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Advice repair: very smart at the clever price-clever
GTu Smart Repair is not quite as easy as here

Many drivers save smaller beauty repairs on their car. Often out of fear of costs. Sometimes the removal of bumps and dents is cheaper than expected.

Small bumps, dents and scratches by the car are annoying, but not necessarily expensive. With the so-called smart repair process, the repair often succeeds without using costly spare parts. Here is an overview of the possibilities:
More and more half -timbered sites are offering smart repair. The most widespread is the dentification of dents from the body mechanism. Damage with a depth up to a millimeter and a width of up to six centimeters can be pushed out with the right tool from the inside. The paint is not damaged. However, this repair is only possible in places that can be reached with the tool.
In other cases or in larger bumps, it is not pressed from the inside, but pulled from the outside. The specialist welds a metal pen to the affected area and can pull it back smoothly again. The pen is then removed and the sheet metal is ground. After that, however, a paint is due there.
The inexpensive repair of the windshield is offered by numerous workshops and special glass repair companies. Small cracks and damage caused by rockfall can be filled with a resin adhesive. When this is hardened, it is as transparent as the surrounding glass. An expensive exchange of the disc is then not necessary; In some cases, partial comprehensive insurance therefore covers the repair costs. This is how the asset wants to prevent an unsepared disc breaks completely, which would be significantly more expensive. However, no repair may be made in the driver’s field of vision.
A lot has happened in the past when repairing plastic parts. According to the testization GTu, the material of a damaged part no longer has to be identified precisely. A rough classification in the categories is sufficient, half rigid or rigid, which the workshop itself can do. With the help of new materials, a lot of types of scratches, cracks or holes can be set up.

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