ADAC President: E-Cars “Essential Building Block for the Drive Turn”

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ADAC President: E-Cars

August Markl, President of the ADAC automobile club since 2014, said at the start of the International Motor Show (IAA) that electric cars were not a “cure-all” for future mobility. He thinks that classic combustion engines can also be “further developed with low emissions and consumption”. “It costs money, but it’s possible,” he said in an interview with the Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung. Markl has a number of coherent suggestions ready to ensure that electric mobility picks up speed.

It is important for the car industry to “reconcile health, environment and mobility”. The focus on e-mobility, which can also be felt at the IAA, can only be justified to a limited extent. We need to keep an eye on the challenges of the production of the batteries up to disposal, including a critical view of the extraction of raw materials for battery construction, for example cobalt.”

Unfortunately, what Markl does not talk about in the interview is the massive environmental damage caused by oil drilling and the CO2-intensive transport chain and production of petrol and diesel until they finally reach the tank of a combustion engine. But Markl also has other alternatives in mind, such as hydrogen or synthetic fuels.

“In my view, the e-car is an essential building block for the drive revolution. But it’s not a panacea. The ADAC is still open to technology. It may be that there will be completely new methods of driving more ecologically.“ – August Markl, ADAC President

At the moment, electric cars are still a bit too expensive to be affordable for the general public. That will change, as Markl thinks, “but probably only when demand causes prices to drop. At the moment E-cars are even more expensive than comparable petrol and diesel models “. In addition, the ADAC boss wishes a “broader vehicle bot” and significantly shorter delivery times. On some models you have to wait longer than a year until you can finally call it its own.

Markl also sees some practical problems that it still has to be solved: “For example, loading the cars in private underground garages is still far too rarely possible.”Housing owners in homeowner companies (path) have no chance to install a charging station on their pitch as soon as only a member of the way Veto takes place. “That’s a huge topic,” says Markl. “The legislator would not cost any money if he would adapt the framework conditions here”. Especially in the urban environment, the ADAC boss expects a significantly positive effect, the laws should be adapted: “The prerequisites for installation of charging options could be simplified, then more people would have to participate.”

Loading in private underground garages must be possible

Even with the loading infrastructure, much air is still up. Markl says, there are “two charging points that are used the most, one is at home, the other at the employer, because here the cars are the longest time.”At this point you have to” start and achieve improvements, and for example, loading in private underground garages enable “. From fast load columns for longer distances such as highways and highways there are “so far not too little”. And for Markl’s taste, the shop can go a little faster at such stations: “It can not be that every time you have to take a long break to charge the car a little bit.”

In the light of the climate crisis, “clear” should be “clear” that the traffic area must be “completely co2-neutral” at the latest by the year 2050. “The sooner we explore the possibilities that gave it, the better.”And especially for the IAA, Marl’s next wish:

“I hope most on the fact that the manufacturers for the mobility of the future will show suitable vehicles and that they then bring them to the market. So no utopias, but models that one can say: yes, I can soon drive ecologically, without worry conscience. I would really want that.”- August Markl, Adac President

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