After manipulations at the “yellow angel”: Now there are even doubts about the ADAC breakdown statistics

After manipulation at "Yellow angel"

Now there are even doubts about the ADAC breakdown statistics

After manipulations at the "yellow angel": Now there are even doubts about the ADAC breakdown statistics-angel
dpa/Oliver Stratmann The seriousness of the ADAC is discussed.

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

With the ADAC breakdown statistics, not even 170 of 4.2 million breakdowns.000 used to choose the alleged reliability kings in the car market. As a result, manufacturers who cooperate with the club are better there than others.

The ADAC has stuck in a swamp of sloppiness and trickery, from which the automobile club does not get out of it so quickly. The external auditors of Deloitte only found that not only in 2014 in the election as a “yellow angel”, but also in previous elections was massively manipulated . The car manufacturers now want to tip entire car loads of prices in front of the door and give themselves outraged.The car buyers should not interest that too much – after all, car prices through the bank are not very meaningful; Be it the "Car of the Year" Award, the "Best Cars", the "Golden Steering Rad" or the "Yellow Angel". Even if everything is right at the award ceremony, it is usually just the subjective opinion of a specific readership or jury. After all, most of the price lenders also admit this.

Many manufacturers do not count

The situation is different with the ADAC breakdown statistics. Similar to the TuV report. The manufacturers also like to boast of good results. But they are actually as meaningful as the ADAC specifies?It has been known for years that not all the breakdowns that the ADAC fixed are also included in the counts. Above all, the missions that the ADAC performs as an assistance partner of numerous car manufacturers are traditionally not counted. These manufacturers include: Opel, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Citroen, Peugeot, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Kia, Mercedes, Smart, Nissan and Volvo.Official justification for the non-observance of the assistance partners: "If you would take into account the breakdown aids carried out by the ADAC as part of the assistance, this would distort the statistics in favor of the manufacturers who do not cooperate with the ADAC," said the automobile club when asked by site. For example, VW and BMW are not partners of the ADAC assistance program. In order not to "falsify the statistics in favor of these manufacturers", one calculate the assistance missions.

As from 4.2 million breakdowns 170.000 become

That may be understandable, but now makes the breakdown statistics quite worthless. Because the development of the past few years shows that the statistics are meaningful due to numerous exceptions to zero-although the automotive club refers to ISO certification and an expert opinion from the renowned Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.The ADAC breakdown helpers are called around 4.2 million defects each year. Basically, every breakdown with vehicle type, year of approval, motor type, mileage and other data is recorded. In a first stage, however, all missions that are carried out by subcontractors – the “street service partners” of the club – are carried out. “The breakdowns carried out by the street service partners cannot be counted, since there is no data in suitable quality", it says at the club. “Our street service partners are entrepreneurs. They send us invoices for the services provided for ADAC members – no breakdown reports. You report the number of cases. For example, model designation and approval year are not reported. Our partners are usually used for towing, rescue or vehicle transport services- no breakdown reports are created in this context, ”says ADAC spokesman Christian Buric.

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13 thoughts on “After manipulations at the “yellow angel”: Now there are even doubts about the ADAC breakdown statistics”

  1. And where should the problem be?
    I can’t see that with the best will in the world. The ADAC probably has proper work here … delivered. The ADAC has always admitted that there are certain distortions.

  2. General German Autom0bil Club
    The ADAC was primarily an exclusive club of a few who had a car after the new gruity in 1946. Mostly gestures and entrepreneurs. You still drove with leather gloves, leather and drivers glasses. To be recorded you needed two builets. There they pushed each other the scissors and swore friendship with cigar smoke and whiskey (Jeam Beam). In the inner circle, this is still the case today. The 18.8 million members are the cattle in the stable behind which it is as early as 1903 at the ceremonial gruity with Reichsadler in Berlin. The poet remained outside at the time. The ADAC in this form is overwhelmed.

  3. That the ADAC is not right with the right matters
    It should have been noticed for many years that has looked around for all about cars in forums. What users reported there can never be read at the ADAC, especially with the brands preferred by the ADAC. Also in many other cases, such as U.A. The Germans’ favorite car never matched the ADAC awards with the actual number of admission.

  4. perhaps…
    …Soon there will soon be doubt whether the ADAC actually exists? Bez. I can only say the breakdown statistics – from my point of view – that she gave me a car at the time, which ultimately caused me almost no problems for 12 years. I bought the vehicle in 1992 as an annual car and I drove it until 2005. In 2004 an AT engine came in, which was my own fault because I had neglected the toothed belt. So I drove the car for over 12 years and over 150.000 km, without repairs. Only 2x new vehicle batteries, 1x completely new brake pads, new tires and Div every now and then. Fluid exchanges for oil, brakes, etc. fell, which is normal but. In 2005 the car sacified my girlfriend at the time!

  5. ADAC will not be a single case
    I think that the ADAC is not a single case when it comes to tests and statisks that have operated tuning. With some large -known car magazines (A.B., Auto-Mo)

  6. @ Bjoern Keller
    To blame for the fact that special media that are tailored to the drivers, now the drivers themselves. Anyone who cleans their tin like the Germans and meets events on Sundays is a good breeding ground for lug and fraud . No country in the world has an automobile club with 19 million members. This dumgereherde has to be milked, and doesn’t even notice it.

  7. Not everything is wrong
    However, it can be assumed that the numbers of salaries of the CEO with the highest probability to be appreciated were correct.

  8. @ Georg Zeller
    I assume that you have written the comment because you are an ADAC member. And if all 19 million are informed about their club as little as they are surprised that you can deal with them as a herd of sheep. The 7 koepfigen board works on a voluntary basis without salary. But that does not mean for nothing, because by the way they already earn it, but they don’t say it.

  9. what is it about?
    For me it is not relevant who fake which statistics, but if I get help when I have a breakdown or accident. That was exactly the case today, battery went on strike, called ADAC and 30 minutes later we were on the road again. I wish the ADAC that he quickly adjusted the formal discrepancies, because at its core the company is a necessary and good thing that does not deserve to disparage the good deeds through organizational mismanagement. I will not quit, because that means that I mainly shame those who do a good job on the street and that’s why you are actually at the ADAC.

  10. @Erwin Mayer
    If you would have chemped around the battery in your car, as you normally do, you would not have left.People like you need such a club because you can help yourself not to self -seek.I’ve been driving a car for 50 years and never needed an ADAC but a few thousand marks saved contribution. I can have a gold long -term battery installed for it.

  11. ADAC
    You have the ADAC and hope that you really never have to take it. And if it should be, every affected person is very happy to have the ADAC at the end of the Kitung in an emergency situation. There is currently a lot to clean up and then the core business should be continued as before.

  12. Systems as feed troughs
    Well, except for the fact that it is upset to me, that I no longer know which tire is good or bad, is actually quite normal. A system created, primarily to help, actually as a first -rank commercial company has an overpaid water head after many years and many try to get to the feed troughs and stay there. Is not a unique peculiarity of the ADAC. If it is about "Yellow" goes, I fall z.B. the "Yellow sacks" a . The dual system is m.E. Even a facility that has long since overtaken, but where many earn a lot. Or various aid agencies with billions of billions. Well, the main thing is that the ADAC comes when I have a breakdown and my packaging waste is picked up. You can hardly change the rest.

  13. It is incredible and depressing how itself…
    …an institution within weeks, and that was the ADAC, in dust. You don’t want to believe it. I will stay a member because I have more than satisfied with the help of the ADAC in decades with the help of the ADAC. But it can be shocked that you can apparently no longer trust anyone anymore. And it will also turn out that the auto industry has paid for all of this.


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