Aivays builds in China supercharger with artificial intelligence

Aivays builds in China supercharger with artificial intelligence-artificial

The Chinese automaker Aivays builds the first “AI Smart SuperCharge” charging stations in China. This is a cooperation with the CATL-supported company Shanghaikuaibunew Energy Technology (KBVIP). The first smart fast charging station is to be put into operation in September near the Aiways production facility in Shangrao, each station should have six to twelve charging points.

AIWAYS and KBVIP are planning to build more than 100 such stations throughout China.AIWAYSHAT completed an agreement on a joint ventureMit KBvip and thus offers the first Chinese electric vehicle start-up, the charging stations, storage technology and battery checks in a solution.

With a business share of 65 percent, Aiways wants to work together with the CATL-Supported company KBvip to build a network of smart fast charging stations across China. Each station will be able to generate electricity with the help of a photovoltaic system, store electricity, load electric cars and to check batteries to “Heart and kidnation”, as says Aivays. During the charging process, users should be able to use functions such as battery verification and two-way loading technology (V2G), loading and unloading.

Based on the upcoming AIWAYS service service for battery status, users will receive a battery test report as required during the charging process within 20 minutes. This report should help customers understand the battery status of their car and thus make an individual service. The charging stations should each have between six and twelve charging points, which can be used simultaneously. For power output, Aiways makes no information. However, every loading point should be capable of loading the Aiways U5, whose battery is 63 kWh, in 30 minutes from 30 to 80 percent.

The new joint venture with KBVIP is part of the mission of Aiways to offer customers individual mobility solutions to offer and bring more people to electric cars as a practicable way. Aivayshat already invested in battery change technology. With the latest, Aivays wants to demonstrate the continuing investment in innovative charging solutions.

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3 thoughts on “Aivays builds in China supercharger with artificial intelligence”

  1. Nice the Aiways does this.

    But if I conduct the behavior customer Gu. See from Aiways Germany, then I wish there a little more intelligence. These would not even be artificial.

    Aiways is not recommended as a company. The U5 is a good, high quality car. As a customer you are in the Zwickmuhle. Go or stay ..

  2. The principle of Powerbank uses everyone on the phone – why do you do so hard at the BEV?
    Only because there is still a lack of enough cells !
    But that changes yes, thank goodness in the future &# 128578;

  3. The U5 as 4 × 4 would be a very good car. The Chinese come. Themselves to blame! Terms of technology was a long time ago.


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