Adviser: If you have too many tickets, you risk imprisonment


Too many tickets threaten imprisonment

Adviser: If you have too many tickets, you risk imprisonment-imprisonment

Those who frequently park incorrectly and are caught just as often can have doubts about their fitness to drive

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In order not to pay a parking ticket for the whole day, many drivers risk a parking ticket. If a certain number is reached, however, there may even be a risk of imprisonment.

S.Traffic slips annoy many drivers. Simply throwing away the ticket and dismissing the case is risky. The consequences can be drastic. This includes a visit by the law enforcement agency and, in extreme cases, a detention route between one day and 14 days. The German Lawyers’ Association (DAV) points this out.

If the period within which a parking ticket should be paid expires, the vehicle owner usually receives a notice of the fine in the mail. He then has 14 days to raise an objection. He should do that in any case if he has not driven himself, advises the lawyer Christian Janeczek, member of the working group traffic law in the DAV.

If the competent authority does not recognize the objection, there is the possibility of having the case decided by legal process. Usually it is difficult to prove that the owner was the driver. As a rule, the judge therefore discontinues the proceedings.

Halter is responsible for the driver

If you park incorrectly more often and are caught just as often, doubts about your fitness to drive may exist, the working group traffic law informs the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV). Under certain circumstances, these doubts must be dispelled by a medical-psychological examination (MPU), the so-called "idiot test". However, if the MPU is not passed or not completed on time, the driver’s license is lost.

But whoever pays his tickets on time is far from being on the safe side. There are also consequences if tickets are regularly due.

It gets tricky with one parking ticket per week. Since the traffic in question is stationary in this case, it is not decisive whether the keeper is also the driver. The owner is liable for the driver.

127 tickets in 1.5 years

And although, according to information from the DAV, the driver’s license is seldom collected for tickets, this should not be played down. This is proven by a case that was heard before the Berlin Administrative Court.

In a year and a half, a vehicle owner collected 127 tickets, plus 17 speeding tickets. Although he stated that he was not responsible for all the parking tickets himself, the court still withdrew the driver’s license (AZ .: VG 4 L 271.12).

However, if you collect tickets in different cities, this will probably be of no consequence, as the responsibility of the authorities changes and the repeated offense is thus not noticed. And points are not threatened either.

Visit from the bailiff

At least not if it is a mere parking ticket as a result of the lack of a parking ticket. For example, anyone who obstructs an emergency route or an ambulance with their parked vehicle has to reckon with a point in Flensburg since the new catalog of fines, and 60 euros are also due.

It is not recommended to take the notice of the fine lightly: If you do not react to it, you could even get a visit from the bailiff or, depending on the federal state, another official representative.

If he does not find anything attachable, which corresponds to the requested amount, and the person in question persistently refuses to pay the fine, the dispute can escalate further, warns the traffic lawyer Janeczek. Because in the fine proceedings there is the possibility of so-called compulsory detention.

Jailed for 30 days

The cases in which someone does not pay even when prison is threatened are rare, but have happened. This form of detention can, however, be ended at any time by paying the sum of money after all.

A notorious parking offender from Saxony-Anhalt felt this hardship regulation: He had to be behind bars for 30 days. According to the police, 30 arrest warrants were executed at once. The 36-year-old from Aschersleben had been wanted because he had received 30 tickets because of illegal parking, but did not pay them.

According to the police, he did not use one last chance to settle the total of 1180 euros. So he had to go to jail – but he still has to pay the 1180 euros.

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