Airbnb moves e-mobility a little more in focus

Airbnb moves e-mobility a little more in focus-little

Not only in the world of e-mobility, there seems to be progressed daily. Other companies continue to develop continuously. In this case Airbnb, which in the future give their customers the opportunity to search for accommodation, which have charging stations for E vehicles. Thus you get a long-cherished wish of the electromobility community.

AIRBNB is a online portal founded in 2008 in the California Silicon Valley for booking and renting accommodation. Since the start in 2008, the platform has developed into a contact point for many travelers who are looking for a more comfortable accommodation instead of a hotel room. As early as 2015, the company dared a trip to the world of e-mobility. At that time, it was heard from hearing that there are plans to equip part of the offered accommodations with Tesla wallboxes.

Since 2018, there have been dozens of contributions in the airbnb community forums in which electric car chargers are not yet available as a search filter on the platform. The accommodation app has responded to your last update in the summer of 2021 and unlocked the filtering according to existing charging stations. For this you can enter the place as usual, to which you want to travel and goes to enter the date of stay, duration and number of guests. After the search you now receive a first list of possible matches for the entered data. From here the search can be further restricted.

To do this, select the menu item “Add more Filters”. Then scroll a little and set the hook at “Current Cash Station” under the sub-item “Additional access”. And you already get all accommodations with a charging option for E-cars. At a test search for the period of August to October, flexible travel time was located in our capital 208 accommodations, which have opportunities for the e-car. So should be something at the next trip. or!?

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  1. Clever Move from Airbnb – you just have to keep up with the technical development – otherwise another takes over the field &# 128521;


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