the planned toll has nothing to do with the increased ADAC contribution, which is why one could have saved the meaut. Second, 5 euros more per year for the standard membership is really not worth mentioning. I would like to note about comments on my previous speakers that membership is definitely worth it for someone who has no mobility guarantee. Since I once had a breakdown, in which the ADAC took over a replacement car for a few days and towing my defective vehicle, I know that even if I will not have any further breakdown in the next 10 years, I still got away cheaper as if I had paid everything myself. There is also this coverage for future breakdowns.

  5. @ Gilbert Baer
    They are a rare individual case, most members pay for a lifetime and get less than if they had paid into a pension fund. The ADAC shoulder the costs easy, because the association L is no longer lived on the contributions but the Geschaeft around it. Once when you are still dangerous with leather gloves, it was only a privilege today.

  6. I
    I’ve been in the ADAC forever and cannot understand a driver who does not enter there.You always get help quickly if something doesn’t work and that’s a good thing and is soothing.

  7. @Paul pork
    I was a member once 50 years ago and the ADAC NOICH offered something, and today I can’t understand that someone is still joining this club. It was a privilege to be a privilege at the ADAC, today you are one of millions and only the before the end of life better than ever before this from this " company " When had the ADAC ever had a success for members – never.

  8. The ADAC can
    do not get.Recently wanted to buy the insolvent Nurburgring, which the state of Rhineland Palatinate could no longer hold. What a federal state does not create financially, that also creates the ADAC by the way. If you ask yourself why the contributions have to be raised so much in this extremely lavish cash register situation. For me there is only one explanation for this: greed. The ADAC is finally setting up the crown of madness with the fact that it recently recommended an increase in fuel prices instead of foreign toll in the toll discussion. So I left this extremely questionable club. Even this language does not seem to be understood…

  9. Members pay for it ???
    Even to blame, if you have to look for it too lazy, you have to pay out, after all you get the jobs of the non -benefits from the authorities from the ADAC. The really working "yellow angel" Unfortunately, don’t see any of it, at most the anger of the citizens listen to. I would never get the idea of entering the club. I needed a towing service for a short route once in life and covering, I have something like that, I have something like that on my own trip. Otherwise there are far more favorable locks and only if you need them.

  10. ADAC increases its contributions
    Do not understand the excitement and also not the connection with the toll.Membership in the ADAC is voluntary, so it can be canceled at any time.

  11. @Karl Haas
    That with the extraordinary termination is the claim of the ADAC, which is absolutely inconceivable. In addition, the increase only applies with the new contribution year and therefore a neat to this date is sufficient. Only those who are now surprised in the January March can get out immediately. I would also do it, direct lettering and done.

  12. I bring mine
    Audi regularly for inspection and thus have a furniture guarantee, the services from the mobility guarantee are free of charge.What the ADAC will do for the ADAC?!

  13. As long as the members accept it
    Are you to blame yourself. There are equivalent aids, too far less costs – I would definitely not throw my money after the ADAC. If half of the members were now terminated, the gentlemen from the ADAC would have to come up with something. But the ADAC certainly doesn’t have to worry – the DT. Michl takes everything like you throw it in front of his feet.


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