Aew Energy promises “Energy to Go” with mobile charging station for E cars

Aew Energy promises

Electric cars invite you to need, if you want to make sure you get from A to B. This can be used to one in one’s own four walls, in which the charging infrastructure is subsidized in the future or to publicly accessible charging stations. The AEW Energie also waits with “Energy to go”. Behind it hides a mobile electric car charging station, which combines three future technologies in one.

Because the mobile charging station relies on the generation of electrical energy from the sun, the storage of this energy and their delivery to electric vehicles for emission-free movement. The mobile charging station is used in cultural large events such as music festivals or for large construction sites. Because usually it is so that the e-drivers often have covered wide routes and recharging on site. To cover this need, the AEW has developed the concept of a mobile charging station “Energy to Go”, together with Swiss companies Green Motion SA and EcoCoach AG.

The basis for the mobile charging station serves a loading pendant, in the size of a lake container, which was equipped with two charging stations. An electrical connection can be used to connect additional eight charging stations. The trailer has its own solar system, which is comparable to PV installations on detached houses. The energy obtained from the sun is transferred to an electric memory. This battery has a charging capacity of an electric car (60 kWh). Via the solar system and the battery, a large part of the desired charging current for E vehicles can be supplied. If this electrical energy is not enough, the e-follower is supplied via an electrical connection the additionally required energy. An intelligent energy management monitored and regulates the electrical equipment, including the energy delivered to the E vehicles.

With the “Energy to Go” concept, Aew energy is not alone on the way. Porsche has also brought a battery memory on wheels. This waits with 3.2 megawatt connection performance. Enough to load ten tarycans at the same time with full power. The battery itself is loaded according to Porsche with electricity from renewable sources. Nevertheless, the comparatively “small” mobile loader benefits from the fact that electricity can be recovered by the PV system.

Worth mentioning is certainly the fact that Toyota selects a similar approach. There it says fuel cell instead of diesel engine: The Toyota Motor Corporation now ensures more sustainability in the mobile power supply. In cooperation with Denyo, the company has developed a fuel cell truck that uses hydrogen for power generation.

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2 thoughts on “Aew Energy promises “Energy to Go” with mobile charging station for E cars”

  1. It would certainly be more sense to equip the two agricultural buildings in the background with a solar system.
    What now the tiny solar area on the trailer to charge charging power should not make me.
    The four trumpets standing cars are being refueled for the next 100km, sometime.
    Therefore, this solution does not have to be suggested that this trailer could load with the pair of solar cells on it in free wildlife, this can only represent an emergency solution.
    And if Porsche has a container full of electricity, this is suitable only for remote test premises, because the battery costs already 1 million euros. Since the current with which this 3 can.200 kWh containers, these are around 53 emamene with 60kWh battery, be tanked still so green.

  2. This pendant is still cooler than my own with 10 charging columns, which the main service.Ch at WEF Davos 2020 has introduced. We always relate the electricity from the net and have no memory installed, as it usually has the possibility of a power outlet at events but a charging, load and phase management simply missing.


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