ADAC tests electric load wheels: two are good – but one thing falls through – e -bike

The ADAC tested electric load wheels for the first time. Five three -wheel models with three different steering systems in the categories, drive system and engine, handling and comfort as well as safety and processing were examined.

The test winners

The winners are the two most expensive models in the test, both with inclination technology. The Chike E-Kids model cuts off with a grade of 2.1. Here driving behavior, good brakes, the agile and direct steering and the equipment of the transport box are convincing, which is particularly suitable for children’s transport.Also the Butchers&Bicycles MK1-E automatic (grade 2.4) cut off "good". However, it is the most expensive model in the test, but cannot be driven as agile in the curves as the Chike. The high -quality, comprehensive equipment with a strong engine, low charging time, stable brakes and belt drive was convincing for this.

The bottom of the test in the test

The Vogue Carry 3, with rotary shemale, failed with "poor". It does not even meet the minimum requirements for e-cargo bikes in the brake performance and therefore had to be devalued. But the bad lighting and a long battery charging time also contributed to the bad cutting.

Nihola and Babboe provide the midfield

The Nihola E-Family, with a headquarters, and the Babboe Go-e with dehemums are located in midfield. Both cargo bikes reach the test judgment "satisfactory".

A test drive before buying is very important

All models in the test noticed testers at the beginning with their driving behavior that took some getting used to. A corresponding posture and an adapted speed are necessary, especially when turning and in the curves, to prevent a possible risk of tilting. Test drives before the purchase are therefore a basic requirement, also to find out which steering system corresponds to your own preferences.Other users also interested:

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ADAC tests electric load wheels: two are good - but one thing falls through - e -bike-electric

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ADAC tests electric load wheels: two are good - but one thing falls through - e -bike-load

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15 thoughts on “ADAC tests electric load wheels: two are good – but one thing falls through – e -bike”

  1. While the future will be tested somewhere else,
    If you deal with cargo bikes here. We are actually considered to be stupid? … The third countries rise from a bike to the car. With us vice versa. Back to the Future. The climate and the earth are never saved. What we are going to do here is reversed somewhere else millions of times. And there is almost no world savers there. Of course I mean activists. What is synonymous with us with the good ones.

  2. experiment ?
    …or just "Nonsense with announcement" In autumn winter weather it looks different for the idealists anyway. Otherwise another meaningful idea of our climate altitude ! Voluntary and idealists before !

  3. Prices are unimportant…
    What does such a cargo bike cost? You almost have a Dacia for the money. You should also ask if people are willing to stand in the traffic jam like the drivers. See again and again when cyclists first hinder the drivers on the streets and quickly drive on the footpath at traffic jams. No matter whether the pedestrian run or not. In the meantime there are footpaths where cyclists are no longer allowed to drive. But do it in stout.

  4. Drivers are not stuck in traffic jams ….
    …You are the traffic jam. Especially the traffic jams resulting from the high space consumption of the cars show that the car is not the solution but the cause of urban traffic problems.

  5. Hooray .. New small trucks
    I would like to ask where I can get winter tires for the small trucks and for the luxury a grip heating…..I’m on tour for half a Saturday when buying a family and in winter this is already a problem without real tires

  6. Test drive advisable
    Because these things are not as easy to drive as many believe. These days: stand at red traffic lights and a woman with 2 kids overtakes me and stands across my car. At green, she first egged to the right, then to the left, almost oncoming traffic.She tore the handlebar around, 1 bike in the air, forget the handlebar again, too late: the wheel overturned and slipped against a locked car. A child fell out. I stopped immediately and first ran to the approx . 3 year old child. Only small abrasions were visible, but who knows. In the meantime the woman had got up and wanted to set up the part. She didn’t make it. It worked with united forces. She just said: It’s not that easy to drive with it. Irresponsible. Would have bad ends kO

  7. ADAC
    Is increasingly developing into a green supporter association. If that goes with the ADAC so it will be time to terminate membership.

  8. Share opinion without experience
    It is nice to see how people with no experience with their own experience. In Copenhagen, for example, 66% of all transports, i.e. people and goods, are done with bicycles. Somehow that works, remarkably without fatal accidents. Hardly any helmet wears in the Netherlands, and there are still significantly more people in road traffic per inhabitant in Germany. Streets are for all road users. And sidewalks do not include extended parking spaces, please also pay for all costs (road construction, pollution, health). If the car were not that subsidized so strongly, significantly more German Pfennigfuchser would have made the changeover. Do not misunderstand, everyone should drive as it makes him happy. And take other consideration.

  9. Good idea
    Bicycles and cargo bikes should also be with a "Bicycle tax" are documented, as well as liability and labeling. Laddies should also pay parking fees, about 1/3, because 3 cargo bikes need as much space as a car. A driver’s license would also be advisable that at least the basic rules will be observed (red traffic lights do not mean free travel, so many cyclists believe)

  10. why
    were not called prices? Certainly go to the thousands. You don’t need to drive to the Ikea, at most to the beverage market. Good trip in winter with mud and snow. In any case, I stay with my latest generation diesel. Better air comes out in the back than comes in at the front.

  11. Then guide the exhaust gases into the interior ..
    ..So that you can always breathe clean air – until the end of life :-). But you probably already know why they prefer to blow the exhaust gases in the face but to breathe in themselves.

  12. Rain
    I already see them in the car, then the cargo cyclists, then when the rain falls or snow and ice lies on the streets. But cycling on the streets, it is very important to be admired, after all, woman is the good one.

  13. great
    My experience is that you are bullied and not admired as a cyclist, maybe. It’s because I am not a woman. Should also give people who express status with cars, but I only know about hearsay.

  14. Shooting
    In this word, however, I only had to read three times. Brings into a variety of words that you have to look at thoroughly before reading. As expected, the comment column is full of critics again. But in the end, what do you need for shopping… 1.Move 5 tons of sheet metal through the area is kind of unnecessary…

  15. 1.5 tons of sheet metal
    1.5 tons of sheet metal may not be ideal, so I agree with you. That was better than a small car was really not small and clearly weighed well under one ton. But in the future a small car weighs over 2 tons because there is still at least 500kg battery in it. Also unnecessary. Some things were better in the past


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