ADAC warns of wrong breakdown helpers


Incredibly brazen: wrong breakdown helpers play drivers

ADAC warns of wrong breakdown helpers-breakdown
ADAC press office The ADAC warns of false breakdown helpers in Southeast Europe, who mistakenly pretend to be the club’s employees – even the ADAC logo use the fraudsters

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Drivers who are traveling in Southeast Europe are warned of a new fraud stitch by the ADAC. Wrong breakdown helpers who disguise themselves as ADAC employees, buttons, buttons of drivers maintenance and towing costs. How vacationers should behave.

In some countries of Southeast Europe, false hustle and bustle are up to mischief – especially in Hungary and Serbia. The ADAC points out its members. "The fraudsters pretend there as employees of the ADAC and try to cut breakders for towing and workshop services", So the automobile club. The fraudsters use vehicles that are painted in ADAC colors and with the logo of the club.

Wrong "Yellow angel"

"Only in northern Italy and on the Croatian peninsula Istria, where a street watch driver is stationed for the first time this summer, the ADAC uses its own vehicles and its own staff in the club’s look", So the club. This is how drivers should behave:

  • The ADAC advises that in the event of a breakdown to contact the international emergency call.
  • The responsible foreign emergency call station then provides a local breakdown helper or a towing service.
  • "The commissioned towbar always knows the name and personal number of the person seeking help and can thus identify as an ADAC service provider", So the club.

Disassers interrupt cell phone network

Car drivers should be particularly suspicious if a pitcher stops immediately after a breakdown and offers help. "In this case, we advise you to first report the damage to the number of abroad and to wait for further instructions. If a mobile phone connection to the ADAC is not possible, it is advisable to complete your own vehicle and remove a few meters. Often fraudsters have installed interference in their towing vehicles that interrupt the telephone network", So the ADAC continues.

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ADAC warns of wrong breakdown helpers-warns

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1 thought on “ADAC warns of wrong breakdown helpers”

  1. Attention also offered in Istria!
    I recently observed how a towing entrepreneur from Pula tried to cut a German tourist. The owner of a Mercedes ML270cdi had lost his car key and could no longer close his car. He called the HAK (Croatian automobile club). The towing entrepreneur called the help refused to recover the vehicle because it was provided with automatic transmission and this could not be drawn to the loading area (gravel path!!))). Instead, he would order a truck with crane, cost approx. € 2000.00. When I got it, I advised the Mercedes owner to wind up the entrepreneur and offered my help. Costs for picking up: € 55.00, the driver picked up the replacement key in the one with a rental car.


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