After the IAA: Serial start for e-dwarf “Microlino”

After the IAA: Serial start for e-dwarf

The e-car wins ride. However, the stubborn skeptics are also. Some manufacturers try to take the fear of switching to this circle with retro design and modernized classics. A particularly consistent representative of this idea is the Microlino. The mini-mobile reminiscent of the legendary Isetta is finally ripe for the series after five years. After the IAA the sale should start. This reports among other things the magazine “automobile “

Behind the project is Wim Ouboter. He earned a fortune with micro scooters from the year 2000 – but then turned to a project on four wheels: The Microlino is just 2.50 meters short, 1.50 meters narrow – and the complete counter-design for previous mobility. “Our cars are too big, too heavy and too complicated – whether with combustion or electric drive,” says Ouboter. “Up to 15 electric motors alone for a seat and 2500 kilos of technology to convey 75 kilos of man – proportionality looks different.”

Although his Microlino is also slightly larger than the original Isetta, but still only about 500 kilos heavy. Unlike the smart, however, do not fit two, but three of his cars on a conventional parking lot. Where in the stern of the Isetta a motorcycle single cylinder with 250 cubic and 12 hp created and made a maximum of Tempo 85, Surrets at the Microlino an electric motor with 20 kW and good for 90 kilometers kilometers. The lithium battery with 14.4 kWh should range from 200 kilometers.

The Microlino is considered as simple as sympathetic response to a society that lives on a society of automotive freedom in abundance and therefore moves far too much sheet metal: small cars such as that ISEATT, the Messerschmitt cabin roller and strictly speaking, the Fiat 500 or the VW Beetle were born from the need of post-war years. Simply constructed and cheaply made, they could not cost much if they should reach wide layers of the population.

The recipe went up and whole nations were mobile. KnifeSchmitt has at least 30.000 cabin roller built, the Isetta comes to over 160.000 copies, and the beetle was not for free for decades the best-selling car in the world. This success of minimal mobility wants to repeat Ouboter now with the E-car in a very smaller scale.

However, the Blechzwerg has gotten a different trade fair for five years, especially in favor of safety was completely revised – and with Tazzari and Artega, the Swiss have already worn two designated production partners. But at the IAA in Munich, the first serial car should actually stand. Shortly thereafter, at prices from 12.500 euros the first deliveries start.

The Microlino strictly speaking is not a car – even if the driver needs a car driver’s license. Constructed and approved is the two-seater as a lightweight vehicle of category L7E. That’s why he does not need ESP and no airbags, which should soon be as an option. He has more charm as some sports cars.

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5 thoughts on “After the IAA: Serial start for e-dwarf “Microlino””

  1. I hope to try it in Life and whether larger people also fit. Would the airbags want to have.

    Whether you need esp? Did not exist earlier and so far my vehicles have remained all on the street. But security already bring, if I have never experienced an ESP not even allowed in baby Benz then.
    ABS would not be bad, but also goes with the good old stutter braking.

    Otherwise priced and efficiency certainly great when the price with the large battery remains the price range announced in the context of the announced price range and he then creates its 150-200km under full load.

    For the concept, there is my thumbs up from me first, let’s see if he later also complies with the promises of the manufacturer. Last place last in one of the market-returned small electricity and my interest in the toy car was gone.

  2. “… with Tazzari and Artega, the Swiss have already worn two designated production partners …”:
    What should this twist? The fact is: Micro had completed a manufacturing contract with Tazzaris daughter TCI, Tazzari sold without consultation with Micro TCI at Artega, Artega has spent with small changes the originally planned vehicle as its own design, but does not come up with the production despite the consent of Micro but not yet in the courses, (allegedly) due to failing supplier. The Swiss have nobody worn, but were taken over by the designated production partners and had to go new their way.

  3. If the author had made the tiny trouble to go to the website of Microlino, then he had to see that the drive has no 20, but only 11 kW !

    And Attention: When parking, not too close to a wall / high curb / planter or maybe just another car! At most backwards ! Otherwise you realize: Ouch, I can not get the door on …


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