ADAC test exposes incorrectly set headlights: cheap lamps: every second car shines bad

ADAC test exposes incorrectly set headlights

Cheap lamps: Every second car shines bad

ADAC test exposes incorrectly set headlights: cheap lamps: every second car shines bad-exposes
GTu Good light increases traffic safety

Every second car has incorrectly set headlights. The problem can be easily remedied with a cog – but according to ADAC, the reason for many defects is somewhere else.

According to ADAC, every second car in Germany runs with defects in the lighting through the dark season. The annual light test of the automotive club showed that every second vehicle had at least a lack of the lighting system, the ADAC said in Munich on Friday. Miscalculated headlights were the most common problems.
Over 40 percent of the vehicles came to the test with incorrectly set main or fog lights, the ADAC said. Featuring or high beam were set too deeply at almost 23 percent. Lights that are too high can blind oncoming traffic. If the lights are set too low, the driver’s sight is reduced in the dark. The driver can easily fix this: depending on the loading of the vehicle, he has to adjust the light cone and strive for a small adjustment wheel, which is usually near the light switch.

Cheap lamps are the problem

One reason for the high defect rate in the lighting is cheap lamps in the headlights, the ADAC said. "With cheap no-name products, the glowwirts are often not precisely positioned, which can lead to an incorrect setting of the light cone," explains an ADAC spokeswoman.
Car owners should therefore have the lighting checked regularly, but also pay attention to the high quality of the lamps when replacing defective pears, the automotive club advises. In contrast, real defects in lamps were rather rare in the test. The ADAC checked the lighting of 9000 cars for the examination.


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15 thoughts on “ADAC test exposes incorrectly set headlights: cheap lamps: every second car shines bad”

  1. It is obviously completely completely
    Regardless of whether you are on the road with defective or incorrectly set lighting and drive to … Regardless of whether you are on the road with defective or incorrectly set lighting and even drive to the main inspection without having to go to the vehicle beforehand and check whether at least all lamps shine. I always drive to work at the same time and you will meet the same drivers almost every day. Some drive around for months with defective or dazzling headlights and probably rely on the fact that the workshop that will already be directed during the annual inspection. When you drive behind, you can see immediately at the rear of the vehicle whether a headlight is defective or not. My pity with such "TuV diarrhea" is very limited.

  2. One -sided consideration
    It may be that many headlights are incorrectly set – through various causes. However, if you are traveling in the dark, there is a different cause: one -sided lighting through defective pears. And this is more dangerous than if the light cone is misleaded. As is well known, the driver of the vehicle is responsible for this. For cost reasons, this is often ignored. A considerable amount of time is often required to replace a pear and thus cause a juicy invoice through the workshop. This is so wanted – by the manufacturer.

  3. If that were just so simple
    Unfortunately, it is the case that cheap and expensive does not always mean good quality. You can guess certain things with a good eye and some technical knowledge, unfortunately not always. Just try it out. Also at "Butcher I trust" I don’t see behind the counter.

  4. If replacement lamp boxes at discounters
    to be offered, then you can assume that the content comes from a brand manufacturer and not from a Chinese back hop company. The worst thing is the headlight bulbs that are advertised on the Internet. Blue colored for the "Xenon effect" and with sometimes even unauthorized high "Watt numbers". Low-cost tuner, by no means all in "Half-strong age", only interested the optics. That of the glow thread with such "Blend" located in the intended position, it should probably be more wishful thinking. My daughter once has such "Lazerlight bulb" Assembled (more expensive than any brand bulb) and the illumination of the road was nice and blue, but it was roughly the brightness of a flashlight.Why can such a scrap be sold?

  5. Not just headlights
    If you see how cars are assembled today, you can only touch your head. The thermostat in a 2006 Passat can change up to three hours, you have to imagine that. Frueher took it 5 minutes. I have Xenon in my A6 and don’t find it overwearing. Before that was the VW CC. The Xenon pear broke. Nothing cost, was guarantee. I would have to pay only the pear $ 230 was. I’ll assume they are cheaper in Germany. This is called all progress.

  6. Auto headlights
    Many innovations of the auto industry are not advantageous.The headlights with extreme glare have been installed for years, which is then not due to the correct headlight position but at the manufacturer.Then many mean to have to drive with light in bright sunshine in bright sunshine and increase the unnecessary blinding economy.On the other hand, there are several in winter or at dusk where light is required without or with defective light, because replacing the pears of engineering requires knowledge of engineering.Industry is required to put an end to this nonsense.

  7. Dear Uwe Neumann,
    I don’t want to get too close to you, but maybe you should check your weight and if that’s okay, I would take the front bumper dampers in your car. A car must not immerse yourself that far, otherwise you will get a huge problem when the full braking…And honestly….If I had no Xenons, I would also get the simple pears and not the overpriced ones who broke exactly like the cheap ones after 3 years at the latest. Since everything else has become almost priceless on the car, nobody has to be surprised why many think so and it will be getting worse and worse…Especially after yesterday’s article about deliberate breaking of various products (incandescent lamp, nylon tights, etc…)))

  8. It would often be enough,
    If some savings suits would turn on their light at all. In dim light conditions, z.B. Even during the day (!) In bad weather, or in tunnels and underpasses, an unpleasant car is simply overlooked. And not only on the highway, but also in city traffic. "They should be careful" is not an argument – it is about the limits of perception and its consequences. "It wasn’t necessary in the past" – can be, but the traffic is denser, faster, more complex today, requires a matter of seconds.

  9. All well and good,
    But it starts much earlier. There are quite a few unhappy who are on the road. Avarice is cool. I still learned that you check your vehicle before you start. But today you can be happy if the driver still flashes when changing lanes. You could almost think there was war on the streets. In fact, the police are no longer available, everyone does what they want. And the one who still sticks to the rules is still offered when he appeals to the misconduct. Unfortunately, the fines in Germany are far too low. It has to hurt, otherwise people don’t learn it. However, the legislature is also asked. Why don’t we do it like the Poles or Scandinavia? In the dark season, also drive with light during the day.

  10. Everyone can do a light test …
    Every year it is offered, is free of charge, does not make much effort and really helps, but in addition to the inferior light bulbs and overzealous self -tasters, it is the best way to recognize errors.

  11. Unfortunately, the headlights often become
    "correctly" Much too short, especially with Xenon. This is very insecure and then has to be difficult to correct again manually. Unfortunately, there is no choice other than lying on a hand.

  12. I only know one….
    …The ancestors were much more on security. And after the fall of the Berlin Wall in my eyes everything is in speed and everything is allowed to be drowned. Alone how many hobbyists drive around on the street! Above all, many do not get along with the new electronics! Of course that was clear, everything was forbidden in the GDR, so to speak, so you had to let the sow out in all areas afterwards!

  13. What a stuss.
    1. There used to be more hobbyists – since less electronics and more electrics. 2. In the past, there was more botch on the streets on the road than today, see point 1. 3. Electronics were of course allowed in the GDR (why should it have also been prohibited ??))). 4. Lamps belong to the electrics and not to electronics. 5. The turning point was almost 24 years ago. No one has to compensate for something after the long time. Maybe in the future you will deal better with topics from which you have at least a minimum of a clue .

  14. Headlights on cars
    It is generally known that lamps burn after a certain time, including branded products. And the engineers are apparently unable to make this exchange as easy as possible. Sometimes you have the feeling that you have to remove the engine first to change a lamp, why this?

  15. Headlights on cars
    Hello, it was actually difficult for a long time to change the lamps themselves. But in 2006 an approval regulation came into force to replace lamps from the vehicle owner and with on -board funds. That has made a significant improvement. With many cars, pigs are now removable in just a few simple steps and without tools. The lamp change is then very easy. Many greetings from the auto -light blog


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