ADAC traffic jam calendar is the ideal companion on all trips


ADAC traffic jam calendar – an ideal companion everywhere

How ants can help to solve the German traffic chaos

It gets more and more crowded on German autobahns. Last year there were 1900 traffic jams every day – 20 percent more than in the previous year. That is the result of the ADAC traffic jam balance. But there is hope. Source: Die Welt / Peter Haentjes


The ADAC’s traffic jam atlas is intended to help drivers plan their vacation and avoid unnecessary waiting times on highways. But adventure seekers can also use it in a completely different way.

D.Germany is the country of statistics. If you would like to know what is statistically recorded, then please have a look at the Statistical Yearbook, which is published every year by the Federal Statistical Office, a 670-page tome on politics, the economy, ways of life, consumer behavior, prices, the domestic and foreign trade, hospitality, tourism and everything else.

For example: 94 percent of all households have a mobile phone; every German citizen consumes 97 kilos of vegetables a year; every sixth person is at risk of poverty; 48 percent of those eligible to vote took part in the last elections to the European Parliament; two thirds of the waste is recycled, 79 percent of all goods are transported on the road and 1.1 billion eggs are produced organically.

I have no idea how all of this data is collected, but I find it exciting that it is happening. In addition, there is information collected by associations and interest groups, including the ADAC. Every year he presents a “congestion balance” and that, in my opinion, is the mother of all statistics.

The traffic jam situation has worsened

The bare numbers for 2016 look like this: There were 694,000 traffic jams with a total length of 1.3 million kilometers and 419,000 hours of congestion, that would be 17,500 days or 48 years. The "traffic jam situation" has "worsened significantly" compared to the previous year.

The recorded "traffic jams, traffic jams and traffic jam kilometers" had "increased by around 20 percent" compared to the previous year, the increase, admits the ADAC, could have to do with the "improved recording of traffic events". The details are tough too.

ADAC traffic jam calendar is the ideal companion on all trips-adac

In 2016, there were around 419,000 hours of traffic jams in Germany, which corresponds to around 48 years

Source: Getty Images

The "most congested month" in 2016 was September and the most congested day of the week, "based on the congestion kilometers", was Friday. More than 60 percent of all reported traffic jam kilometers are generated in three federal states: North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg, while the five eastern German states together come to just seven percent.

It remains unsaid whether this is due to the “traffic situation” as such or the fact that it is not recorded as thoroughly as it is in the West. Let’s put the question aside for now and ask instead what we can do with this information.

ADAC traffic jam calendar to help you plan your vacation

We could try not to travel in September, at least not by car and not on a Friday. We should bypass NRW, Bavaria and BW widely and rather head for the less congested regions. The "traffic jam calendar" of the ADAC wants to be "a helper for vacation planning in order to avoid traffic jams on the highways".

But what do we do when we live in Oberhausen, want to visit friends in Cologne and have not thought that the A3 is the eye of the needle in the republic, closely followed by the A8 between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe? Then we just have to go through there, no matter what the ADAC’s “traffic jam” advises us.

The ADAC means well with us. The recommendations of his traffic jam experts are empirically backed up. Maybe we should just read them differently, like the reports about the “no-go areas” in the big cities. There are supposed to be people who are looking for adventure. For them, the ADAC traffic jam calendar would be the ideal companion on all routes.

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