Adviser: When abroad, winter tires are often required


Winter tires are often compulsory abroad

Adviser: When abroad, winter tires are often required-adviser

If there is slippery snow, slush, ice or frost, winter tires are compulsory on German roads. In other European countries, different rules apply to winter tires.

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Other countries other manners. This also applies to the winter tire regulation. Almost every country in Europe has specific regulations. Anyone planning a trip abroad should therefore find out more before leaving.

A.Car drivers abroad must observe the relevant regulations on winter tires. Otherwise they face a fine there too. The ADAC points this out. The requirements abroad often differ from those in Germany.

In this country, winter or all-season tires are compulsory when there is slippery snow, slush, ice or frost on the roads. Anyone who does not adhere to it risks a fine of at least 40 euros and one point in the Flensburg traffic offenders register.

In other European countries different rules apply to winter tires – an overview of some of them:

Italy: From November to April, drivers generally have to drive with winter tires in some regions in Italy, for example in the provinces of Milan and South Tyrol. Travelers should pay attention to corresponding signs.

Czech Republic: Winter tires are compulsory on all roads between November 1st and March 31st.

Slovenia: Cars must have winter tires from November 15th to March 15th. Outside this period, the obligation also applies in winter road conditions.

Luxembourg: The winter tire requirement was introduced here on October 1st of this year. Appropriate tires are required when ice, slush or snow occurs.

Austria: There is no general obligation in which period cars have to drive with winter tires. But: Vehicles up to 3.5 tons need the right tires in winter conditions on the road.

Switzerland: As in Germany and Austria, there is no general winter tire requirement. However, anyone who obstructs traffic or causes an accident with summer tires must pay a high fine and may be liable for the damage.

Croatia: There is no general winter tire requirement here. However, if the weather is appropriate, winter equipment may be required for individual routes. Commercial vehicles must also carry a snow shovel.

Come without winter tires Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands out. Snow chains can also be used there instead of winter tires when the snow cover is closed.

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